10 Best WordPress Backup Plugins To Restore Your Site – 2019

10 Best WordPress Backup Plugins To Restore Your Site – 2019

WordPress needs to overcome everything! So, why to behind in case of creating a WordPress backup. Hence, we brought some best WordPress backup plugins to backup and restore your WordPress site.

Creating a WordPress backup on a regular basis is the compulsory task to save your site when something goes wrong. Means to say, backing up your site saves you in destructive situations like when your site gets hacked or due to any reason you accidentally lock yourself.

Imagine that you have spent a lot of time maintaining your blog … and all of them have vanished only in an instant, how would you feel? Means, you worked very hard, and they all have disappeared in just a few seconds.

Despite something bad happens to your site, a single WordPress plugin can save your valuable business. Note that there are many WordPress hosting providers comes with limited backup services. But we recommend not to depend only on them. Being a site owner it’s your responsibility to create your WordPress backup.

Thus, there are a lot of free and paid WordPress backup plugins that are quite easy to use and will help you to backup your entire site. But before this, let’s see why your site fail and lose their data;

Some reasons to failure your site

  • Datacenter problem – where your site lives, that also known as the houses of the server.
  • You don’t pay on time for your hosting.
  • Accidentally, your host deletes your sites.
  • Your site gets hacked or infected with malware.
  • If themes and plugins does not update properly.
  • You tweak such code that destroys your site and you can’t identify that the code caused it.


What to look in the best WordPress backup plugin?

You know very clearly, creating back up of your site is half part of the battle. That’s why you need to check what features a plugin should have for doing this task properly. However, there are a lot of plugins available to backup your site, but you have to choose one that allows you to take complete backup and restore your site. It can be a bit difficult but thereafter reading the blog it becomes easy for you.

Listed below are the things that should have in a WordPress backup plugin dropbox, choose one of them that fit your needs;

Backup methods

  • Complete backup: Some plugins allow you to create complete backup including your all WordPress files and database.
  • Database backup: Some plugins allow you to create only WordPress database backup.
  • Scheduled backup: Some plugins allow you to schedule backup to run automatically.

Backup location

Before sometimes, most over the WordPress plugins store your backup files only on your own server. But now to improve your WordPress site security, all good WordPress backup and restore plugins store your backup files to remote locations like Google Drive, Dropbox, or Amazon S3. From here you can restore your site easily even in case your site gets hacked.

We recommend, pick a plugin that allows you to create a complete backup and schedule automatically. Apart from this, a thing – WordPress migration that is different from the restoring process because it includes changing your domain name. For which it is necessary to find and replace on your database in phpMyAdmin.

Therefore, if you will think ever to migrate WordPress site, look at the WordPress website backup plugin that supports migration.

Now before bending towards the point, let’s discuss some key features that every plugin have;

Key features of WordPress backup plugins

When you select your backup plugin options, there are some features that come with all the backup plugins. They are:

  • Automation: To be honest, backup plugins are running slightly if they are not automated; You can conduct manually the backup every time.
  • Ease of use: Depending on the way of the technique, they all are easy to restore from backup.
  • The ability to back up your entire site: You do not want your database, but all your media files, themes, etc. The backup that only restores your website leaves you plenty of work to do.
  • Support: If you suddenly encounter a problem while restoring your backups, then you should have the resource to get started.

Best WordPress Backup and Restore Plugins – 2019

wordpress backup plugins

  1. UpdraftPlus
  2. BackupBuddy
  3. VaultPress
  4. BlogVault
  5. BoldGrid Backup
  6. BackWPUp
  7. BackUpWordPress
  8. Duplicator
  9. WP-DB-Backup
  10. WP Migrate DB

Coming to the point, let’s get cracked in detail;

1. UpdraftPlus

UpdraftPlus is a free multisite WordPress backup plugin. With more than two million installations it becomes most popular plugin. It lets you a complete backup of your site and saves it to the cloud storage or download to your computer.

UpdraftPlus supports scheduled and demand backups. With this plugin, you can also choose the option which files you want to backup. However, it can automatically upload your backup to Google Drive, S3, Rackspace, Dropbox, FTP, email, and many other cloud storage services.

Additionally, you can create automatic backups with its free version that runs on your preferred schedule. It also has a premium version that comes with advanced features & functionality such as its paid version backup to Microsoft Azure, Backblaze B2, Microsoft OneDrive, Google Cloud Storage, SCP, SFTP, and WebDAV.

