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Speed Up WordPress: Improve Your Site Load Time

If you are a business owner Speed Up WordPress should be your first priority! Fast loading sites can secure your online business. Therefore, it’s necessary to maintain your site speed because it maintains and increases user experience, your page views, and support your WordPress SEO.

That’s why improve your WordPress speed optimization performance and site load time with us. We are one of the best company to provide you the instant result. We offer top-class speed up WordPress service. Our experienced WordPress support professionals listen your queries and then give the exact solution to their clients. Talk to our WordPress Technical Support team to get the best solution, dial our contact no. +1-844-275-0975 (Toll-Free).

Our Speed Up WordPress Team Will Help You In

They cross-check your WordPress site and detect the main reason for the depletion of your WordPress site speed.

We not only increase site loading speed but also provide multilevel protection services to protect from attacks and viruses.

Our WordPress professionals also provide WordPress and Joomla optimization service. You can migrate your WordPress site to new host.

Improving speed as well as securing your WordPress site.

Reliability and power for your hosting server.

Improving your site

Search Engine Optimization recommendations

Speed Up Performance & Website Load time

Page load speed and website load time matters for all online entrepreneurs. You just have a few seconds to grab your user’s attention when they visit your site. You don’t have enough time to show your site content and convince them to stay on your site.

As you know that website loading speed increase users satisfaction. In this technical world, a beautiful site and a good content cannot be sufficient to attract potential users. Apart from this, there are also many more things in a site that attract users attention. Google uses an algorithm that makes website loading speed one of the ranking factors. So think how important your website speed is.

Why WordPress Website Loading Speed Matters

WordPress website loading speed matters due to the following reasons:-

  • Search engines give ranking to fast loading website. If you want to improve your search ranking, you have to improve your site speed.
  • For lowering hosting costs and increasing the user engagement.
  • For increasing Adwords and conversions performance.

Initially, you need to analyze the recent load time for your site. Make sure that this speed may change from page to page, as it depends on various factors, elaborated area s follows:

  • The size of that particular page.
  • How much requests it produces.
  • It is cached or not.
  • At last, what type of content static or dynamic it hosts.

Make Your Site Faster

So users don’t wait anymore just put your trust in us. We’ll see each area of your site and apply all required changes to get you a top performance load speed.

How We Increase Your Website Loading Speed

Minifying Resources

Minifying Resources

To increase your website loading speed we reduce CSS, HTML, and Javascript size. Further, to save initial load time of your site pages we load the javascript file later. After this minification process, your site needs to stable. And we never compromise with stability when it comes to speed.

Caching and CDN

caching and CDN

Our experts can speed up your site via various plugins like W3 total cache, browser caching plugin that decrease your website load time for revisiting users. Next is CDN (Content Delivery Network): it increases your website loading speed by reducing the geographical distance, resulting in better speed.

Image Optimization

image optimization

Our WordPress professionals can do lossless image compression by which your image conserve quality and size of it reduce significantly. In addition, we can also manage “lazy load” images which increase your page speed. As visitors will scroll-down your site pages, images will load quickly.

Database Optimization

database optimisation

Each & every information goes throughout your site are saved in your WordPress database. Due to this our database becomes disarrange and affects slowly to your website performance. Our WPGlobalSupport’s experts optimize and clean up the WordPress database and make your WordPress website faster.

Plugin Inspection

plugin inspection

WordPress plugins make your site unique. But many people install them without the need or from untrusted sources. Our experienced WordPress professionals check each & every WordPress plugin on your site and delete that is not required. If they found something wrong or outdated, they take action immediately.

E-commerce Optimized

e-commerce optimized

Website speed is the most important concern when it comes to e-commerce stores. Because customers browse throughout various products. You don’t need to worry, we will improve their experience by reducing your website load time without affecting checkout and cart page. Thereafter, customers want to come again to your ultra-fast working store.

