WordPress Porto Theme For Building Multipurpose Website

Whenever we talk about a powerful and flexible business theme, the name of the WordPress Porto theme should always come first in our mind. Because it is an ultimate and stunning WooCommerce theme that is suitable for any business and e-commerce sites.

It provides you all the essential elements and powerful features to create an awesome website of your choice. The main aspect which makes porto WordPress theme different from each other is that it provides more exclusive skin layout, features and many customization options which is very less common in other WordPress theme. You can also say that it is one of its own kind which is perfect for any multipurpose and business site.

Porto guarantees blazing-fast performance and high functionality which is very important for any business website.

Here, in this article, we will study about this beautiful and flexible WordPress theme. So, without wasting any time lets, discussed WordPress Porto theme briefly.

For whom this theme is really for?

Porto theme is really for those who are seeking for a multi-purpose and responsive theme which mainly focuses on building an eCommerce store. It is appealing for all those who want an elegant & stunning website and who wanted to show their innovative and creative ideas with the world.

Further on, it is the best multipurpose theme for photography, blogging, portfolio, and many others. You can outshine your skills to the world with the help of this theme.

Why to choose the Porto theme?

Porto responsive WordPress theme can help you to give a smooth and extensive look to your new or existing website. Moreover, you can easily create a range of agency websites, corporate homepage, law office sites, and other business-related sites.

Here are some of the reasons to choose the Porto WooCommerce theme:

  • Professional design and look: Look of the Porto WordPress theme is very unique and attractive.
  • Ready-made demo version available: It includes a number of ready-made demo version that covers a range of styles and layouts.
  • Built on the Bootstrap framework: It was built on bootstrap framework which helps you to add different styling options, fonts, colors and typography options.
  • Light and dark color is available: Different dark and light skin layout option is available.
  • Multiple eCommerce stores and product layout: You can easily create multiple stores according to your choice and differentiate them according to the categories and product layout options
  • Easy to afford: It price of this Porto business theme is affordable and fits in your budget.
  • Trustworthy theme: Thousands of users trusted the functionality and performance of this theme gave it 4.9 rating out of 5.
  • Intuitive approach: The Porto WordPress theme provides you an intuitive approach to reach the different levels of websites with its simple and effective design.
  • Well optimized for speed: It is equipped with Porto Optimizer tool that can help to improve the page loading speed of the website.

Porto theme installation

You can easily install the Porto theme in two different ways which are as follows:


1. Installation via FTP Client

To install the Porto theme for your WordPress site you will have to follow the given procedure:

  • The first basic step you will have to take is to download the Porto theme file from the Themeforest. Then, Unzip the porto.zip file from the themes files which you have downloaded from the ThemeForest.
  • Connect your FTP server and then navigate it to the folder where your WordPress is installed.
  •  Go to wp-content/themes/ and then upload the Porto folder (ensure that your path should look like this: wp-content/themes/porto).
  • Now open your WordPress admin panel and go to the Appearance>>Themes>>Activate Porto theme.

Install porto theme

porto theme installation

  • After the activation of the theme, you will see a Setup Wizard page on the screen. You can follow the instructions step by step to set up the theme and demo content properly.

Porto theme installed

2. Installation via WordPress Admin panel

You can also install the Porto theme via the WordPress admin panel. To download the Porto WordPress theme via admin panel you will have to follow the given procedures:

  • First, open your WordPress admin panel and then go to the WordPress dashboard>>Appearance>>Themes on the admin sidebar.
  • Now click on Add New and Upload Theme button.

installation porto theme via WordPress dashboard


  • After that, upload the porto.zip file from the Theme files folder which you have downloaded from the ThemeForest.

upload porto theme file

  • Once installed, open your WordPress admin panel and then go to Appearance>>Themes on the admin sidebar and activate it.

successfully installed porto theme


For more reference, you can also see the installation from YouTube. Now let’s see how to update its new versions;

How to update the Porto theme?

Procedures to follow before updating the theme;

Before updating the Porto theme we recommend you to  follow the instructions given below:

  • Create a backup of your site including wp-content folder, wp-config.php, and .htaccess file and also create a copy of the WordPress database. If you don’t have any knowledge about this process then you can also use several plugins such as UpDraft Plus and WordPress Backup Buddy.
  • Backup Porto theme option in Appearance>>theme options>>Import/Export.
  • Remove all the previous Porto theme folder.
  • It is recommended not to change the name of the Porto theme folder.
  • Reset the browser cache, server cache, and plugin cache.
  • It is also advised to update all the required and recommended plugins.

One-click theme updation method

In the new Porto 4.6 version, a new update method was added. It will help you to give a reminder notification about the new update whenever it is released in the market. Further on, you can easily download this theme by navigating through the Dashboard>>Updates using the WordPress standard update method.

  • Go to the WordPress Dashboard>>Updates. See the below screenshot;

porto theme updation

  • Thereafter, go to the Appearance>>Themes.

porto theme updation

Traditional theme updation method

The traditional method is a lengthy procedure which requires more steps and manual work. First, you will have to download the new theme package from your ThemeForest account. When you have the new theme package. You can upload the new theme by using the WordPress method or via the FTP method.


Update theme via FTP method

  1. Navigate your cursor to the “wp-content > themes” location and create a backup your “porto” theme folder by it into your device.
  2. Now retrieve the new “porto.zip” file which you have download from the Themeforest and then extract the “Porto” theme folder in the zip file.
  3. Now drag and drop the new “porto” theme folder into the “wp-content>>themes” location. You can also opt to replace the currently installed theme if you haven’t deleted the old file.
  4. After updating the theme you will see a reminder notification on the screen regarding the updation of the plugins associated with this theme.
  5. Now go to the Appearance>>Theme Options on the admin sidebar and select the “Save Changes” button.

