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Make your website WordPress Multi Language and extend your online business, worldwide! No doubt, WordPress is one of the most popular CMS (Content Management System), but the problem is – It is not multilingual by default. It does not have any inbuilt feature to make your WordPress website multi language. Hence, our experienced WordPress team offers this service to achieve your goal.

Creating multilingual website on WordPress is a simple way to scale new markets. Having your site in a guest native languages is one of the traffic sources. Our professionals are experts to make WordPress multi language website. Hire our WordPress support builder and make simple your task.  

Reasons To Make A WordPress Multilingual Site

Making your WordPress site multilingual is necessary! Because let’s say your WordPress site is in English, you seem English is the internet language by default. But that’s not true: only one-fourth of the world population communicates online in English. If you have a monolingual (English) WordPress website, you are losing your visitors and revenue. Therefore, looking at online businesses, setting up a multi language site with WordPress (blogging platform) is stronger than your thought. 

Creating a WordPress multilingual site not only offer more personalized user experience but it also gives a feature to users to search in their preferred language.

There are various reason to make your site multi language with WordPress, elaborated are as follows: 

  • Expansion

    Most of the entrepreneurs extend their business where a single location generates more profit. Also, they want to open new locations in their own and other countries. But this can happen when they have a multilingual website.

  • User Experience & Customer Service

    Having a WordPress multi-language site is not only profitable for you but also your customers. Because the multilingual website improves user satisfaction and a way your foreign users understand you easily. 

  • Discover Untapped Markets

    This bind to the point we made earlier about extending your business. As you extend your business into foreign regions, you can get a chance to discover untapped markets before your competitors.

  • Determining Which Languages to Target

    You wish to maximize the profit amount, you have to add multi-language functionality on your WordPress website. There are two basic ways from which you can identify which additional language you need to target i.e. plugins and your users themselves.  

How To Create A WordPress Multi Language Website

  • Install and activate the Polylang Translation plugin to create your WordPress site multi language.

  • Adding Multilingual Content in WordPress. You can add the Multilingual Content by simply creating a new post or page.

  • Translating, Tags, Category, and Custom Taxonomies. You can translate easily your Tags and Custom Taxonomies.

  • Displaying WordPress Multi language Switcher on your site. Polylang translation plugin makes it easy to add a language switcher that allows users to select languages as per their choice.

  • You can make multi language website using Google translator, but adding human translation creates a better user experience. In case you don’t have any resources, then you can try to use Google Translate to automatically translate content on your WordPress website.

WpGlobalSupport Multi Language Website Features

PHP7 Powered

We apply PHP7 in your WordPress website so that you can take benefits of PHP7 features like faster site execution speed, faster web, calls response, lower memory consumption.

Language Manager

Our experts provide various languages supported website. According to the language manager, you can add more and change existing ones and choose as per your choice.

Automatic Language Redirection

In our multilingual WordPress website, you don’t need to press the translation button. Depending on their browser settings visitors automatically redirect to their preferred language.

Translate WordPress Content Defaultly

Default WordPress content such as posts, pages, tags, categories, and taxonomies etc. can be easily translated with us.

Automatic hreflang Support For Language Sites

To serve the exact language or regional URL in SERP Google uses this “hreflang” attribute. Our WordPress support team automatically insert this respective link element in the head section of each & every language website.

Performance benchmarks

Our experts also care for bit things such as additional database query. Basically, we let WordPress do its work and put the plugin out of the way if it creates any speed-relevant issue.

Gutenberg Ready

We are always up to date. As soon as Gutenberg (WordPress 5.0) updates, we followed it to provide an excellent solution to their customers.

Future-proof, WordPress Core-based Architecture

Creating a future-compatible WordPress plugin needs a strong commitment to WordPress core. Our WordPress developers take the benefit of multisite core feature that powers millions of websites through one code base on WordPress.com.

WooCommerce Optimized

We entirely optimize your WooCommerce stores. However, creating and translating WooCommerce post types can be a bit difficult. Hence, manage your WooCommerce stores in a simple way with us.

Create Your Language Switcher

WordPress navigation menu is the most inherent place for navigational language links. Therefore, to create a language switcher drag & drop your languages into your custom menus.

