Offshore Hosting | Best Offshore Hostings Providers – [DMCA Ignored]

Offshore Hosting | Best Offshore Hostings Providers – [DMCA Ignored]

It is a well-known fact that when we come to offshore hosting! It simply means tax saving business policy and dependencies reduction over the in-house operation.

In other words, we can say, if you are looking at offshore hosting operation means you looking at reduced infrastructure and set-up costs, and extending your successful business to other nations.

Bending towards the point – What actually offshore hosting is:-

What is Offshore Hosting?

Anonymous hosting is a process of hosting your data in various countries other than your own. Meanwhile, to say – offshore web hosting is the implementation of hosting a site on servers which are located outside from our place of origin.

Generally, this task is done to get specific benefits. Technically whenever you host a site on foreign dedicated servers you are engaging in offshore hosting.

Continually, in this growing business world, offshore domain hosting has graduated to become an integral part. However, North America is one of the top places for anonymous VPS hosting because of privacy and security standards are high in comparison to other places except America.

More so there are several reasons for taking offshore VPS hosting such as: DMCA content, copyrighted content, adult hosting content, hacking websites, and warez hosting, etc.

Not only this but, there are quite such fine servers that host a website instead of another country located servers. Fast forward – peoples use these offshore dedicated servers because they are much harder to shut down legally and even harder to contact though.

Not only this but there are also more characteristics to the offshore server hosting, which are as shown below:

Anonymous web hosting providers give the privacy of their customer’s data and the laws of the country in which it is located. Furthermore, it does not allow corrupt or non-corrupt entities from recovering the data to assist their benefits at the cost of privacy of clients in any form.

Fast forward – Cheap web hosting providers also provide more and more flexible content policy that does not break the democratic first world country’s laws. For instance, we permit the political views expression in a country where freedom of speech is not indulged, or sharing the thoughtful and relevant information in which country where freedom of the press is not allowed.

Following are the important things which can be necessary for offshore hosting:

  • Boost profit chances
  • Motivating taxation policies
  • Lower government constraint
  • Instruction and interference in business activities
  • Confidentiality laws for protecting offshore entities

Why offshore web hosting is best?

Different peoples have different views as what offshore VPS hosting means – sometimes there are leading a number of controversy and confusions. That’s why we will show you why anonymous offshore web hosting is best to get rid of your confusions. Have a look:

  • Offshore hosting ignores DMCA

Before starts, you must know a bit information about DMCA – DMCA stands for Digital Millennium Copyright Act. It is a United States copyright law applied in 1998. This law implements two 1996 treaties of the WIPO (World Intellectual Property Organization). It is only applicable under US jurisdiction.

Not only this but there are also some other Laws & Acts to protect your digital content theft. Fast forward – all these laws are different for different countries but all laws lead to the same thing – Do Not Allow Copyrighted Stuff On Server. Further, only offshore hosting is a hosting that ignores DMCA content, otherwise, no one company in this world ignores DMCA content.

Now coming towards the point – There is one of the American copyright laws that does not apply to the non-American hosting providers. These laws only apply to the United States. Still, many hosting providers choose to follow the DMCA from other countries.

Yet many best hosting providers from other countries choose to follow the DMCA. Thus, a Swiss hosting provider follows the DMCA, that’s why it might not necessarily be offshore.

  • Offshore hosting has an extensive acceptability policy

Basically, in comparison to non-offshore hosting providers, an offshore host allow more content and activities on its own servers. It’s not so limited to, generally, it includes torrent websites, gambling, mass mailing, and hack-related content.

  • Offshore hosting must be located in an offshore location

Whenever people overhear about offshore servers hosting, they automatically imagine a remote island where rules & regulations are less extensive in comparison to the United States and other countries.

Basically, they think about safe humans like Cayman, or Panama Island. However, it’s not a wrong understanding, if an offshore is operating from a country where data-related laws are very tolerant, then it can be a hosting provider. Furthermore, Switzerland, Iceland, the Netherland, and even Russia are included in these countries.

Remember that hosting providers that are located in these countries are not necessarily offshore. Not all of them, but some choose to take benefits of these laws as they often stick to international laws.

