Speed Up WordPress

Speed Up WordPress Website Performance & Load time

When someone lands on your website for the first time, you just have a few seconds to capture their attention to persuading them to hang around. You have not enough time to show users your content and convince them to stay on your website. Quick loading pages progress user experience and amplify your page views.

These days a stunning look of your website or a perfect content can be insufficient to attract the potential users. If you are a site owner you must need to know that Google uses an algorithm which makes a site loading speed one of the factors affecting the site’s position in the search results.

A slow website means users will probably leave your website before it even loads. Speed up WordPress website by improving its load time. Dial our support phone number to get help.

Why should you speed up WordPress?

  • Search engines rank sites with quick-loading times higher than the slow-loading ones. Thus if you desire to improve your position in the Search Engine Ranking Pages, improving speed ought to be one of your preferences.
  • Studies have shown that site-loading speed of above 2 seconds typically results in about 47 percent of visitors bouncing off the website. As a result, to keep about half of your visitors interested, you must speed up your WordPress.

Initially, you must need to analyze the recent load time for your website. Remember that, this speed may vary from page to page, as it relies on various factors, that is:

  • the size of that specific page,
  • how many requests it produces,
  • whether it is cached or not,
  • and finally, what kind of content (static/dynamic) it hosts.

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