23 Best Responsive Themes For WooCommerce Store In 2023

Do you want to create a fully mobile-friendly site Theme for WooCommerce store? Now, you can accomplish the task by using the best mobile-optimized WordPress themes. Here, we will show you the best Mobile-Optimized theme for the WooCommerce store in 2023.

According to WordPress terminology, a WordPress theme is a group of stylesheets and templates that are used to describe the appearance and display of a WordPress site. A WordPress theme changes the layout & design of your site. These themes are just meant for providing instant support during the development of the WooCommerce site.

Where WooCommerce is free and open source with due to its popularity and universal acceptance, WooCommerce has all the WordPress support and help 24*7 giving relief on all the bugs and other problems easier than ever.

If you are looking for a reliable and modern theme for your WooCommerce site, you can use any of the below themes without any second thought.

    1. Electro

    Electro WP Woo-Commerce theme
    Electro – Theme for WooCommerce store

    Electro is just a fantastic mobile-optimized theme in WordPress for designing the Woo-Commerce store Website. The theme comes with the unique user interface and Plug-in that features brand new specifications.

    Its screens are best optimized that can fit any device to experience the full display with detailed information. With the two new demos, the theme is just keep updated regularly. Powered by Bootstrap 4, the themes layouts are just eye-catching.

    Electro is a very flexible as well as robust theme to develop the Website for the Woo-Commerce store. A very much compatible theme to the most trendy ones present. It underscores framework has a very easy and understandable code. The most distinct feature of the theme is the YITH Ajax Filter.


    With a regular license, the theme comes with $59. You can also extend the support up to 12 months at $17.63.

    2. Kapee

    Kapee Woo-commerce theme
    Kapee – Theme for WooCommerce store

    Kapee is the brand new and highly optimized WordPress theme for the purpose of designing the Woo-commerce fashion store portal. A professional and multi-purpose theme, Kapee is at its best with responsive layouts and comes with the more compatibility against features like WPBakery Page Builder, Revolution Slider, etc;

    The theme is highly responsive and comes with a one-click demo installation without having to write any code with the retina-ready specialty.


    The theme is available at $39 with a regular license. You can also extend the support up to 12 months at $10.13.

    3. Cena Store

    Cena Store WP theme
    Cena Store – Theme for WooCommerce store

    The theme specifically made for mobile optimization, Cena Store is the perfect theme for an online Woo-commerce store site especially for an electronic store online. The theme is very trendy to enable you to customize any specifications quite and comprehensively without having to write the code.

    This multipurpose theme is envied to be SEO compatible with more than 10 pages to boost your ease of level experience in a quick time. The theme’s data can be imported in a single click. Its Theme options and Google search features are the most trendy among the themes. The theme just works on any device ( fully responsive ).


    With a regular license, the theme comes with $59. You can also extend the support up to 12 months at $17.63.

    4. Food Store

    Food Store WP Woo-commerce theme
    Food Store – Theme for WooCommerce store

    A theme that fits your requirement of the ultimate WordPress theme for the online food store, ‘Food Store’ is just the best match for you. A new trendy WooCcommerce theme, it serves for a variety of food products and services to be listed online with the commanding design with its above 32 Demos.

    The theme is enclosed with the Bootstrap and the powerful WPBakery page builder. Various plugins are also installed to revolutionize its functionality in the form of GDPR Compliant, various vendors and advanced Widget sets.

    Equipped with the smartest web techniques and SEO friendly, the theme also supports a wide variety of devices to make its presence effectively.


    With a regular license, the theme comes with $59. You can also extend the support up to 12 months at $17.63.

    5. Babystreet

    babystreet WP Woo-commerce theme
    BabyStreet – Theme for WooCommerce store

    BabyStreet is a new and trendy WordPress WooCommerce theme for the online product store for kids. A unique of its own, the theme is dedicated to providing you almost everything to customize anything. Its various custom options also enable you to create an effective online portal for kid’s products.

    The theme is compatible with lots of Plug-in such as ‘Slider revolution’ and provides many home-page features as well as ‘WPBakery Pagebuilder’ to make your site awesome. It is also very much compatible with other devices (responsive). The theme’s data can also be installed with a single click.


    With a regular license, the theme costs you $49 and it also provides the extended support up to 12 months at $13.88.

    6. UDesign

    UDesign – Theme for WooCommerce store

    uDesign is the most popular shopping theme with a fully responsive layout for WooCommerce. This theme comes with many dedicated menu styles for mobile devices.

    However, you can easily assign a different logo for the mobile version of your WooCommerce store. Also, it is possible to pinch-zoom images in the responsive mode and disable the fixed position of the navigation menu for mobile devices.


    The theme is available with a regular license at $52. You can also extend the support up to 12 months at $15.