  • Offshore hosting should not be confused with bulletproof hosting

It does not mean that cheap offshore website hosting permits all things on its own servers such as brute-force activities or DoS script. More so many people are confused that offshore hosting with bulletproof hosting. If you want to host such things, then you can go with bulletproof hosting, this is usually more costly.

Some additional reasons to use offshore web hosting

Depending on the nature of the business, individual needs do vary. Keeping this in mind, it also offers the various additional reasons for using itself. Which are as follows:

  • Freedom of press
  • Freedom of speech
  • Anonymous Services
  • Avoiding Local regulations
  • Taxes and Legal Residency

Let’s explore these additional reasons:

  • Freedom of press

The best example of this – a site named WikiLeaks. WikiLeaks releases classified documents of government to the general public. If they were hosted in the United States or in other countries, so the government of the United States would have closed them till now.

More so their hosting servers are in Sweden. A country which has the ultra solid protection of freedom of the press. However, this country government cannot legally force WikiLeaks to reveal their sources. They cannot violently take their site down.

  • Freedom of speech

In accordance with freedom of speech, you can face a risk in case you are going to host controversial content of any sort. However, a possibility that you will run away of some law, regulation, or cultural norm. The risk of punishment such as: fines, jail times, and lawsuits is not only your worry.

Generally, it is a case that disturbs authorities want to delete your content from public consumption. With the powerful protection of freedom of speech – by serving your content from a country, you have more chances to avoid your content violently taken down.

  • Anonymous Services

As far as we know – some anonymous website hosting companies offer entirely anonymous service for that there is no identifying information to be provided by the customer. More so the payment is made via cash or bitcoin. And the communication is controlled strictly by an anonymous e-mail account.

  • Avoiding Local regulations

We know that selling certain pharmaceuticals directly to the customers without a prescription is illegal in the United States. Also, online gambling is strictly banned in many Asian countries. Even a number jurisdiction have regulations regarding pornography.

Choosing the right Jurisdiction

However, in these cases, the great option (except not engaging in those activities) is hosting your site somewhere, where those types of businesses are legal or rules, regulation, and penalties are not as strict. What seems you interesting about this – The cross-pollination of offshore business hosting. Very often in US people set up their gray-market pharmaceutical sites in Asia. And also the Asian entrepreneurs host their online casino sites in the United States.

  • Taxes and Legal Residency

The real legal consequences of this are far away outside of our expertise scope. Therefore, we will show you specific examples – It seems that offshore hosting is used by some people to initiate a legal business presence for tax advantages, or some other benefits.

A few names of popular hosting locations for tax benefits include:

  • Monaco
  • Bermuda
  • Switzerland
  • The Isle of Man
  • The Netherlands
  • The Cayman Islands
  • The above part of a few of the most popular tax havens to date.

Benefits of Offshore hosting

The conventional business routines are massively revolutionized by website management, virtual marketing schemes, and quality-committed designs.

However, most of the customization features are free of cost but some desired features come with reasonable costs. The hardware configuration is directly dependent on your type of hosting packages.

An offshore webhosting company ensures invisibility under selected conditions. So, identity theft is quite difficult in comparison to independent marketing strategies.

In this case, it becomes important that only industrially and technologically prosperous areas be chosen. These creative and advanced preferences are a great boost for the user and visibility doubles as soon as international circuits are incorporated into your hosting dynamics.

According to your requirements and websites or web apps that you want to run, you need to decide which offshore hosting package is actually required. Have a look:

Types of offshore hosting packages

  • Offshore shared hosting

All web hosting packages come with the latest and advanced cPanel hosting control panel. Offshore shared hosting is an economical and usual choice in offshore hosting. It is bundled up with a wide array of features such as a powerful control panel, security, location, reliability, and flexibility.

  • Offshore VPS hosting

VPS (Virtual Private Server) hosting is a combo package of shared hosting and dedicated servers. this lightning-fast VPS hosting loads your website in split seconds. A virtual private server offers many features such as backup and disaster-proof, DDoS protected server and scalable VPS plan.

