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Our WordPress Support Services

WordPress Security Service

Our WordPress technical support developers make your site 100% secure and clean from security issues. Hence, get the top-class services for WordPress security & malware scan.

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Hacker protection

A hacked site may lose your valuable business. Be careful and fix your site with our experts, dial our WordPress support services phone number +1 844 275 0975 (toll-free).

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WordPress Backup and Recovery

Servers or hardware failure and loss of data may cause a great problem for your business. So backup, restore, clone, duplicate, and migrate your WordPress site with us.

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Call our support phone number and speak with one of our WordPress expert today.

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WP Plugins Installation

Facing problem to install and activate WordPress plugins like Yoast seo plugin. Talk to our developers via WordPress support chat or phone number to get customer help service.

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WP Error Fix

Facing warning and errors on your online business website, don’t worry! Get our 24*7 WordPress tech support services to resolve all your website’s error & issues messages.

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Website Design & Development

Customize your website accordingly whether you want to add code snippet, make any change in the plugin, or change style UI. Our experienced WordPress website designers are there for you like 24/7.

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WP Setup & Installation

Sometimes WordPress installation becomes stressful for starters or beginners. Therefore, we provide the required help to you with our best WordPress website help services to set up your online business.

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Ongoing Maintenance

To keep your site in WordPress maintenance mode is necessary to run your business. There are many more things than updating plugins or themes to maintain a site. So look at our top-notch WordPress maintenance service.

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WP Theme Customization

Customizing WordPress theme is the first step to impress your visitors. We will make your site engaging and unique in the market. Our WordPress customer service helps you to change colors, layout, and fonts of your website.

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Speed Up WordPress

Website loading speed plays an important role in both of the cases either increasing website ranking in SERP or attracting visitors. Our WordPress website support will help you to make your website faster.

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WordPress Migration

Migrating WordPress site to new host, domain, or server may be a risky process. Hence, be careful while migrating a site because you can lose your valuable data. Therefore, hire our migration team of experts.

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Woocommerce Support

WooCommerce is a WordPress plugin works to migrate your website into e-commerce store. Set up your online store with our WooCommerce setup service. Dial WooCommerce support number +1 844 275 0975 (toll-free).

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How Our WordPress Technical Support System Work

One Time Fix Services

Tell Us Your Problem

First of all, you need to explain your problem to our experienced WordPress experts and give them login credentials to resolve it. 

Troubleshoot Execution

We copy your site in the staging environment so that any change we make cannot harm your site. Once fixed, we apply it on your live site.

Ensure Everything Is Ok

Once issue is fixed, then our WordPress online support experts verify it and explain to their customers how to avoid this error in future.

Pay For The Fix

You only need to release the payment, once you are 100% satisfied with our effort.

WordPress support
WordPress support

Ongoing WordPress Support Services

24/7 Support

Our experienced WordPress support developers provide 24/7 help services. Send your request anytime our WordPress online help team of experts will take care of it.

Better Performance

In order to get the most out of your service, we will optimize, secure, and maximize the performance of your WordPress website.

Result Verification

Once the error is resolved, check it and verify the result.

Save Time And Money

Give your site to our expert’s hands and spend your time for the activities that you want to enjoy. Our WordPress online support professionals will take care of it.

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With all demands of running your own business, how good would it to be know your online business is being cared for and protected from all mishaps. So don’t worry anymore dial our WordPress customer service phone number +1-844-275-0975 (toll-free), we will take care of it.

WPGlobalSupport team offers ongoing WordPress customer support to keep your site smooth & secure. Look at our ongoing monthly plan and hire our experts. A proficient team of experts provides you the entire solution.

You can avail our both one-time fix and ongoing support services. Hence, to get a free quote, simply dial our WordPress helpdesk phone number +1 844 275 0975 (toll-free) or fill out our contact us form.

We offer the best plan for businesses who:

  • Don’t have enough time.
  • Lost touch with their designer or developer.
  • Don’t have web & seo experts on staff.
  • Worried about getting hacked.
  • Have an outdated website.
  • Don’t have appropriate website backups.
  • Require to make urgent changes to the website.
  • Can’t fix the website themselves.

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Avail our WordPress customer services by dialing our toll-free number +1-844-275-0975 or fill the form. Our team of professionals is there for you like 24/7 to fix small as well as large issues on the same day. 

Other Free Sources to Ask for WordPress Support and Get It

No doubt, WordPress is the most popular platform powering around 33.3% of all internet websites. However, people use this platform in various environment and for various purposes. But, all things not go always fluently and users face issues on the way.

In fact, there are a lot of common errors that most of the users encountered at least once. Therefore, to protect our users with a huge user base and a supportive community, we provide the top-notch error support service.