    7. Flatsome

    Flatsome Woo-commerce WordPress theme
    Flatsome – Theme for WooCommerce store

    Flatsome is a very popular theme for WooCommerce store. This theme always comes with great support for mobile and tablet devices.

    Consequently, in order to improve your mobile website’s performance, this theme lets you disable the slider and allows the faster loading menu for mobile devices.

    Also, the mobile visitors will be able to enjoy multiple features of the desktop site including using the accordions, filtering the categories, using the shopping cart, adding items to the wishlist, etc.


    With a regular license, the theme comes with $59. You can also extend the support up to 12 months at $17.63.

    8. Wendy

    Wendy – Theme for WooCommerce store

    Wendy is a creative theme for WooCommerce store with six different layouts, by using this fully mobile responsive theme, you can easily create attractive online stores.

    However, Wendy theme enables you to impress your mobile visitors by using the AJAX – powered shopping cart, smoothly animated menu, wishlist features, and product zooming.

    Also, mobile visitors can compare multiple products. It is possible to optimize the design of the theme from the powerful theme options panel.


    The theme comes with a regular licensing fee at $38 and provides the extended support up to 12 months at $9.75.

    9. NastCreative

    NastCreative – Theme for WooCommerce store

    NastCreative is an SEO-optimized Theme for WooCommerce store with full mobile support and based on Bootstrap Framework. As a theme it mostly depends on CSS, mobile visitors can enjoy a faster page loading experience. WP global support provides services to improve your site load time. For more information and support click here.

    However, the retina-ready theme looks good in smaller screens with higher pixel density. As the theme is offered with the po and mo files. In addition, you can easily translate it into other supported languages.


    With a regular license, the theme costs you $35.

    10. GoodStore

    GoodStore – Theme for WooCommerce store

    GoodStore is a multilingual theme for WooCommerce store with top-class mobile support. WordPress is a simple way to scale new markets. Having your site in a guest native languages is one of the traffic sources. Our professionals are experts to make WordPress multi language website.

    Thus, besides English, this good looking theme also includes complete translations for other languages containing Dutch, Italian, Russian, Swedish, Greek, Croatian, and Deutsch. Thus, for mobile visitors, you can select from the two different menu types and also customize the menu color.


    The theme comes with a regular license at $44. You can also extend the support up to 12 months at $12.

    11. Illusion

    Illusion – Theme for WooCommerce store

    The illusion theme is provided with a fully responsive layout. The retina-ready layout of the theme is complemented by interesting features such as a mega menu, smart search, lightbox effects, drop-down shopping cart, category grid view, product comparison, optional cookie control, etc.

    Thus, by importing the included demo content, you can easily get your WooCommerce store started within minutes. Also, if you want to offer an important update and notice to your mobile visitors, you can easily do that by using the Static head content feature.


    You will get the theme by paying a regular licensing fee of $29. However, you can also extend the support up to 12 months at just $6.38.

    12. Classico

    Classico woocommerce theme
    Classico – Theme for WooCommerce store

    Classico is Responsive Theme for WooCommerce store is a graceful designed WooCommerce theme that looks good on phones, tablets, and any other handheld devices.

    However, by using this, you can easily impress your visitors by presenting the mobile-optimized version of your site. Also, you can create attractive looking pages by using the integrated drag and drop page builder.

    Where Page builders use components to build responsive page layouts inside a grid view. Page builders provide similar structure and features to the page/post content area instead of sidebars. We can either use existing components or create our own components to design pages with a page builder. 

    Most page builder plugins replace the default WordPress editor with a new plugin specific visual editor. It is based on the structure, the sidebar and the widgets will be automatically disabled for the mobile visitors.


    With a regular license, the theme comes with $59. You can also extend the support up to 12 months at $17.63.

    13. Suave Store

    Sauve store Woocommerce theme
    Suave Store – Theme for WooCommerce store

    Suave Store is a good looking and powerful WooCommerce theme with a strong focus on delivering a simple user experience for smartphone and tablet visitors.

    Also, this is a mobile-friendly layout theme, which looks great on retina screens. And it is possible to increase the viewport by customizing the height of the mobile headers. Also, you can select any of the ten different homepage variations. And the sidebar could be placed on either the left or the right side.


    With a regular license, the theme comes with $59. You can also extend the support up to 12 months at $17.63.

    14. Magnium

    Magnium – Theme for WooCommerce store

    Magnium is a fast, powerful Theme for WooCommerce store with complete mobile support. Also, a powerful one-click demo installation feature.

    This is a flexible theme that comes with an adaptive layout that is powered by Bootstrap and a responsive menu. As the theme package contains the PSD files, you can easily customize the design of your theme. Also, you can create beautiful page layouts by using the built-in Visual Page builder plugin.


