Woocommerce setup

Woocommerce setup

WooCommerce is a powerful open-source e-commerce plugin that helps in attracting more clients on a WordPress website and increase sales. It’s available for free. This effectual and well-organized plugin is flexible, extensible and easy to access. This plugin allows you to create astounding online stores at economic costs. This e-commerce plugin is filled with different features that assist you to have a great start with your website. It helps you to create, manage and maintain an e-commerce store based on WordPress.

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Let’s start with some facts regarding WooCommerce that will clarify the difference between WooCommerce and other e-commerce solutions.

Easy setup
Listing your products on a WooCommerce site is really simple – in actual fact no more tricky than finding your way around a word processor.

Low cost
As we mentioned before, WooCommerce is an open-source platform. This means it’s totally FREE to use. You may want to add some third-party extensions to raise functionality, but for many people, WooCommerce will prove entirely adequate will no extra spend whatever.

Great order handling
WooCommerce facilitates you to manage the “back end” of your e-commerce business in addition to the Web-based shop-front. The interface makes it effortless to manage the order process and monitor stock levels.

Excellent promotional support
WooCommerce makes it really simple to give offers to your clients with things like voucher codes, and even special offers for people who promote your store through social networks.

Easy payment processing
WooCommerce incorporates with dozens of different payment platforms, making it straightforward for you to get the most important thing of all: taking revenue from your customers!

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