  • Offshore dedicated Server hosting

Dedicated hosting is a better option for companies to attract thousands of users. It offers dedicated resources that help to set up a full control over the VPS server. These are always fast and has the highest uptime.

A dedicated server comes with a lot of features like anti-DDoS protection, a wide selection of operating systems, free control panel installation, migration, daily backup, and offshore management.

Now that we have gone over the main points as the best Offshore Hosting Providers. Let’s see:

Best Offshore Hosting Providers – 2019

Offshore Hosting Providers

To reduce the production costs, businesses move to manufacture from one to another country. But offshore VPS hosting is a bit different from others – in order to take the reduced legal risk, businesses and individuals move its own servers from one country to another country.

There are various types of web hosting which are available for bloggers and webmasters. Now we will introduce you some 2018 best Offshore Hosting. All these are DMCA ignore web hosting. But a few countries such as Dronten & Netherland permit you to host websites like a Porn site, movie downloading site, and any other illegal category except child porn.

In case you wish to start any of the websites which we have mentioned above, you must have an Offshore website hosting. If you have VPS offshore hosting, then you don’t need to worry about DMCA complaints, otherwise, you have to stop your illegal content websites.

If you are a beginner, go for offshore VPS and start your any type of illegal content site. But the very first thing – you have to choose DMCA ignored web hosting. So be continue for more:

High-performance offshore hostings for your eccentric needs! Let’s  see:

1. Flaunt7

Flaunt7 offshore hosting provider

Fly with the best offshore hosting!

Flaunt7 is a hosting provider who actually likes “Flaunt” the success they have had. Flaunt7 is an offshore VPS hosting service that has been appreciated for high-quality hardware and effective uptime in maximum reviews.

Furthermore, it is 100% DMCA ignored hosting for illegal content websites that is available at cheap price. If you want down budgeted hosting to launch your business site, so Flaunt7 will be the best choice. They offer to host at $0.99 per month that is lower than other.

More so it is an Indian company that is founded by Jatin Kaushal and Vikhyat Singh. And head office based in Ghaziabad, India. They provide affordable packages which are working whenever you need them and are secure from outside impact.

Means to say, with this offshore VPS hosting everything can be possible because it is a hard working company work to be faster and cheaper than their competitors.

However, it is the Indian based company but they also have their data centers in both Paris and Amsterdam. Means their European clients can access high speed locally based servers.

The good thing is – By using automation and best technology, they optimize performance at each & every turn. Most powerful hardware with the next generation processor and higher memory to core ratio are used by this VPS hosting.

More so it has super uptime – they overreach 99.9% uptime. The company entirely focus is to maintain the best uptime guarantee and evolving the technology to visit the demands on per day basis. The reason behind this – If your hosting is faster, available, and reliable, so you don’t ever need customer support. But now that is an impressive vision.

In addition, the infrastructure is tracked each & every moment of the day. It provides 24*7 customer support. Not only this but, there are also provide experts to solve the issues immediately.

Have a look at their features:

Free SSL: Install SSL certificate free of cost for 12 months.
Unlimited: They offer unlimited bandwidth and unlimited domains on their basic plan.
100% Secured: This VPS hosting server is entirely 100% secure from hackers.
Always Improving: They always improve their server regular basis for better user’s speed and experience.

Why you should choose Flaunt7?

There are some best options to choose Flaunt7. Let’s take a look:

  • Performance Optimization: The company offers the experienced engineers those will help you to receive the most of your cloud with superior technology, cloud optimization, and cloud tuning.
  • Powerful Hardware: Experience performance on recently generation processors, solid state drive, and a higher memory to core ratio forming the best platform for additional performance requirements.
  • Worldwide Support: This VPS hosting team is available 24*7 by email and calls. Even though automatically your data is backed up daily basis with the super backup manager.