You can contact us via our WordPress support phone number +1-844-275-0975 (toll-free) in case of facing any type of error. A dedicated team of experts is always there for you.

Listed below are some of the WordPress common errors:

WordPress Parse or Syntax Error

WordPress Parse or Syntax Error occurs when there is a problem with semicolons and curly brackets. Means, either they are missing or the wrong ones were used.

We can say when you add a code snippet to your site through function.php. On reload, instead of your site you see something like this on your screen: Parse error: syntax error, unexpected’)’ in C:\xampp\htdocs\wordpress\wp-content\themes\twentysixteen\function.php on line 256

Internal Server Error

Internal Server Error” also known as “500 Internal Server Error”. Here “500” stands for server response code and “Internal” means the error is on the server side.

However, this error is caused by the server and basically appears when something goes wrong due to any reason and the server is not able to identify the error.

This error may have various causes:

  • Check .htaccess.
  • Deactivate all plugins.
  • Increase the PHP memory limit.
  • Re-upload WordPress core files.

Establishing a Database Connection Error

Establishing a Database Connection Error means – the PHP code is not able to connect to your MySQL database to recover the information. It requires a completely built page.

When you see something like this on your screen – Warning: mysql_connect(): Access denied for ‘user’@’localhost’(using password: YES) in C:\xampp\htdocs\wordpress\wp-includes\wp-db.php on line 856, means the database connection error occurs.

Because of this error, WordPress cannot connect to the database of your site. Generally, it appears when a user enter or modify their database credentials incorrectly like (database username, database host, and database password).

White Screen of Death

White Screen of death is the most common error in WordPress. During this error you cannot see anything on your screen, just you will see blank screen – your browser shows you a white screen with no error. However, it can affect your entire site but sometimes it is present only in a certain section of your site.

Most of the time it happens due to:

  • Disabling all plugins.
  • Enabling debug mode.
  • By using a default theme.
  • Increasing PHP memory limit.

WordPress Posts Returning 404 Error

404 error means page not found. It happens when a web page which you are trying to access could not be found on the server. However, users can browse all section including admin area of their site. The main reason for this error is the permalink setting in WordPress.

WordPress Memory Exhausted Error

Memory exhausted error happens when the code of your WordPress setup requires more memory from the default allocated memory or when a WordPress script or a plugin exhausts the default allocated memory size limit, then you will encounter this error.

During this error, you will see an error message like this on your screen – Fatal error: Allowed memory size of 33554432 bytes exhausted (tried to allocate 2348617 bytes) in /home/username/public_html/site1/wp-includes/plugin.php on the line xxx.  Remember that the white screen of death error may be the signal of this error.

Sidebar Below Content Error

Users face Sidebar Below Content Error when sidebar appears below the content instead of next to the content. However, most of the time this error occurs via WordPress themes.

Furthermore, sometimes when users unexpectedly forgot to close an HTML div tag or add an additional closing div while adding the code snippets to their site that may result in breaking the theme layout.

One more reason is using disproportionate width in CSS or not clearing float properly.

Connection Timed Out Error

Connection Timed Out Error occurs when your site takes more time to load, then you get an error that is not available on your screen means your connection has timed out.

Another reason is when your site is trying to do more than the server and is incredibly common in shared hosting environments with limited resources.

WordPress Login Page Refreshing and Redirecting Issue

This error happens when users put the incorrect values for site URL and home URL fields in the WordPress options table. Another reason is due to redirects set up in the .htaccess file or poorly configured permalink settings.

During this error users cannot log in to their dashboard, they are redirected to the login page by WordPress again and again.

WordPress Not Sending Email Issue

Because of this Not Sending Email Issue error, users cannot receive a contact form or notification email from their website.

Generally, it happens because most shared hosting providers disable or limit the modules that are used to send email to stop their servers from being misused.

Are you finding WordPress help for – free and open source content management system (CMS)? You have good options –  dial our WordPress helpline number +1 844 275 0975 or choose our WordPress help chat option. Thereafter, discuss your problem with our experts, they will listen to your queries and give you the exact solution of you as per your needs.

We provide affordable WordPress help services that fit on each & every budget. Our experienced WordPress help team works in a different way. Finally, hire our WordPress help developers to get the exact solution to your queries. support forums

There is a support forum for this self-hosted WordPress Installation. It is a place where anyone facing any issue related to WP can ask for help from others. Those who have experienced the same situation before or have the knowledge to handle it, they answer your question.

The WordPress forum is a handy source to get the support, sometimes you may not be able to get it. This may happen because of the communication gap or any other problem. You can check out this guide to use the forum effectively.

WordPress Codex

You can use The Codex resource if you are a pro WordPress developer or designer. There are some different resources available on different topics which you might be struggling with.

More so it is a useful resource for developers but not always a great place to troubleshoot the problems. There are various pages contain outdated information.

