WordPress Revo Theme Review – Best Fit For A Multipurpose WooCommerce Store

Revo theme is one of the most beautiful and premium multipurpose WooCommerce WordPress themes. It is considered as one of the best tools for creating a stunning and awesome website that can fit in any online shopping stores or market place.

WordPress revo theme

Further on, it is perfect for fashion shop, kids fashion, furniture store, organic shop, gift shop, cosmetic shop, flower shop medical store, digital/electronic store and many more. You can use it for any kind of shopping or multi-category store.

Revo WordPress theme featured more than 25 unique homepage options and also offered many other premium eCommerce features that are very helpful in creating an online shopping website.

Revo WooCommerce WordPress theme offers more than 5 mobile layouts, WooCommerce multi-vendor support and also offers tons of customizable features and powerful theme options which can help to create and manage your WooCommerce setup with ease.

It also features many other awesome features like RTL layout, Powerful Mega Menu, Revolution slider for Stunning home slideshow and many others.

Why Choose The Revo Theme?

The common question which arises in the mind of people is that why do we choose this WordPress theme when there are many other eCommerce themes are available in the market? Revo is a WordPress WooCommerce Theme up to expectation is built-in with keeping in mind to create any digital store.

The Revo theme comes with 5 homepage selection and plenty about eCommerce applications as permit you effortlessly build an online buying website. Revo is the best option that comes with a powerful admin panel. Also, it has an intuitive web page constructor such as Visual Composer.

This tool is as properly as many cutting-edge functions inside such as RTL Layout. In addition, amazing Home slideshow by way of Revolution Slider, Product Quickview, Color Swatches, Powerful Mega Menu, four Product types then loads over others. However, with One-click Demo Installation it supported to perform quickly arrive.

Therefore a whole website seems like the demo simply by means of one click. Besides that, it has 25+ in-build unique home page layouts designs, 5+ responsive mobile compatible layouts designs, flexible multi-vendor marketplace demos ready, the Revo theme is the best selling WooCommerce WordPress theme for managing an online shopping website with ease.

Some other reasons are given below:

  • Well, Revo theme is one of the best WordPress themes which cover all the necessary details which are very useful for both the retailer and the customer. A retailer can easily sell its products online at a very affordable price and can grow its market over the internet whereas a customer or user can easily buy the products online form this theme at a very affordable rate.
  • Revo WordPress theme is highly secured and user-friendly as it offers one of the most powerful admin panel and an intuitive page builder such as (Visual Composer).
  • It offers many customizable options that will help you to create a multipurpose of your own choice and help you to raise your business online over the internet.
  • It offers multi-vendor support which enables you to approach vendors from different regions and countries to brand their products with your site and can also be able to sell their products online with the help of your website.
  • Easy Revo documentation and support are available.

So Revo opencart theme can be used for creating any kind of eCommerce sites like the cosmetic store, medical store, gift shop, digital/electronic store and many more. It offers tons of features that are hardly possible in any other type of Woocommerce Supported theme.

Key Features of Revo Theme

Revo WordPress theme is one of the most versatile and multipurpose websites that can be suitable for any eCommerce shop or online store. Different customization options are available which helps to make this theme highly responsive and user-friendly.

Let’s take a look at some of the reasons behind choosing Revo as your WordPress theme,

One-Step Installation

However, when it comes to the installation of a theme, even the coders feel annoyed. But when you install the WordPress Revo theme, you need not worry at all. As of, importing the Revo design demo is just a click installed theme.

Top-rated Security

Although security from many aspects now becomes an important parameter in this digital world. So you will be confident to know Revo does not let you down. The Revo theme is highly secured and offers the most powerful and user-friendly admin panel to its users.

Support Multiple Vendor

However, one of the most concerning reasons to choose the Revo WordPress theme is that this theme offers you support for multi-vendors. This feature will let you approach multiple vendors all over the world. So that they can brand the products or sell their products through your website. Therefore you will open the paths to millions of people, who lack the opportunity to sell their useful products online.

Complete Customization

Revo WooCommerce WordPress theme provides you many great features. Therefore it allows you to design your own or business website in a similar way you want to build it. Besides that, with this single theme, you can create the website of your dream and make your dream come true without any worry.

Best For Customer & Retailer

Well, if you want to create an online wholesale store to sell out your products and services in bulk while doing your business. Then Revo lets you create it very easy for both retailers and customers. Also, the chances of you being successful become high. Because using the Revo WordPress theme retailer can sell products at a reasonable price whereas a customer can get the products at an affordable rate too.