Better Performance

Due to its good performance, WPGlobalSupport’s website rank higher in search result. Because you know that Google and other search engines care about the performance of your site. Therefore, it is an important factor for a good position in search result.

Translations Trasher

When you trash a post or page, optionally, you can also trash all its translation at the same time.

Full Flexibility

Now you have the full-flexibility and the entire control in your hands. Depending on your choice each & every of your websites can have different functionalities or design. All your language pages are under huge network.

SEO-friendly URLs & Permalinks

You will not need to change the best URLs. A permalink is considered to be permanent. Means to say, forever. But our developers allow WordPress to handle you permalinks carefully.

Translate Custom Post Types

You can also translate custom post types like events, portfolios, testimonials, WooCommerce products etc.  

Top-level Domains per Language

We always offer top-level domain for your WordPress multi language site like .com, co .uk for English, .fr for French, .pt for Portuguese, .de for German, etc.

Multilingual Support & Translations Plugin

Languages are the utmost important barriers to effective communication. By default, WordPress is not multilingual. But the WordPress community has solved out this problem by developing WordPress plugins which translate your WordPress site into other languages. By using these, you can add multilingual functionality to your site. However, there are various WordPress multilanguage plugins to make your website accessible in multiple languages.

Finally, make your WordPress site multilingual with us! A team of WordPress Customer Support is always working for you. 

Best WordPress Multilingual Plugins - (2019)


WPML is a WordPress translation plugin allow you to manage WordPress multilingual posts in one post per language. It will translate your, posts, pages, custom types, and your WordPress theme text. Further, it runs a multilingual website from a single WordPress install. It’s compatible with all WordPress themes and plugins.


Xili-Language is a free WordPress translation plugin. Due to its good performance, it’s very popular and highly rated plugin. It provides features similar to the other plugins we have defined. Further, it has an additional feature i.e. to specify the page, post, and custom post language it uses a custom taxonomy. 

Weglot Translate

Weglot Translate is one of the best and easiest translation solutions to translate your WordPress site. This plugin detects and translates all your content as per your choice language. Apart from that, by using this Weglot plugin you can also translate your website into a multilingual website with multiple languages within a few minutes.


Polylang allow you to manage multilingual posts in one post per language and it’s free to use. It is one of the most downloaded plugin and is very easy to use and has lots of translation options. You can use many languages as you wish. Polylang will translate posts, categories, widgets, custom post types, post formats, RSS feeds and much more.

Some More WordPress Translation plugins

You can translate your WordPress site with the help of these plugins. WordPress Translation is made simpler with the use of this plugins.

Google Language Translator
Google Website Translator by Prisna.net

Multisite Language Switcher by Dennis Ploetner is a simple and easy to use plugin that will add multilingual support to a WordPress multisite installation. It is the best wordpress language switcher plugins.

Why WpGlobalSupport Is The Right Solution

Being one of the finest providers our WordPress multilingual site developers use various approaches & tools in comparison to the usual solutions. With us, you will not have any performance issues. We don’t make any modification in your WordPress core, so you don’t need to worry about updating your WordPress version and disagree with well-written plugins. There is no limitations each & every language have it’s different design, functions, and plugins. 

You will get a better SEO performance. Also, you can optimize each & every language as per your liking. No doubt, we are only the approved solution for huge WordPress projects.

Finally, get entire flexibility with us!

Some Facts Prove Our Success

Our Users

Many professional WordPress agencies, corporate customers, and WordPress VIP users are completely satisfied with our services.

Experienced Developers

A lot of WordPress users trust our WordPress experienced developers as the best service provider for WordPress multi language sites.

Marketing Experience

And that’s not all! Beyond the team of WpGlobalSupport is 10+ years of growing WordPress marketing experience.


We handle your complete WordPress multi language websites. Additionally, not only this but we also check all your site errors. If we found any error we take immediate action and fix it quickly. We also offer some other WordPress support services which allow you to manage your entire WordPress website. 

Our WordPress Technical Support team is there for you like 24*7 to provide you the top-notch services. Dial our WordPress help number +1-855-945-3219 (Toll-Free).

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