What Is RSS In WordPress?

WordPress has many advantages to give benefits to its users – RSS or Really Simple Syndication or Rich Site Summary is one of the advantages of WordPress which is considered as feeds in it. More so – to publish contents in a structured XML file for syndication it uses some standard web feed formats. An XML that saw in this format known as RSS Feed.

In other words, we can say that – it is an XML file that keeps the information of a post such as categories, author’s name, publishing date, etc. Not only this but, it is the best way to get the latest updates and news from the user’s favorite site. Once you have subscribed your site’s RSS feed, then the post of that particular site automatically passed to RSS feed site. Also, you can keep track of it in your mailbox, feed reader or some other devices that you are using.

However, the feed readers can be desktop user or web user depending on their browser has a feed reader built in. They can check the user’s feed on regular basis for new information.  

Over to this, there are some sites which provide feed in an atom, but RSS is still more popular and most sites offer RSS feeds. Sometimes RSS is seen in an outdated format that we call atom and that was created as another web feed format.  

The good news is WordPress generates automatically an RSS feed for posts and comments. And also WordPress theme adds a meta tag in the source code that permits new aggregators, feed reading software, and feed crawlers to find the feed automatically.

How does RSS feed work?

This XML document work by publishing the latest post. It includes your articles, summary, metadata for each & every item like author, date, category, etc. Thereafter, it can be fetched and read with an RSS feed reader. There is a lot of RSS feed reader software which is available for all operating system like desktop, laptop, and mobile devices.

How to Use RSS Feeds

There are two ways by which RSS can be used:

RSS Subscription:

Users can easily subscribe to your feed by which they can efficiently read your posts and blogs in RSS feeds. All the updated posts can read by the uses in the RSS feeds.

RSS Aggregation:

RSS feeds can be aggregated from outside resources for reading purposes. All these updates users can see in your RSS feeds.

There are many top RSS feed reader apps which you can use:

  • Feedly: Browser Add-ons, Web, iOS, Android, Kindle
  • Bloglovin: Android, iOS, Web
  • Innoreader: Web, Android, iOS
  • The Old Reader: Windows, Mac, Android, iOS

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