    The basic price of the theme is $59/year.

    15. Butiko

    Butiko – Theme for WooCommerce store

    Butiko is a very popular Theme for WooCommerce store. Also, featuring a mobile-friendly layout. This is a feature-rich theme that works perfectly on any mobile and tablet devices. Also, you can easily customize the visual aspects of your theme from the theme options panel.

    Although, as the theme supports YITH wishlist. Mobile visitors will be able to enjoy the wishlist feature. Other useful features contain seven custom widgets, different homepage layouts, CAPTCHA support, multiple premium plugins, complete Google Fonts support. Etc.

    16. WoodMart

    WoodMart – Theme for WooCommerce store

    WoodMart is a premium theme for WooCommerce Store. That is optimized for building any online WooCommerce stores. Therefore this theme gives you the best user interface for the best ever user experience. Although WoodMart is also a well equipped WordPress theme.​

    Certainly, WoodMart is created for the ground support to build excellent online stores​ of various types, which is WooCommerce compatible. Basically this theme mainly focussed to make the best user experience for its users​. However, WoodMart uses a robust AJAX tech tool.​

    This AJAX tool provides a very innovative and yet fast online shopping interface to the users​ so that there is no need to refresh the pages continually. It can build whatever ​you can imagine as any online store. It is as simple as just create and start earning the revenue from​ your online store. Thus you don’t have to look behind with WoodMart WordPress theme.


    Well, with a regular license of this theme it costs you just $59 only. But you can also extend the support up to 12 months at just $17.63 only.

    17. EmallShop

    EmailShop – Theme for WooCommerce store

    EmallShop is one of the best responsive themes for the WooCommerce store. Basically this WordPress theme is developed with Bootstrap and powered by the Visual Composer. In addition, it has a modern design so that it mainly concentrates on products. Basically it can increase the conversation rate is high so that your customers will buy the product so quickly.

    EmallShop comes with multipurpose templates that will help you to create a more powerful online store that looks beautiful to viewers. In addition, this is the GDPR Ready WooCommerce WordPress theme. Which is fully compatible with the latest version of WordPress 5.4.x and WooCommerce 4.2.x version.


    You will get the theme by paying a regular licensing fee of $39 only. However, you can also extend the support up to 12 months at just $10.13 only.

    18. Box Shop

    Box Shop – Theme for WooCommerce store

    BoxShop is a WordPress theme for WooCommerce store. This theme provides you many beautiful home page layouts. In addition, it has product page that let you use the best selections in customization. Also, you are able to build your own website very quickly even without coding knowledge.

    BoxShop is a professional WordPress theme, which is designed for online shopping stores. Therefore BoxShop theme is well suitable for any eCommerce websites that include fashion, glasses, furniture, shoes, supermarket, organic, electronics, houseware, or whatever you need to build.

    Basically It provides you a lot of features and Page Builder, variety of Responsive Layout, Slider Revolution, Mega Menu, Product Quick View, RTL, Ajax Cart, Ajax Search, Easily Install with One Click, Easy to use, and powerful.


    You will get the theme by paying a regular licensing fee of $53 only. However, you can also extend the support up to 12 months at just $15.38 only.

    19. Xtocky

    Xtocky – Theme for WooCommerce store

    are able Xtocky is a well equipped WordPress theme ideal for the WooCommerce store. This theme is made particularly for online shopping. In addition, you are able to select between the various header and footer styles. Also, you can change the blog settings, typography, and Woocommerce shop settings too.

    Basically this theme is constructed for any clothing store, women store, men store, digital store, electronics shop, hi-tech store, watch store, furniture store, book store, Cycling shop, luxury jewelry, cosmetics shop, Sunglass shop, and other accessories stores.

    Besides that, you can create many unique page layouts with the premium Visual Composer plugin. That is freely available as a part of the theme. Although you can change the custom post type as per your own slug name. You should explore more and experience the best features of the Xtocky theme.


    You will get the theme by paying a regular licensing fee of $35 only. However, you can also extend the support up to 12 months at just $8.63 only.

    20. Clima

    Clima – Theme for WooCommerce store

    Clima is a well suitable theme for WooCommerce store to create any type of online eCommerce store or website. Although with this powerful and Multipurpose WordPress theme framework you can easily build a furniture store, digital store, cosmetic store, watch store, and many more.

    However, this provides you a variety of plugins along with attractive products in the Clima theme. These are able to attract your customers very easily at the first sight. In addition, it has a stunning image slideshow with exciting effects. However, the slideshow of any of the brand will help your online store to attract more and more customers.

    Also, the responsive layouts of this theme are not bound with any appropriate screen size because they adjust flexibly according to different device resolutions. In addition, megamenu can help showcase links to your own shop, various categories, blog page, contact us page.