Packages and Benefits of Flaunt7

Flaunt7 provides every budget suited packages and a great deal to choose from. Here we have mentioned below the various range of shared hosting packages available with this hosting provider:

  • Personal: Unlimited bandwidth, domains, storage, and Apache + Nginx, cPanel + Cloudinux, 128MB RAM 0.25 CPU Cores, Free SSL Certificate. And the cost is only – $0.99/month.
  • Startup: Unlimited domains, storage, and bandwidth, cPanel + Cloudinux, Apache + Nginx, 0.85 CPU Cores, 1GB RAM, Free SSL Certificate, Free Domain on a 12-month plan. Cost is – $3.99/month
  • Startup Pro: Unlimited domains, storage, and bandwidth, cPanel + Clouinux, Apache + Nginx, 1.2 CPU cores, 2 GB RAM, Free SSL certificate, a Free domain for 3 – month. Cost is – $7.99/month.
  • Business: Unlimited domains, bandwidth, and storage, Apache + Nginx, cPanel + Cloudinux, 3.5GB RAM, 1.8 CPU cores, Free SSL certificate, and Free domain are included. The cost is – $13.99/month.
  • Business Pro: Unlimited domains, storage, and bandwidth, cPanel + Cloudinux, Apache + Nginx, 7GB RAM, 2.5 CPU cores, Free SSL certificate, and Free domain are included. Cost is – $27.99/month.
  • Enterprise: Unlimited storage, domains, and bandwidth, cPanel + cloudinux, Apache + Nginx, 3.5 CPU cores, 15 GB RAM, Free Domain and Free SSL certificate are included. But the cost is – $27.99 /month
  • Enterprise Pro: Unlimited storage, domains, and bandwidth, Apache + Nginx, Cloudinux + cPanel, 4.5 CPU cores, 24GB RAM, Free domain and Free SSL certificate are included only within $67.99/month.
  • Ultimate: Unlimited storage, domains, and bandwidth, cPanel + Cloudinux, Apache + Nginx, 6 CPU cores, 40GB RAM, Free SSL certificate and Free domain. The cost is – $97.99/month.
  • Ultimate Pro: Unlimited domains, storage, and bandwidth, cPanel + Cloudinux, 10 CPU cores, 64GB RAM, Free domain and Free SSL certificate are included. And the cost is – $137.99/month.

A variety of payment methods accepted

The good thing that not be explained yet is – Several hosting providers are completely free. You don’t need to spend money. However, By monthly subscription, payment is done for the bigger and faster packages which are quite standard and starts as low at $0.99. You can make payment via eWallets and your bank credit cards. Customer Support

This best offshore VPS hosting aim is to make each & everything super smooth and automated so that in future you don’t need customer support or service. But now the question arises – are they there if you need support?

Flaunt7 provides 24/7 online customer support team to solve your queries. They will troubleshoot your queries and give instant solutions happily. Not only this but, they help you with setup and updates and provide the advice to maintain the server environment.

2. Webcare360

webcare360 offshore web hosting

A great idea needs a great host!

Webcare360 is also one of the cheap offshore hosting providers. Further, it was launched with the aim of offering fully managed, reliable, secure, and high-quality services for those people who are looking for the best solutions. In fact, we have determined a thing – others different people don’t need a different solution and it provide solutions that will serve for your each & every need.

For example, if you have a personal site that represents an enterprise with the need for a complicated hosting solution, so this provider provides that type of hosting.

Webcare360 also offer shared, reseller & virtual private server, and dedicated server hosting solution. In accordance with own business, it offers domain registration and web designing solution. Not only this but, it is designed for both beginners and professionals. It has been offering amazing services for 3 years.

In the pursuit of offering the most experts and up to date services, it has made many changes as much as possible. They always help users to find the better solution for your signify needs. If you want a low budget hosting then that’s great.

Most of the people know that webcare360 is known for its quality of services because with a choice of multiple server locations it stands amongst the most experienced anonymous offshore VPS hosting providers in the industry of IP addresses, Anti-DoS Attack prevention, a huge number of offshore dedicated servers, and in-house team of web professionals.

