WordPress Backup and Restore

WordPress backup & restore

WordPress is one of the most steady and secure content management platforms. Backing up your website is one of the essential aspects of web security. The procedure of backing up and recovering your website is really significant as it safeguards you from the chance of losing everything.

Performing a backup permits you to save your WordPress website and in case of an issue, restoring it to a previously saved state. When backing up and restoring a site, it’s essential to know that there are two parts of the installation: WordPress files and the database wherever all your content is stored.
Making backups is necessary because if something goes wrong with your website then you can restore to a previous working version. Backing up your website allows you to recover a working version if anything goes wrong or something is done that breaks it. Numerous things can break a website: a server crash, an outside attack, an error take place during an update or even human error. Restoring your websites is a vital piece of managing your websites, and it’s very effortless to do with Manage WP. This feature is a part of our Backup device and you can use it at what time you need to restore your settings and files that you have on your backup.

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No matter what kind of backup solution you use, there are some rules you must stick to:

  • Constantly backup your site’s database before you installs the latest upgrade.
  • Change your backup schedule based on your website update and blogging frequency.
  • Similarly as with backing up any data, keep multiple backups in different forms or places. We suggest keeping at least one database backup on a separate cloud storage server.
  • Execute a manual backup on occasion to act as a failsafe for any automated backup resolution you’re using.

If you have invested time and cash into the building and updating your website, it is critical that you protect that investment. Actually, if a problem occurs, with backups, you can restore the altered files and information. Dependent on how often you back up, you can even recover your entire website, devoid of losing everything.

Your website is potentially the most important interface between your business and your customers. When it’s down, your customers are leaving, and you’re losing money.

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