12 Simple Security Tips For A WooCommerce Store (Secure Your Online Business)

If you run a WooCommerce store, then security should be a top priority. Your E-commerce store will have your customers, transaction details, and much more information. You should be active about this data, your site and curiously find ways to secure your WooCommerce store.

WooCommerce is a team of experts who fully focus on security, ensuring that the WooCommerce plugin has been kept up to date so that any vulnerability cannot harm their business. However, if you want to keep your WooCommerce site safe and secure, you also have to implement your own security measures. 

In this post, we will share some easy steps that you can implement to improve your WooCommerce Store security. These include WordPress security plugin, SSL certificate, hosting, PayPal usage, and many more tips and tricks.

Secure online business

12 tips to secure Woocommerce store

Make sure to remain updated

One of the best practices to secure your online store is to use the updated version of your website platform. Say if you are using WordPress version then you should note that it is updated in a timely manner, which is every 4 months.

Apart from the WordPress core, you should also make sure to use the updated themes and plugins that cal also avoid some possible online threats or any malware vulnerabilities. Most of the time a newly released WordPress version comes with some advanced and updated themes and plugins to provide you with built-in security to your Woocommerce store.

Updating everything on a regular basis is the most initial and primary practice to keep your site running smoothly without bothering about the potential hackers.

Select a Secure Hosting Provider

Hosting can range in price, but generally, the rule here is the more you pay the better the service. Hosted quality, which includes top-notch safety protection, can help to keep your site safe, you can save a serious headache down the line.

When selecting a hosting provider, always select one that offers comprehensive security features, including automatic updates, frequent backups, multiple firewalls, and malware scans. E-commerce or WordPress specific hosting service is also worth considering.

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Use a Security Plugin

Using a WordPress Security plugin is an easy but extremely effective way to improve your WooCommerce security. A quality security plugin will protect your site from malware threats and attacks. WordFence is a WordPress specific security plugin that provides up to Minute Security Defense.

Here are some of its security features:-

  • The Firewall works to prevent malicious attacks.
  • A Malware Scanner checks your site’s security hasn’t been breached.
  • Brute force attacks are monitored and blocked, helping limit login attempts and secure your login process.
  • The real-time Threat Defence Feed is constantly updated, helping to identify known and new threats.

This active approach to minimizing security threats means that your WordPress WooCommerce store will reduce the chances of hunting victims of security attacks.

Secure Your Login and Passwords

It is important that you take the necessary steps to secure your administrator and other user accounts, as this can be an area of high risk.

a) Use 1Password to Keep Usernames and Passwords Safe

If you are running an online store, always change your username to something other than ‘administrator’ and use a complex password. This will help prevent your username and password from being easily searchable and your site will be compromised.

However, remembering a detailed login sequence can be difficult for many of us. 1password is a great solution to the difficulty of creating, remembering and changing passwords. 1password can make a strong and unique password for your WooCommerce site, so you can easily log in, and keep hackers out.

b) Set Two-Step Authorization

Using a two-level authorization to log in to your WordPress WooCommerce site is another way to improve security. Adding an additional dimension to verifying your login on another device, usually, your smartphone provides additional prevention.

If you upgrade to Wordfence Pro then two-stage authorization is available. However, if you are looking for a free option then the Clough Two-Factor Authentication can be what you want. Instead of using a password, Cleef uses cryptography, so you can enter your WooCommerce site through your smartphone. This is an effective way to keep your site safe from hackers.

c) Limit Login Attempts

Brute force attacks are becoming more and more frequent. Therefore, it is important to protect your site against them. As mentioned earlier, WordFence includes brutal force protection as one of its many features. However, if you do not run WordFunction on your site, you can use many other plugins.

JetPack’s module defense enables your site to automatically block any unwanted login attempts. It is one of Jetpack’s many independent and efficient modules that will help you secure your WooCommerce site quickly and easily.

Tips for WordPress Themes and Plugins

To keep your WordPress site vulnerabilities at its peak, it is important that you apply any theme and plugins updates also, themes, plugins, latest versions of WooCommerce core, and WordPress itself is the safest, so sooner Update as soon as possible.

Equally, you can download themes and plugins only from reputable sources. Also, remove whatever you are not using your WordPress website anymore. Keeping the updates and plugins at the top, your site will be less likely to compromise.

Obtain an SSL Certificate

Secure Sockets Layers (SSL) allows transferring sensitive information securely between the web server and the browser through an encrypted connection.

WooCommerce Store deal with the most valuable personal customer and payment information, it is important that it is kept safe, using SSL, your site will be loaded on HTTPS, will help keep your customer data secure.

The hosting company WPEngine has recently started providing free SSL certificates if you sign up for your hosting service. This means that the connections of your site are more secure while helping SEO keep your visitors safe, there are additional benefits of improving SEO in SEO, while assuring customers that they are buying from a reputed company.

Take Payments via PayPal

If your WooCommerce store is still starting or even has a small operation, it might be worth running all the payments through PayPal. Although it is not necessary that your site is secure, it is your customers who will help to secure the payment process.

If you don’t know how Take Payments via PayPal then have a look at our article How to setup Paypal in WooCommerce

Using PayPal to make payment means that all the visitor data will be managed and stored by PayPal. So keeping customer data safe, therefore, is PayPal’s responsibility, and there is one thing to worry about. Seeing PayPal logs can also provide some assurance to your customers because it is a famous payment system.

Invest in a Good Backup Plugin

Along with improving your WooCommerce security, another important task is to backup your site and its data. If you are the worst then you get a chance to lose everything and your site is cut off. This is as long as you have not backed up your site.

What If Your Site Gets Hacked?

What if your WooCommerce site is hacked and fixing it is beyond your skillset? Do not worry, Sucuri Security offers a clean up and repairs service, removing malware, infection, and much more. This service is not cheap. Though, a clean WooCommerce store that can provide safe and secure customer service is more than worth it.

Don’t Select a Default Administrator Name

If you select it is simple to guess usernames such as “Admin” you’re removing one step from the login process, which makes it very easier for a hacker to access your data and harm your site.

Constantly hide Author URL

It is very important to hide the author’s URL from the Author’s archives each time you create a new username. This will help to frustrate the possible hackers to identify so that he have to rely on Password.

You can easily change the author’s archives URL from the username. Just customize user_nicename under the wp_users table is all you need to do.

Use Nonces

These are used to verify that a request is original and not duplicated. Nonces are tokens and made up of a combination of numbers and letters. They’re generally used to check the identity of the user performing a general operation, helping to secure sites against CSRF attacks. If the nonce expires, it cannot be used again.

Final Recap

A successful and secure WooCommerce website is able to make more customers. By creating a secure WordPress site, users will feel confident to buy from your online shop, which will eventually increase your revenue.

To keep your WooCommerce security up to date and strong, you need to be active. Just apply the above-mentioned strategies to effectively secure your Woocommerce store and Sit back & wait for any malware that can hardly come to you.

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