About Us

WP GLOBAL SUPPORT started out as a web agency. We loved the web, we loved WordPress, and we worked hard to create sites for the companies who hired us.

But website development has lots of different aspects. We handled things like design, marketing and project management because it was part of the job. But it wasn’t necessarily the part that made us happy.

After those sites were up and running, we provided ongoing maintenance and support to our WordPress clients. We answered their questions. We solved their problems. We researched pesky technical issues and found good workable solutions.

We did our share of hand-holding for distraught clients who had tried and tried but couldn’t achieve what they wanted. And we realized something kind of funny. This was the stuff that made us happy.

Not only that, but getting the right answer or solution made our clients happy. That made us even happier.

We offer our services to all size businesses including large enterprises where security and websites’ speed are of great importance. Our various models enable you to hire the best WordPress developers at very affordable rates. Hire WordPress experts to develop customized plugins, analysis or optimization and you are assured to have the best IT solutions meeting international standards.

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