    Besides that, product sliders shortcode can show the new featured, and bestseller products per row into the slider. Basically it is easy to customize this theme with Visual Composer. Furthermore, to promote your products more popular it also integrated with blogs, testimonials, and Instagram, and others via social network.


    You will get the theme by paying a regular licensing fee of $28 only. However, you can also extend the support up to 12 months at just $6 only.

    21. XStore

    XStore – Theme for WooCommerce store

    XStore is one of the Theme for WooCommerce store that is developed for building some Wooommerce stores to sell the products online. Although this artistic and natural eCommerce theme makes e-commerce easy. Because it is particularly developed for any type of online eCommerce business.

    However, you are able to import content via the most intuitive installer demo very easily for clothing, fashion, niche store, electronics, glasses, furniture, the marketplace, sport, shoes, watches, jewelry, cosmetics, medical, auto parts, landing page, organic, food, music shop and whatever you wish to build up.

    In addition, the XStore theme includes that set of tools, pages, and settings. That can help you to create a pretty professional or great looking and trustworthy online shop. Besides that, the XStore theme comes with several widgets.

    These widgets can help you to improve the perception of your user for your online WooCommers shop or store. However, this theme has various user-friendly options, Also, it requires no special coding knowledge for adding more value to any beautifully responsive theme.


    You will get the theme by paying a regular licensing fee of $39. However, you can also extend the support up to 12 months at just $10.13 only.

    22. Philos

    Philos – Theme for WooCommerce store

    Philos is a WooCommerce theme that is very ideal for many types of online store. Because this theme for WooCommerce store is so beautiful and looks very fashion. In addition, this theme is crated by top industry leaders. Therefore this can help you to all of your fashion thoughts in the form of web pages.

    Although the Philos theme is very attractive and luminous. Also, it gives your website a stylish look. So that your clients will defenetely love click on the website’s link over and over again. However, this WooCommerce theme for fashion store provides you a truly elegant and fully responsive website.

    Therefore, you are able to create any type of online fashion store. Also, able to showcase all of your great and new collections and some unique deals too. Besides that, Philos theme provides you everything to highlight all of your fashion goods.

    These include product carousel, crossed pricing, star rating, and a lot of other product badges can make your fashion accessories and clothes to look far better for your customers. Therefore you will be able to meet your powerful and real sales with this fashion and accessories WordPress WooCommerce theme.


    Well, with a regular license of this theme it costs you just $19 only. But you can also extend the support up to 12 months at just $2.63 only.

    23. Fashion

    Fashion – Theme for WooCommerce store

    Fashion is the best among other WordPress themes for the Woocommerce store. This theme is a Responsive, appealing, and modern. Therefore Fashion WordPress Theme is well suitable for any online store to sell your products online. Also, it is perfectly fit for a few types of store.

    Such as beauty shop, gift shop, fashion shop, accessories store, clothing store, and other kinds of fashion businesses. That need professional design, eye-catching appearance, and some rich features inside. This fashion and style WordPress Theme appears with an amazing look and feels.

    Therefore it can attract visitors the first time they surf on your website. Fashion theme is designed with a lot of amazing elements and functional pages. That can turn your fashion online store into a high-quality shopping website. Also, there is great news for you, that is the fashion theme is built with the newest WordPress drag & drop Page Builder.

    Elementor to make your site more powerful and easily customizable. Therefore no programming knowledge is required. Fashion WooCommerce WordPress theme brings your customers a friendly and smooth shopping experience. It will fit any fashion store, boutique shop, accessories & clothes shop. With lots of handy theme options, you can build your website as your expectation in an effortless and time-consuming way.

    Getting multiple beautiful fashion templates but just pay for only one! Fashion offers you 04+ ready-to-use homepages that look stylish and flexible for multiple shopping websites. Each layout can be replicated quickly with 1 click only and suitable for any fashion business. You can start your new project now!

    Moreover, we should not miss out on tons of fantastic features. Fashion comes with 04+ beautiful homepages, lots of inner pages, retina-ready, smart megamenu, different header styles & blog layouts, and much more. Besides, it is bundled with many popular & premium plugins.


    You will get the theme by paying a regular licensing fee of $59. However, you can also extend the support up to 12 months at just $17.63 only.


    The Theme for WooCommerce store are just a perfect option to list your online store over the web. In fact, it is an ideal choice to run your online business successfully. The themes are available for various business purposes and come with great functionality to nurture your Woocommerce store with perfection.

    We hope our blog is helpful to you. If you have any queries, let us know in the comment section below. For the quick WooCommerce Support then feel free to contact us. Dial our Toll-Free number +1-888-738-0846. We will be pleased to help you.

    Thanks !

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