The Best WordPress Hosting “WPX Hosting” with its Review

WordPress hosting is a web hosting service that is specifically optimized for websites powered by the WordPress content management system and it caters to the unique requirements of WordPress websites, tailored features, and offers optimized environments to ensure seamless performance, security, and ease of use.
There are various web hosting providers available in the market. In this article, we will discuss the best WordPress hosting “WPX hosting” with “WPX hosting Review” which will help you to understand its benefits and clear your all questions related to this hosting. Before knowing all these things first you have to understand what is WPX web hosting.

What is WPX Hosting?

WPX is a very popular and beginner-friendly wordPress hosting provider with excellent customer support with 24/7 live chats, boasts a 99% uptime, and was founded by Terry Kyle. It is a premium web hosting provider and a high-performance WordPress hosting service, that focuses on speed, reliability, exceptional customer support, and top-notch security has made it a popular choice among business owners, bloggers, and businesses.

Why WPX is meant for you?

WPX believes in people and businesses and has excellent customer support with 24/7 live chats to help solve problems. You can get 1-1 support from a knowledgeable support person. If you are a beginner and find difficult parts to setting up then you can get support agents who will help you and who like to do things themselves, for them comprehensive documentation is available. As WPX claims that they have the best support and you can expect replies in under 30 seconds, and it happens, our team checked the stats about their live chat support.

WPX Hosting Review

WPX performance reviews

Choosing a better hosting is very difficult because hosting either can make or break your website completely. Before choosing anyone you have to spend several hours doing research and trying to understand and then comparing all these hosting companies. So in this article, we will tell you if WPX web hosting performing best or not.

WPX review: Hosting Website Speed

With WPX hosting you can appeal to the visitors to your site and convert them into actual customers as your site loads at a record-breaking speed which has an advantage in terms of Google ranking factors on your website i.e it increases the visitors to your site. For the fastest loading, it engages the visitor with your web content and converts clicks. The test of WPX servers would respond with increased traffic, using various testing tools that send virtual users to the site. if you are looking for a fast website then WPX will be the perfect choice for you.

WPX reviews: Hosting Uptime and Response Time

As for performance, it excels in every way, you can figure out the speed and load time of a website, and it affects both the user and WordPress SEO ranking of the site. Although It claims that its standard uptime guarantee is 99.9%, instead of it comes with a reasonably 99.95% uptime guarantee its server responsiveness is also very good and during the testing, it didn’t record any downtime.

Pros and Cons of WPX


  • Available comprehensive documentation features.
  • It is reliable, fast, and has exceptional customer support.
  • All plans include unlimited free email accounts and an SSL certificate.
  • Best customer support and 24/7 Fast-response support.
  • Data centers on 3 continents.
  • Faster and better performance.
  • Easy site management.
  • Free malware removal.
  • Host up to 5 websites.


  • Premium WPX pricing is high
  • The free business email of it is limited.

WPX services

It provides various services like one-click WordPress installation, domain services, free SSL and daily backups, free malware detection and removal, free website migration, and free business emails, Host up to 5 websites, and two kinds of migration services, one is free (takes under 24 hours) and express (faster, for around 100 euros), speed optimization service, content delivery network (CDN) and many more.

WPX hosting providers offer three types of hosting plans and these are-

  1. Business Hosting
  2. Professional hosting.
  3. Elite hosting.

Business Hosting Plan:

The business hosting plan is a basic plan for a start-up e-commerce solution that thrives on performing better and growing more with special features to set it. Business plan supporting
up to 5 websites. It offers a free SSL certificate, free SEO tools, and free domain registration making it the perfect solution for creating an online e-commerce store. It will add up spaces from your website slots because of having subdomains with 10 GB storage and 100 GB bandwidth.

Professional hosting plan:

It provides services like 1-click installation for CMS modules, encrypting SSL certificate, Multi-domain management, Backup and Restore SSH, and multi-SSH access. This plan hosts up to 10 websites without any constraints on the same server with multi-domain and multi-site features. The packages are provisioned with a stripped-down LAMP environment. You can work collaboratively by granting remote access rights, to ensure security for your data SSH and multi SSH access, you can use this to transfer high volumes of data from an external database.

It supports all languages, including PHP, Perl & Python, and full support for FTP, SFTP, SCP & RSYNC to deploy your website. If you do something wrong or go wrong, then we can take weekly automated backups of your www files, email, and databases as standard. The data is then stored on our backup servers.

Elite hosting plan:

Elite hosting plan is the most advanced plan of WPX hosting. It provides services like 24/7 technical support, flexible, easy-to-use, monthly unlimited bandwidth, and daily backups. It can host up to 35 websites providing 40 GB storage and unlimited bandwidth. It also provides a WPX hosting free bandwidth calculator, in which you can calculate your bandwidth requirement and you can know which plan is suitable to handle your website traffic and make money from your website.


In conclusion, we understood that WPX hosting is the best WordPress hosting with various services. It especially is best for bloggers. All the essentials like backups and security are included. All the pros and cons are given here briefly for you to understand easily. It also discusses in this article briefly why it became the best WordPress hosting with its review that will help you to decide whether to choose WPX hosting or not.

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