WordPress codex also offers a list of WordPress most common errors that may be useful to identify any error. It also provides documentation for finding WordPress help and list of common FAQs.

WordPress Events

WordPress organize face to face Meetups and Wordcamps (locally organize conference). WordPress Meetups are the collaboration of community members of all expertise level, here every person shares their ideas and experience. However, WordCamps includes discussion session to improve the use of WordPress more effectively.

WordPress TV includes presentations, tutorial, videos, and screenshot about WordPress from WordCamps, Meetups and other groups. It is the best place to learn about all activities and development in the WordPress community. It acts as a good source of WordPress knowledge.

Using Search Engine

In this digital era, most over the people are addicted to using the search engine. Just type your queries and press the enter, you will get quick results of top sources providing the exact answer.

But before that, you need to know how to search properly in the search engine. You need to be a pro WordPress user to read the solution and apply it properly.

Some other sources from where you can find help with WordPress

  • WordPress StackExchange Community – It is a community of developers usually exchanges WordPress technical knowledge.
  • Plugin & Theme SupportPlugins are not a core part of WordPress. It is actually additionally installed to increase the functionality of WordPress. In case you are facing plugins related issue, you can ask your question in the Plugins Forum. Most of the time the developer takes time to answer the people queries.
  • WordPress Theme Directory is a repository of all WordPress theme. You can ask questions regarding any WordPress themes and Templates section of WordPress forums. Many of the WordPress themes have their own support portal. That’s why, before exploring the forum go for that portal first. For developing WordPress Plugins and theme documentation you can visit WordPress Developer site.

There are many resources available to get WordPress support. Here we will help you to determine the best place to ask your question.

  • If you have a paid upgrade version of WordPress then you can use Contact support form. For paid upgrades – it provides WordPress live chat support. If the chatters are available, they will respond quickly otherwise they will follow up by email.
  • For unpaid upgrades, you can ask the question in Community forums.
  • If you need support to change font, color, rearrange hiding, and displayed a feature of your theme. All these things come in the CSS. For this, you can get WordPress support from  CSS Customization forum.
  • When you need online WordPress help with the premium theme, then post the query on the premium support forum for your theme.
  • If all your comments are being marked as spam, then you can contact the Akismet team.
  • Use Jetpack support if specifically want to ask about Jetpack plugin.

Documents: WordPress is serving support through documentation to answer all your queries like videos, screenshots, walkthrough detailing of frequently asked questions. You can go through this documentation before asking any question on the forum.

Forums: forum is a great place to raise a query and go through a discussion with WordPress experts and the volunteers who are willing to help. The forums contain categories like CSS customization forums, premium theme forums etc. You can use the search feature to find out the right forums for you. To get help about the forum you can go through this document.

Locked Out from WordPress Admin

Sometimes when you try to login to your WordPress admin panel but it shows error. There are various reasons for this:

  • When you lost the username and password.
  • It also happens when a hacker changes the username and password of your site, So, unfortunately, you will lock out from the admin panel.
  • Another reason is the poor database connection – when your database gets corrupted or your web server has an issue so this error occurs.
  • At last, Lost admin privileges – it happens when the user permissions are modified and you will not able to see the functionality of your WordPress website.

RSS feeds error

This error occurs due to poor formatting. WordPress take out the RSS feeds in XML which is strict markup language. Any missing line or extra tab can break the format.

The RSS errors notification may vary with a different browser. The notification you will receive when you subscribe for an RSS feed is given below:

  • Improper migration of outlook version.
  • Error synchronization between outlook and RSS clients.
  • Incorrect authentication for RSS Feed on outlook 2007
  • Using outlook mail account on different systems (change of location address).

Facebook Incorrect Thumbnail Issue in WordPress

When you share something on Facebook from your website and then auto select a thumbnail image from your page to display with your link. But Sometimes it picks wrong thumbnail image which even not related to your post.

Facebook use open graph tags and many WordPress plugin add them to your site to avoid missing thumbnail issue. This also may happen due to having a different image with the same tags.

Troubleshooting WordPress Errors on Your Own

The beauty of WordPress is its plugins and themes. But some of the free themes can cause an error. This error continuously breaks your websites working and you even don’t realize the cause of an error.

Outdated version of your WordPress plugins and theme also leads you to face so many errors. To deal with this error you need to go through different steps like backup your website, deactivate all plugins, switch to default team, refresh permalinks, backup and delete access file, fix WordPress Site URL. Check reading settings, and scan for malware and backdoors.

Maximum Execution Time Exceeded in WordPress

WordPress is mainly coded in PHP programming. Every PHP script is set for a duration. Some of the hosting providers set this limit at a higher level and some of the set at the lower level. When the script reaches maximum execution then it shows maximum execution time exceeded error.