Coding Not Required

Although if you are one among those people, who do not have any coding skills. Then also you can step into a digital business too without any worry. However, website building is one of the crucial steps in setting up a digital business. Revo has brought in a fully customizable professional theme that does not require any core coding knowledge.

Revo Theme Documentation

Basically, the A to Z Revo open-cart theme is fully provide the theme documentation. Therefore you can learn to install, customize, and configure it in detail. So, what else you will need in a modern busy life. But the list of features did not end up here at all. However, the best part is that it comes to avail the same.

Fully Layered and Organized PSD

Although not any single demo is designed without PSD files. Therefore it is very obvious that the overall WordPress Revo themes demo are designed with the latest version of PhotoShop Document or PSD files. Thus you can enjoy the best marketplace designs with the Revo theme.

In addition, you will be allotted with the PSD files. Besides that, if you are well-known with the photoshop. Then you may customize it as per your requirement. Certainly, all the PSD files are well-organized, fully-layered, and easy to understand.

Dummy Data Package

Well, if you want to get this package then you must deindex your website before installing this package. Although if you are new to WordPress in terms of creating a website. Therefore, to put any content without knowing its suitable place is not a good idea. Basically, it is a little bit complicated to build a website without a dummy or demo data.

However, to get over this the Revo WordPress theme came up with a solution to use this package to install on your website and import the dummy content or data. Remember that you are supposed to change the dummy content before getting your website indexed on Google.

Revo Child Theme

Although the well suitable reason to select the WordPress Revo theme is its child theme. Because with the Revo them you will be able to allot it with a WordPress Revo child theme. Therefore all your customization has come to a big zero. However, now you can use the Revo child theme files to make all your customization. Also, save them on the same or the Revo parent theme itself.

Free Premium Plugins or Widgets

However, when you choose the WordPress Revo theme. Therefore the Revo open cart theme free download part gets enabled. Also, this part comes up with huge savings for you in terms of money. But the Revo theme free download part makes possible the premium plugins or widgets free of cost with the installation of Revo to you for the lifetime. And the best part is that no extra fee will be charged from you.

Friendly Customer Support

The Official Support System of WPLearningSpot experts is available for you anytime. So that it can help you out in ease with A to Z WordPress Issues.

Other Key Features

We will now discuss the other key features of Revo WordPress theme:

  • The design of the Revo WordPress theme is very sleek and modern.
  • Fully compatible and mobile responsive in nature.
  • Featured multiple header styles for creating a beautiful webpage.
  • Add unlimited styles and colors to your website.
  • Easy one-click installation is available.
  • Revolution slider is available for adding an extensive look to your website.
  • RTL Support is available.
  • Integrated with most of the modern eCommerce themes and plugins like WooCommerce, BuddyPress, etc.
  • Highly SEO optimized which helps you to increase the efficiency of your website.
  • Offered a powerful Megamenu and featured product slider.
  • Multiple blog layouts and shop layouts options are available for the better utilization of your website.
  • Drag and Drop feature is available for adding products, images, videos, and other necessary things according to your choice.
  • Cart facility is available for the better efficiency of the product.

Benefits of using Revo WordPress theme

  • Modern design: The design of the Revo theme is highly responsive, mobile layout ready, classy and modern that can be suitable for any eCommerce website. Offered extraordinary and intuitive features: This beautiful WordPress theme is WooCommerce ready, powerful AJAX live search, features product image gallery, offered videos thumbnails for products and many more.
  • Multi-Vendor Support: Multi-Vendor support is available as it is compatible with multi-vendor plugins like Dokan Multivendor, WC Vendors and WC MarketPlace.
  • Easy Customization: easy customization options are available to help you in better utilization of your website so that it can be helpful in making a unique and better website for customers.
  • One-click installation product: Revo WooCommerce theme is very easy to update and install. With the one-click installation product, you can add different designs and layout to your website in just a single click.
  • No coding skills required: it is very easy to build a multipurpose website with the help of the Revo opencart theme. Even a beginner can also create an eCommerce website of his own with the help of this multipurpose WordPress theme.
  • 24/7 online support is available: 24/7 Revo online support is available to guide you in every possible way and also help to make Revo performance better.
  • Highly responsive: Revo theme opencart is highly responsive. You can use it on any device like Revo for android, Revo for mac, etc.