Have a look at their features:

Stable & Secure: It provides a completely secure solution for all their clients.
Brisky speeds: It also offers a high-speed connection on your servers. It has also unlimited traffic guarantee and un-matchable uptime.
Heroic Support: Its experts are available 24/7 to help you. To provide the best support is one of its own priorities.
High Performance: This VPS hosting is set up on the high end 2 x hexacore processors, RAID-10 Protected SSD-disks setup to main hardware node and 128GB RAM. Means to say, you will have sufficient power to run your application any time.
Scalability: Upgrade CPU, memory, transfer of files and databases, disk space without migration within same location and platform without any downtime. Without any noticeable downtime, you can upgrade anytime while active service.

It’s pricing and plans are as follows:

Shared Hosting – €3.49/mVPS Hosting – €9.99/mDedicated Hosting – €139/m
5GB SSD1 Core of 2 X HEXA CPUE3-1220
500GB Data Transfer512MB RAM8GB DDR3 RAM
2 Addon DomainKVM Virtualization500GB X 1HDD
cPanel PoweredUnmetered Traffic1GBPS
Kernelcare1 X IPV4Unmetered Traffic
Softaculous250MBPS UplinkIPMI/ILO access
Privacy AssuredPrivacy AssuredPrivacy Assured
DMCA IgnoreDMCA IgnoreDMCA Ignore
99.99% Uptime99.99% Uptime99.99% Uptime

3. AbeloHost – SSD Shared Hosting Pro

ablehost offshore web hosting

AbeloHost is one of the most popular offshore hosting providers that will be ignored DMCA content. Meanwhile to say, except the “Child Porn” the users can host all types of illegal content website. However, the SSD shared hosting pro solutions are run on the latest SSD that convert your site into an incredible speed.

AbeloHost hosting plans are the best for users those are searching for that types of hosting. More so it is much faster in comparison to your general web hosting.

Finally, now you have the option to host your dedicated IP with your shared hosting. And you can keep full control what happens with the IP.

Let’s have a look at their features:

Website Features
  • FTP access
  • Data security
  • Backup function
  • Web file manager
  • DNS administration
  • Graphic statistical analysis of log files.
Developer Features
  • Perl 5
  • MySQL
  • Python
  • CGI Scripts
  • Cloudlinux OS
  • PHP (select any)
  • 24/7 monitoring
  • CMS suitable (WordPress, Joomla)
  • Email Features
  • E-Mail setup wizard
  • Email autoresponder
  • Spam assassin protector
  • Forwarding email accounts
  • POP3/IMAP including SSL encryption
  • SMTP including SSL encryption (optional)

AbeloHost’s services and plans

SSD Shared Pro v1 -€5.99

(Including a dedicated IP)

SSD Shared Pro v2 -€9.99

(Including a dedicated IP)

SSD Shared Pro v3 -€16.99

(Including a dedicated IP)

SSD Shared Pro v4 -€28.99

(Including a dedicated IP)

50 GB Bandwidth120 GB Bandwidth350 GB Bandwidth1000 GB Bandwidth
10 GB SSD Webspace20 GB SSD Webspace40 GB SSD Webspace80 GB SSD Webspace
5 Addon domains10 Addon domains20 Addon domains35 Addon domains
10 MySQL Databases20 MySQL Databases40 MySQL Databases80 MySQL Databases
10 FTP accounts20 FTP accounts40 FTP accounts80 FTP accounts
10 Email accounts20 Email accounts40 Email accounts80 Email accounts
10 Sub and 10 parked domains20 Sub and 20 parked domains40 Sub and 20 parked domains70 Sub and 35 perked domains
One-click application installationOne-click application installationOne-click application installationOne-click application installation
0.7 Core / 512MB RAM0.9 Core / 1GB RAM1.2 Core / 2GB RAM2 Core / 4GB RAM

4. HideMyHost

Hidemyhost offshore hosting

HideMyHost also another best offshore domain hosting provider allows you to host illegal content sites. Further, it has best plans to host their illegal content sites. Also, this offshore hosting provider offers a trial period so that you can try this hosting before buying the pro plans.

The best thing is that – It is the DMCA complaints free hostings. So, you can start any type of illegal business websites. Finally, host your business with HideMyHost hosting and feel free.