This error can be fixed by two methods:

  1. Editing .htaccess file Manually: Adding a simple tag in the .htaccess file will change the maximum execution time to 300 seconds.
  2. By using a plugin: Similarly, with the plugin, you can adjust the clock to 300 seconds to increase the maximum execution time.

Missing Buttons in WordPress Visual Editor

You may observe that sometimes the WordPress visual editor disappears and start showing blank white place instead of buttons. This error occurs when the javascript is not working or because of some plugin also.

This error can be fixed is simple – reload your website after removing the catch files from the browser, replace your TinyMCE folder or change your javascript. It may take time to understand the reason but to fix this error is quite easy.

Image Upload Issue in WordPress

When your website is showing error in uploading an image and all the images of your site are faded then it is an Image Upload error. This error may occur due to improper file and directory permissions in a WordPress installation. If the upload error occurred with one image only then rename the image or decrease its resolution.

If the upload error will occur with all images than fix it by deactivating plugins, especially those plugins which optimize images, expanding your site’s PHP and WordPress memory limits, check whether the PHP version you’re using is causing issues. switch file permissions, remove the file path on the Media Settings page.

Scheduled Maintenance Error in WordPress

When your site is in update mode and somehow the update is incomplete and interrupted then you get a schedule maintenance error. Because of this, your entire site gets locked.

WordPress generates a .maintenance file in the root directory. When the update is completed then WordPress auto removes the .maintenance file. If the update is interrupted WordPress is failed to auto remove the .maintenance file. Due to which a schedule maintenance error occurred on your WordPress website.

“This site ahead contains harmful programs” Error

Google displays this error when it founds something wrong and suspicious codes in your site. The most common reason for this error is hacking and another reason is low-quality ads on your site which contain malicious code.

A regular malware scan is suggested for every website to avoid hacking and unwanted codes on the website. Always keep a backup of your site to protect your website data. A good security plugin can remove malware from your website but that is no 100% successful. Read more about it here.

Missed Schedule Post Error in WordPress

Schedule post is a wonderful feature of WordPress. Most of the bloggers depend on it. But, sometimes it happens WordPress delay the schedule post or even miss the post, then you get a missed schedule post error. The Error can occur due to many reasons and if it is repeatedly then you need to fix this.

You can go for a missed schedule plugins give you full compliance with hyper DB table query formatting, repairs of 10 items in every 10 minutes session, to remain compatible with WordPress default feeds syndication. Get WordPress help from the best WordPress support service providers.

You Make Changes And Nothing Happens

Most of the time it happens that you make changes to your website. But the changes are not visible in your browser. This error occurs due to cache files in your browser.

What happens is the browser stores cache file of your searches and that’s why when you search for the same content in the same browser it loaded fast. The same thing happens when you search for your site in the same browser after doing change it may open the stored cache file besides the newly updated website. So, the error can easily fix by clearing the cache files from the browser.

How does our WordPress support system work?

We have been able to achieve 100% customer satisfaction ratio. This has only been possible because of the dedication of our team of professionals. Day by day WordPress is getting more popular therefore it is the demand as a reliable support provider.

With over 7+ experience & proficiency in WP, we have proved to be the #1 choice for WordPress technical support. Keeping in mind, we provide both one-time fix services for new users as well as a monthly support plan for our regular customers.

One Time Fix

Step 1: First you need to dial our toll-free phone number +1-844-275-0975 dedicatedly open to reach our professionals.

Step 2: Our executive will pick up the call & understand your issue.

Step 3: Depending on the problem, we will estimation of the pricing & payment option.

Step 4: You may have to provide required credential so that we can fix the issue on your behalf or via remote access.

Step 5: Meanwhile, we do our work; you just need to relax. We will soon report you once the fixation is done.

Step 6: After completing our job, we reverify for any final bugs or error. After 100% satisfaction we handover the project to the client.

Ongoing Support

Step 1: For Ongoing Support, first you have to choose our one of the support plan.

Step 2: Further, you have to send your support request to our WordPress experts.

Step 4: Our professional will understand the issue and fix it within the given period of time.

Step 5: After fixation process, we verify the results and then handover to you. We also explain to you some ideas which help to improve your site.

Why dial our WordPress phone number to get instant help?

  • A dedicated professional support team is available for you 24/7.
  • We are proud to be recognized globally as one of the best service providers to maintain the world’s top businesses.
  • USA, Australia, India toll-free number is available for round the clock for free conversation.

WPGlobalSupport provides professional services at very affordable prices. We can empower your business through our bold and creative ideas. Contact us today for more information about our various WordPress Services.

If any of the options don’t work for you, you can dial our WordPress technical support phone number +1-844-275-0975 (toll-free) or you can do WordPress live chat to connect with our team of professionals.

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