WordPress Security

WordPress security & malware scan

WordPress is an extremely popular web platform. It is user-friendly, easy to update and maintain. WordPress is open source software that is vulnerable to hacks. That’s why it is so important to never leave a WordPress installation unmanaged. It is very significant to customize every WordPress installation so that it is harder for WordPress hackers to find the files they generally target for attack.

WordPress hacking is becoming a rising problem, as well as affecting thousands of websites every day. Many website owners are not even aware they’ve been hacked. Securing your website, databases and files became an obligatory task of each online business.

As the number of threats and cracked websites increases yearly, you will certainly need a one-stop resolution that protects your websites and information without worrying about any future security risks. We secure WordPress websites through the most recent and finest practice methods.

Our whole WordPress Security services cover all aspects of security as well as firewall installation, malware removal, database security, backups scheduling, future monitoring and much more.

WordPress malware & vulnerability scan

Our WordPress security specialists will do a thorough security inspection of:

  • WordPress Core Files
  • Installed WordPress Plugins
  • Files and Directory Permissions
  • WordPress database Privileges
  • Web Server Configuration and Permissions
  • WordPress Users Roles and Capabilities
  • And anything else that could lead to a malicious hack attack or malware infection of your WordPress site.

WordPress based websites have turn out to be one of the biggest and most popular targets of digital attacks and hackers all over the place creating a demand for advanced security measures when using the platform.

Our security services are designed to analyze secure and monitor your website, as per the newest security measures. We have a team of experts that works all around the clock to get the latest security updates and make sure that your websites are well sheltered against any potential threat, malware, injected spam or hack.

We can assist you with an extensive range of security services on WordPress, from managing the entire procedure for you and keeping it up-to-date on your behalf, to removing malware and installing software to make your WordPress website more secure.

We offer our customers with reasonable WordPress security services so that your website maintains its integrity and performs at the top level in the upcoming days. Our security service protects you against the obvious threats and the ones that you may not be fully aware.

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