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Get Started with WooCommerce in 5 Easy Steps

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    Get domain name and web hosting

    Domain name is the unique name of your website or store (url) on the web by which visitors know you. Web hosting is a place where each and every record of your site live. It resembles the home of your site where it really lives.

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    Install WordPress (Free)

    With this step, start your journey with WordPress installation. Setup your foundation with this free and open source platform. Hosting companies come up with one-click wordpress installation.

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    Install Woo-commerce Plugin

    Just like thousands of plugins available in wordpress, woocommerce is one of them for your online e-commerce store. This worldwide famous WordPress plugin has everything required for a perfect e-commerce store with a very easy and interesting setup.

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    Pick a theme

    WooCommerce gets a plus point on this segment as it can almost get up with every WordPress theme. You don’t have to change your desired theme, however you can also purchase a premium theme. There are other themes also which are optimized for WooCommerce for best look in design and creativity.

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    Post activation setup

    Extend WooCommerce with the help of extensions and improve functionality. After installation, activate the WooCommerce plugin from the dashboard. After that you need to go through some profile setup completion like Setup locale, origin, currency, address, shipping tax, payments, shop , cart, checkout.

Get Started with WooCommerce in 5 Easy Steps

Why Choose Woocommerce?

WordPress and WooCommerce go hand in hand when it comes to e-commerce stores. But, is it worth choosing WooCommerce for your online business?

Go through these pros and cons for better understanding.

Why ?

1. Its free

The first and most important thing about WooCommerce plugin that it is free and open source. However, there are premium extensions to it which will not cost you much.

2. Community support

Due to its popularity and universal acceptance, WooCommerce has all the WordPress support and help 24*7 giving relief on all the bugs and other problems easier than ever.

3. Security

Anything involved with the processing, transmission, storage of card data or personal details are safe in WooCommerce by its regular updates on security.

Why not ?

1. Expert knowledge

When you dig deeper in both WordPress and WooCommerce, it would be difficult for a newbie to use its functionality or add new extensions for some advance structuring in the website.

2. Only partner-wordpress

If you wish to work on other cms platforms like Joomla or Magento or Drupal, sorry to say but WooCommerce is a plugin especially made for WordPress (best blogging platform).

However, WooCommerce’s pros steps over its cons with some other benefits as well.

Mobile friendly and responsive

Sell anything,

Professional and customizable

Familiarity with
past users

Shopify vs Woocommerce

Shopify and WooCommerce are both great platforms to begin your e-commerce store. It really depends on your own abilities, personal skills, and preferences.

In one hand, Woocommerce is a free and open source with its cost on some premium features and extensions and theme modifications. Whereas, Shopify comes with monthly plans at three different price levels for the beginning of an online store.

However, both platforms provide a great support system. Shopify charges you specific fees for all your payments, whereas woocommerce payment fees depend on which payment processors you decide to add.

Both enabling you to add unlimited products at your store, but the point comes down to ease of use where WooCommerce with WordPress help comes in very handy whereas shopify also delivers a good specific user interface for e-commerce stores but lacks in ease and popularity.

Shopify vs Woocommerce

WooCommere and Magento both are the easiest way to build up online business. But WooCommerce with its open source platform feature is much more flexible and can be customized based on the requirements at hand, best designed for business with the extra level of creativity and uniqueness. On the other hand, Shopify is a closed platform created for simple e-commerce stores, easy to set up and run but lacks when sales take off.

To wrap things up, if money is a thing to be noted, WooCommerce is usually the less expensive than Shopify, you only pay for hosting and extensions.

Magento vs Woocommerce

Magento vs Woocommerce

Woocommerce is very popular open source platform amongst wordpress users which supports unlimited products to add in your site, whereas Magento specifically works for big and complex websites with same features and due to being such a large application it is often a more costly software to maintain and develop on. Woocommerce , on other hand is easy to use free open source platform.

Magento while good on handling complex websites lacks in easy customization in frontend theming while Woocommerce functions admirably with content centered sites that can use WordPress CMS abilities.