Advanced Speed Optimization

WPGlobalSupport provides advanced WordPress speeding service. Our WordPress team of experienced professionals are qualified and worked a ton to optimize your WordPress website. The entire team works with dedication to deliver the advanced website performance optimization result.

Inline Critical CSS

Technically, CSS should be declared only in the header. That’s why we inline the most important CSS and load what’s not absolutely necessary after it has rendered the page.

Wordpress Server Optimization

Our WordPress professionals believe in itself, they don’t trust on WordPress speed optimization plugins to improve your site speed. That’s why they go each & every server log file of your site with your approval and resolve your all speed optimization and some other issues.

How Our Speed Up WordPress System Works

Our three-step process improves your WordPress website speed:


Information Gathering

Very first explain your exact problem with your login credentials to our WordPress Speed optimization professionals. Once access to your site, they will fix it quickly.


Troubleshoot The Problem

In this phase, our experts identify the root cause of the problem and fix it quickly. Often they find issues and troubleshoot them within 24 hours.


Test Speed Optimizations

After fixing the issue they cross-check it and then deliver to you. We can also focus on making your site as fast as reasonably possible.

Why It's Important To Have A Fast Website?

More Visitors

more visitors

A fast loading WordPress website reduces your bounce rate and increases conversion & user satisfaction of your site. There are a lot of visitors lose their patience and leave your site in case your site takes too much time to load. Visitors may wish to visit your other site’s page if it loads speedily.

Better Ranking

better ranking

A slow speed page can harm your business, it is also a factor can affect your site’s SEO ranking. Therefore, improve your page loading time to rank higher in search results. Google gives ranking higher to fast loading sites which attract more visitors. Having a faster site means your business improvement.

Maximize Profit

maximize profit

Website loading speed matters! A fast loading speed site can increase your conversion rates. Remember that, a single second delay site can cost you upto 7% of conversions. So think what effect 5 seconds load time will do. Hence, protect your business to get affected by our speed up WordPress site services.

Increase Conversions

In accordance with a survey, if your site takes more than 3 seconds to load, you may 40% of your visitors. Means 1-second delay = 7% reduction in conversion. Make sure that the conversion rate is the utmost important benchmark of a site. Ane the speed of a site is directly related to the conversion rate.

Mobile Experience

Google has proved that if your site loading time is more than 3 seconds, so you may leave too many visits. According to a survey, most of the visitors visit your site from their smartphones and among them, most of the users say that many WordPress sites are very slow to load.

Lower Bounce Rates

Make sure that high bounce rate is also a ranking factor affects your site health status. When users come to your site and leave with further interacting to your site then bounce rate is increased. Therefore, having a speedy site is necessary. Improve your site speed with us and increase your visitors.

What Slows Down Your WordPress Website?


Web Hosting


WordPress Configuration


Page Size


Bad Plugin and External Scripts

Some Tips To Speed Up WordPress

WordPress Speed Plugins-2019

WP SpeedUp

WP SpeedUp is a plugin to speed up WordPress developed by Fahad Mahmood. It decreases your site load time. Install it and forget all your site load speed issues. You can also change settings from wp-admin or can leave it to default.

WP Fastest Cache

WP Fastest Cache is also a fast and intuitive WordPress plugin. With its easy installation, it helps in improving your site speed. It is an auto modified plugin so you don’t need to modify your .htacces file.

W3 Total Cache

W3 Total Cache is a free and best plugin to speed up WordPress plugin. It improves your site load time and user satisfaction by increasing your site performance. It has gained the trust of large business names like AT&T and Mashable.

We Provide Best WordPress Speed Optimization Service To Our Customers

Being one of the best WordPress speed optimization service providers, we provide the top-class service. Our experienced experts not only make your WordPress websites faster but also try to make one of the fastest sites all around the world. Our best Speed Up WordPress service allows you to give the best user experience. At last, we provide excellent speed for your WordPress website to impress your visitor.

You can contact to our WordPress Customer Service number in case of any assistance dial +1-844-275-0975 (Toll-Free). Our WordPress Support team will help you instantly for resolving all your issues.

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