Now have a look at their features:

  • DMCA Free: Now you are safe along with this hosting because it is a DMCA complaint free hosting.
    99.9% Uptime: Host your site with 99.9% uptime guarantee and don’t worry to face any downtime.
  • Money Back Guarantee: In case you are not satisfied with this hosting services so you can receive your money back within 7 days.
  • Instant Access & Setup: You can set up your domain immediately and install a content management system within a single click.
  • 24/7 Online Support: You can take their live support advantages at any time because they are 24*7 online for you.

It’s services and pricing plans:

Plan NamePriceDisk SpaceTransferPlatform
Starter$2.75 GB250 GBUNIX/Linux
Personal$5.510 GB500 GBUNIX/Linux
Advanced$9.615 GB1000 GBUNIX/Linux
Professional$1520 GB2000 GBUNIX/Linux

5. BlueAngelHost

BlueAngelHost offshore web hosting

When it comes to movie downloading website this one is the amazing offshore hosting provider. BlueAngelHost provides cheap rate offshore hosting from the server of Bulgaria. However, this one is also a DMCA free hosting. Now, you don’t need to worry about DMCA complaints.

Furthermore, it offers three levels of shared cloud hosting. All plans feature 1 Gbps uplink/downlink connections, SSD storage, Xeon processors, one free domain registration, number of bandwidth, DDoS protection, cPanel, single click installations, and Weebly website builder. All plans are based on the number of domains that can be hosted and storage space.

Additionally, it provides various types of VPS offshore hosting. Along with this, they have six KVM Virtualization plans in which root access, 1 Gbps network, DDoS protection, unlimited bandwidth, and a dedicated IP address are included. They also offer multiple Linux operating systems and SolusVM VPS Panel.

BlueAngelHost offers several types of VPS hosting. They have six KVM Virtualization plans, which include a 1 Gbps network, root access, unlimited bandwidth, DDoS protection, and a dedicated IP address. They offer multiple Linux operating systems and SolusVM VPS Panel. Plans differ from the number of cores, RAM, and disk space provided.

Apart from this, they offer Open VZ offshore VPS hosting in which all the same specs as their KVM hosting are included except for an 8 TB bandwidth limit. It also offers four Windows VPS packages, in which 1 dedicated IP address, SolusVM VPS panel, 100 Mbps network, full root access are included. You can choose as per your choice Window in between Windows 2008 server, Windows 2012 server, and Window 8. Plan differ by the number of CPU cores, RAM, bandwidth, and storage.

More so it also provides web design services and SSL certificate upon request. Additionally, this hosting allows you to start your hosting company, growing site, moderate traffic, small WordPress site, personal blog, big sites and, high traffic etc.

Have a look at their features:

  • DMCA Free: It is 100% DMCA ignored. You don’t have to worry about DMCA complaints.
    Free Migration: You can migrate your site data from other hosting to BlueAngelHost at free of cost.
    99.9% Uptime: If you host their site to this server, so you don’t have to face any downtime.
  • Secure Server: With BlueAngelHost your hosting server will be secured from hackers. Now you can run your site safely.
  • DDoS Protection: Your website will be safe against any type of DDoS attacks.

Services and pricing plans of BlueAngelHost

SSD Web Hosting – $3.75/monthReseller Hosting -$25/monthVPS Hosting – $8/monthDedicated Hosting – $89/month
100% DMCA Ignored100% DMCA Ignored100% DMCA Ignored100% DMCA Ignored
10 GB Pure SSD Storage50 cPanel AccountsCPU: 1 CoreCPU: E3-1241 v3 3.50GHz
Unlimited BandWidthUnlimited Disk SpaceRAM: 1 GBRam: 8 GB DDR3
Free DDoS ProtectionUnlimited BandwidthDisk Space: 20 GBDisk: 1 x 1TB
Free 1-CLICK Script InstallsFree DDOS ProtectionBandwidth 1 TB100mbps/1GBps Unmetered

6. Flokinet

FlokiNet offshore web hosting

Build your site within a minute with flokinet!

Flokinet shared hosting servers are configured with a softaculous auto-install tool. It is a single click installs process. Further, it was established in 2012. Since then, they have been offering various services such as web hosting and domain registration to a client over Europe.