Pros and cons of Revo theme


  • Best WordPress eCommerce theme.
  • Featured Powerful admin panel.
  • An easy one-page checkout feature is available to make your eCommerce store simple and responsive for any device.
  • Excellent template for PrestaShop.
  • Fully adaptable according to the environment.
  • 24/7 customer support is available for the better utilization of the website.


  • Services available are paid as it is a premium theme.
  • Required extensive learning – A beginner will have to face a lot of problems in the starting as it has a lot of features that are not easy to master at once.
  • It will take time to learn/master all the given customizable options and features available with the WordPress Revo theme.

Installation of the Revo WordPress theme

There are two different ways to upload the Revo theme to your website;

WordPress Upload

  • The first basic thing you have to do is download the sw_Revo_quickstart_vx.x.x.zip file on your computer.
  • Thereafter, open the admin panel of your website and go to the WordPress Dashboard >> Appearance >> Theme and then click the ‘Add New’ option to add a new theme.
installation of revo theme
  • Go to Upload Theme button>>Choose File and select the sw_revo_quickstart_vx.x.x.zip from your computer and then click ‘Install Now’.
  • It will take a few moments to install the theme.
  • When the theme is installed successfully you will see a notification showing ‘Theme installed successfully”.
  • Activate the Revo theme on your computer.
  • Now, all you have to do is to enter the Purchase code to complete the activation.

FTP Upload

  • Just like the WordPress upload step first, you have to download the sw_revo_quickstart_vx.x.x.zip file in your system.
  • Now Access your FTP client like FileZilla. They will help you upload the Revo theme.
  • Navigate to the folder of your website (i.e. wpglobalsupport.com/wp-content/themes)
  • Then upload and extract the theme file.
  • Open the admin panel of your website ( i.e. wpglobalsuppor.com/wp-admin/)>>Appearance>>themes to get the Revo themes.
  • As you see the Revo theme’s thumbnail on your screen, click on the Activate option to install it.
  • Enter the Purchase code to complete the activation.


The regular pricing of this theme is $69/year. It includes all the best hosting offers, 6-months support from magentech, quality assurance by Evanto, etc.

Revenue of Revo theme

As we have mentioned above Revo is a premium theme, its single sale costs $69. It has sold 1084 sales as far through Theme Forest, so if we come to its earnings, it has earned ($69*1084) = $74796 by 10/09/2019.

What will you get by using the Revo theme?

By using the Revo theme is being a whole new experience and gets an awesome environment over the internet where you can sell your products online directly to the users. So there’s no need to go anywhere for selling your product.

With the help of this theme, you can manage all your products very easily on your own. There are various facilities available by using the Revo theme for your website that is as follows.

  • It provides a better environment to brand your products online over the internet.
  • It allows you to search products you want to search in real-time with Ajax live search pro plugin.
  • Revo theme offered different menu styles. With the help of the Mega Menu option, you can showcase up to 6 columns with banners, categories, text or videos.
  • You can easily build an attractive product offers for your customers with the countdown timer.
  • It supports variation swatches & Photos which will help you to show the product’s colors, sizes, details or images in the most effective way. This feature is not supported by the WooCommerce plugin.
  • Add a product overview quickly which helps the users to get a detailed product overview without any difficulty
  • It featured the Ajax plugin which will help you to get added products in your online cart. Also, it enables you to compare different products and items in your store.
  • 4 different product types are available to encourage more and more audience to your website.
  • It offered a powerful Visual Composer page builder which helps you to create the back-end or front-end of your website.
  • You can add any design and template with the help of unlimited theme options.
  • Revo theme is very easy to maintain as it featured maintenance mode. In the maintenance mode, you can change the background, time, description, etc.
  • It allows you to create a form that helps you to send a notification email to your audience.
  • Included various Premium Plugin/ widgets for free.
  • The automatic update feature is available in Revo theme.
  • It helps to keep your files fully-layered and well-organized.


Many people nowadays want to advertise their business online but they are unaware of the proper tactics that need to be implemented to raise their business demands online. Revo theme is one of the most customizable and highly advanced featured themes that can be used to sell your products online.

Revo theme not only gives you a chance to reach your market online, but it is also very helpful in creating a multipurpose and elegant eCommerce store. By the use of Revo theme, you can create a new era of design and fashion sense and raise your market demands across the whole globe.

We hope that you really like this article. If you have any queries and suggestions you can ask by dialing our WordPress help no- +1-888-738-0846(Toll-Free). You can also reach us through live chat to get the better WordPress Support.

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