Update theme via WordPress method

  1. First, deactivate the current “porto” theme from the “Appearance>>Themes” section by activating a different theme. Once you activate a different theme, you are being able to deactivate the current porto theme and can easily install the newer version of the theme.
  2. Now similarly like the FTP method you will have to retrieve the new “porto.zip” file from your new ThemeForest download.
  3. Then Upload the new “porto.zip” file under the “Appearance>>Themes” section. Now select the “Install Themes” tab and choose to upload the zip file.
  4. Once the file gets uploaded in your system, activate the new porto WordPress theme.
  5. Now again like the FTP method, you will see a notification message on the screen which informs you about the plugins that needed to be updated with this WordPress theme.
  6. Navigate your cursor to the “Appearance>>Theme Options” on the admin sidebar and click on the “Save Changes” option.

Features and design layout of Porto theme

  • Responsive design: The design of the theme is highly responsive.
  • Child ready theme: You can easily inherit the properties of parent theme as this theme is child ready in nature.
  • 30+ homepage layouts available: It offers more than 30 homepage layouts that can help you to create a beautiful homepage design layout
  • Drag and drop feature is available: Porto website template featured drag and drop feature that can help you to easily add media and file into your website.
  • Features powerful admin panel: It featured a powerful admin panel option which help to manage all the tools and necessary resources.
  • WPML and retina Ready theme: You can easily create a multi-language and retina ready website.
  • One-click demo importer: With just a single click you can easily import the demo content of your webpage. You can also see Porto WordPress theme demo.
  • Easy documentation is available: The theme provides you easy and detailed documentation support so that no user will have to face any kind of difficulty in using the Porto theme.
  • Quick view integrated: This feature will help you to see a quick preview of your website. It will show you how your website will look after implementation.
  • Woocommerce compatible: You can easily create any kind of online store as it is integrated with WooCommerce support.
  • 24/7 customer support: The theme provides you 24/7 full customer support so that you can easily discuss all your queries and issues with them.
  • Multi-vendor support is available: The theme provides you multi-vendor support so that you can easily get any type of technical support whenever needed.
  • Browser compatible: Porto wordpress theme is browser compatible which means that you can easily run your website on different search engines like google, bing, UC Browser, Opera Mini and many more.
  • OpenCart and Extensions support: WordPress Porto theme is fully compatible with the latest OpenCart version and it is also compatible with tons of extensions.
  • Well organized source code: The source code is well organized which can easily help you to choose the light and dark skin layout.


The regular pricing of Porto theme is 59$. It helps you to provide 6-month full support from p-themes. You can also extend the support period from 6-months to 12-months by just paying 17.63$. In other words, you can say that Porto wordpress themes provide you 12-month full support from p-themes only at $76.63.

The quality of the wp porto theme is being checked and verified by Envato so you don’t have to worry about anything related to Porto theme.

Note: The price displayed excludes sales tax.

Revenue of the theme

The regular pricing of one theme is $59. As far as we are concerned the theme has done 31,322 sales from ThemeForest. So the total revenue earned by the Porto theme until 23/09/2019 is ($59✕31.322) = $1,847,998‬

Pros and cons of Porto theme

Everything in this world has some advantages and some disadvantages. Similarly, every WordPress theme has some merits and demerits. So without taking any single minute of yours let’s discuss the pros and cons of Porto theme.


  • Easy to afford.
  • WordPress Multisite(WPMU) Tested and Approved
  • Powerful Speed Optimization tools are available for upgrading the page reloading speed of your website.
  • Powerful theme options are available
  • No coding required
  • Always keeps updated
  • Simple and effective design
  • Cost-effective
  • Best selling business theme
  • Suitable for portfolio and blogging purpose
  • Perfect for any kind of business website
  • Easy payments options are available.
  • Easy to install and update
  • Detailed customization option for website
  • Plugins associated comes free
  • Perfect for animation and styling option
  • Tremendous eCommerce support is available.
  • Great selection for pre-made demos and design layouts.
  • Powerful theme options control panel.
  • A top-quality drag-and-drop page builder plugin is available.
  • Best choice for business entrepreneurs.


  • Paid theme
  • Lots of competition from other multi-purpose themes.
  • Full support for WordPress customizer is not available.

Summing up

Meanwhile, after a long discussion, we came to know that Porto is a responsive and multipurpose theme that can be used for creating a unique and elegant website. It’s unique and cutting-edge design can help to add life to your website. It features many powerful and effective theme customization options that can be used for designing an innovative website of your choice.

As compared to other themes porto web templates offer exclusive skins and layout options for the websites. It offers WYSIWYG(What You See Is What You Get) feature which can help you to turn your imagination into your reality.


The payment mode is very easy and effective so that you don’t have to face any problem in purchasing the theme. You can create and manage any type of online stores very easily.

Porto eCommerce theme is probably the best theme for photographers, bloggers, small and big businessmen and for those newcomers who want to grow their business online.

Further on, the main motive of Porto theme is to provide super fast and high-class performance to the user and ensure the customers’ satisfaction. It contains all the necessary tools and customization options that a user may want in creating a WordPress site.

Now, it’s your chance to turn your ideas and imagination into reality. That’s it!

So, we hope that you really like the article and if you have any suggestions and feedback then you can mention it in the comment box given below.

If you have any queries related to this theme and any other WordPress theme then feel free to contact to our WordPress support developer

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