However, this offshore hosting provider is known as a safe haven for freedom of speech, whistleblower projects, and journalistic expression.

Flokinet is the best hosting providers worldwide. More so it provides DMCA ignored hosting for your site at the lowest price. Not only this but they have three different servers such as Iceland, Romania, Finland. You can choose one of them while purchasing.

Consequently, their virtual servers are also spread over various locations. Their entry-level packages also come with a single CPU core, 20 GB SSD storage with 1Gbit/s uplink, and 1 GB RAM.

In case you are hosting your site in Iceland so you are capped only 200GB monthly bandwidth and if you host in Finland or Romania so you are capped only 1TB monthly bandwidth. All these features full root access are simply scalable within a minutes.

The best thing is that – each and every package comes with iLO remote consoles that help you in setting up and configuration of the servers.

There are some other services provided by flokinet hosting providers such as penetration testing, secure VoIP, TeamSpeak, web design, and operational security consulting.

All these types of additional services allow you to run your digital operations more efficiently and serve to protect your IT infrastructure.

There are a number of payment options are supported by this provider like DASH, Bitcoin, Litecoin, OK Pay, Western Union, PaySafeCard, MoneyGram, cash by post and bank transfer. However, they don’t provide any refund or money back guarantees.

In addition, unlike many other companies which provide a few support channels. Its support is available 24*7, you can call tech support team by phone or skype, write them by using an email, or use signal or threema (both are encrypted communications instant messaging apps).

Key Features

Flokinet offers you a unique set of tools and features that are designed to create a secure website. Not only this but – to maintain their anonymity without compromising on performance. The key features are:

  • SSH access
  • SSD storage
  • 99.9% uptime guarantee
  • Softaculous app installer
  • The operating system as per your choice
  • Free migration support under the same control panels
  • Legal adult content allowed on Romanian and Finnish servers
  • Automatic SSL certificates are available for all hosted domains
  • No need for personal data (only a valid email address required to create an account)
  • DDoS firewall protection is available only in Romania.

Finally, this cheap website offshore hosting is the best choice for group and organizations which consider themselves an easy target for freedom of speech.

Let’s discuss this provider’s pros and cons:


  • Full root access
  • Monthly payments
  • Anonymous sign-up
  • Flexible payment options


  • Servers only in Europe
  • No refunds or money back guarantees

Services and pricing plans

Romania II  Shared Hosting Starting At – € 15.99/mRomania VPS II Virtual Private Server Starting At – € 25.99/mHP Proliant DL160 G6 [Ro] Starting At – € 109.00/m
2 GB RAM2 GB RAM & 50GB SSD Storage16 GB DDR3 RAM & 2 x 500GB Storage
5GB SSD Storage1.2 Tb DDoS Protection1.2 Tb DDoS Protection
Daily BackupsDaily Backups1Gbit Uplink & 10TB Traffic
24/7/365 Tech SupportUnmetered Traffic24/7/365 Tech Support
5 SQL DataBases24/7/365 Tech Support1 IPv4 + /64 IPv6
1.2 Tb DDoS ProtectionFull Root AccessFull Root Access

7. CloudOneHost

onehostcloud offshore hosting

CloudOneHost is another best offshore hosting providers and known for the best DMCA ignored hosting provider. So, you can host your illegal content site on their servers. There are thousands of users using their services.

More so CloudOneHost hosting provider tries to deliver the best hosting experience to all their own customers. It does not matter if you maintain a plain personal diary based on WordPress or a resource-absorbing e-commerce portal. So enjoy the same smooth web hosting experience.

Each & every hosting servers of this providers runs an immensely stable and authentic Linux distribution. Also, it offers 99.9% uptime guarantee. Not only this but, it’s each & every hosting plans features in-house created Hepsia Control Panel in which charge-free tools are included that help you to launch your site within a minute.

Furthermore, they offer enhanced hosting plans like:

  • Unlimited traffic
  • 5 domains hosted
  • 500 email accounts
  • Unlimited disk space
  • Multi-lingual Control Panel
Enhanced – $3.75/mPremium – $8.33/mUltimate-$12.0/m
Unlimited Data Storage