You could spend almost double the time in Magento development than you will with Woocommerce due to large and complex nature while dealing with such a larger application.

Woocommerce Help & Customer Services We Provide

Installing and Updating

From the very first step from installing the plugin in the dashboard following all the basic steps to frequent updation of WooCommerce for smooth functioning and structuring.

Setting and Options

Setting up the widgets included with the WooCommerce such as Active Product Filters, Filter product by attribute, Filter product by price, product categories, product search, product rating, recently viewed products and much more.

Setting up other options like shortcodes included, translating WooCommerce (localization), shop currency, WooCommerce menu items, permalinks, using webhooks etc.

Setup products

Our team supports in adding and managing products, adding product images and galleries. Also, very important managing product categories, tags, and attributes, fixing blurry product images. Some related tasks are up-sells, cross-sells, find product category IDs, product csv importer, and exporter, manage store notice.

Custom Development

Expertise in custom integration and plugin development

Security at its best

Inspected by a group of industry driving master designers, WooCommerce offers a dynamic security team to rapidly react to bugs and online information security dangers.

Shipping Method

WooCommerce conveys a great decision for a wide range of delivery including household, worldwide and drop shipping. Look over level rates, free dispatching or dynamic delivery charges.

Seo Fixes

Fix up your bugs that is affecting your ranking

Managing Orders

Every order has a status. Maintenance of the orders is necessary, so is done by our team. Pending payments, failed payments, processing, completed, on-hold, cancelled and refunded payments everything is maintained.

Dial Woocommerce phone number to get Instant support

Got any Query ? Feel free to call us at +1-855-945-3219 (toll free)

Our 24*7 customer support team will assist and guide you.

Quick Responses

Expert Assistance

Fast Reverts

On-call Guidance

Common Issues Related To Woocommerce

Domain Renewal

Website lost its existence on the web ? Don’t worry! It happens when the owner forgets to renew their domain name registration, leading to expiry of domain name.

Renewal occurs usually in 1-2 years. Some service provider automatically charge you from credit card and notify you that your domain has been renewed. But, sometimes it does not happen due to bank change or card expiry.do check these questions.

  • Who is service provider and your password?
  • Procedure for renewal?
  • Which credit card is aligned for renewal?
  • When is renewal due?

Wordpress Plugins

WordPress plugins should be installed from trustworthy providers otherwise they can be a threat to your website as hackers might find a entry point to come in.

Make sure that you update the plugins time to time and keep them tested as soon as they are released.

Its backup time

Why wait for loss of your important data on the site. Do make sure that you backup your site before making any changes. Mentioned below are tips to recover your data if something goes wrong. Backups can either be maintained by web hosting providers or manually by installing one of these plugins out there:

  • Updraft plus
  • Duplicator
  • Backup buddy (paid)
  • Vault press (paid)

4 Digital downloads don't appear in checkout

When dealing in selling of digital goods, these are delivered to customers email inbox in the form of downloadable link. But sometimes these links do not appear and customers are not able to download or access the file.

It happens mostly when there is a table conflict within your MySQL database and table name is longer than 64 characters.

You need to shorten the table prefix to resolve this problem and you can do it easily by installing any one of the plugins for ‘prefix change’, just search for one, install and activate and change lengthy table prefix names.

Pressable Hosting

After registering the website, pressable always resets your password. All you need to do is use that password which is sent you via email that asked you to set a new password.

Cannot remove items from cart

What you need to check is that whether the cart page was edited with Page Builder or not and confirm the woocommerce_cart shortcode has not been rendered as HTML.

Using Page Builder, edit the cart page and paste the woocommerce_cart shortcode in the Text Mode of the Text Editor.

Update WordPress

The wordpress team and support on regular intervals keep updating WordPress and its plugins and themes for security reasons.

These updates are meant to fix any issue that arises, so do make sure to hit WordPress updates to prevent your site from hackers.

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