Key features

  • Entire site backup plugin.
  • Set up many automatic backup on various schedules.
  • Backups manually or schedule them in advance.
  • Premium version comes with customer support.


  • Learn about the plugin usage with the help of tutorials.
  • Check your WordPress database for corrupt files, and repairs them.


  • Pro version supports necessary features.
  • The plugin dashboard materializes confusing for starters.

Pricing: Free and its paid version for $70.


UpdraftPlus is the most popular plugin with over 2 million active installs and 4.9 out of 5 star rating. Its free version comes with a lot of features while it’s premium version unlocks all powerful backup features.

2. BackupBuddy


It is the most well-liked premium WordPress backup plugin founded by Cory Miller in 2008. With more than half million installations, it allows you to schedule daily, weekly, and monthly backups.

More so BackupBuddy automatically stores your backups in cloud storage service such as Amazon S3, Dropbox, Stash (their cloud service), Rack space Cloud, FTP, and even email also. If you apply their Stash service then have the ability to do real-time backups.

It is one of the best WordPress plugins in comparison to others because it creates the entire backup of your WordPress installation such as your all files in the WordPress media library, backup all WordPress files, WordPress plugins, and themes and much more. Means, you will have a copy of your entire WordPress installation that you lost.

After creating backup completely, the plugin provides you a downloadable zip file of your complete site.

There is a good advantage of using this plugin is – It is not a subscription-based plugin, it’s free of cost, means no monthly fee. Therefore, you can use the plugin in numerous site mentioned in your plan.

To store your backups, you will also get accesses to premium support forums, 1 GB of cloud storage, and regular updates. However, with its iThemes Sync features, you can manage up to 10 WordPress site from a single dashboard.

Finally, it is multi features plugin, means to say, you can duplicate, restore, and migrate WordPress site.

Key features

  • Entire site backup plugin.
  • Single click setup and easy to configure.
  • Setup automatic multiple backup schedules on a daily weekly, or monthly.
  • By uploading an ImportBuddy or individually file, it restores your site.


  • The plugin allows you back up individual files such as PHP, .html, and some other.


  • It accomplishes malware scanning and troubleshooting operations as well.
  • A few of features are beyond the understanding of non-technical bloggers.

Pricing: $52 for blogger plan for single site license.


This premium WordPress backup plugin is the best solution for you. It is fully featured works for you to restore, backup, and migrate a WordPress site. Finally, it is a powerful alternative to VaultPress and UpdraftPlus.

3. VaultPress


VaultPress is a real-time WordPress backup plugin founded by Matt Mullenweg and team at Automattic (that currently operates millions of website on WordPress.com.)

In the beginning, it launched as an independent plugin, but now it becomes a part of JetPack (Automattic another product.) That’s why to use this plugin you will need JetPack subscription plan. However, it comes with multiple pricing plans with various features.

However, jetpack’s higher plans also provide security scans and some other advanced features.

This plugin also creates the entire backup like post, comment, revision, media file, and dashboard settings. Fast forward, it has been there in for quite a long time. The seamless working and fixed approach seem to attract WordPress users. It achieves the job of backing up your data, in a secure platform, with utmost perfection.

However, with this plugin, you can protect your site from malware, hackers, damage, accidental, and host outages.

It also has few downsides;

  • It is a recurring expense that you can add up in case you have many sites because you are paying per site.
  • You will have to get WordPress.com account, install and subscribe to jetpack plugin.
  • Your backup you have created are stored only for 30-days on the lower plan. You will have to pay $29/month in case you want an unlimited backup archive.

Key features

  • Inbuilt storage, you don’t need to connect any third party platform such as Dropbox.
  • Automatic daily backups.
  • It comes with customer support.
  • Daily scans for malware.
  • One-month money back guarantee.


  • It contains the much-desired real-time backup feature
  • Security scanning attribute is an added advantage


  • Other plugins give extra attribute, VaultPress is just anxious with backup and security.

Pricing: $39/year for JetPack Personal plan

Review: It is a part of Jetpack provide the best value for money. It is an easy option for you in case you use Jetpack features like social media promotion, JetPack CDN for photos, etc.

4. BlogVault


BlogVault is the best and most reliable incremental WordPress website backup plugin. More so it comes with free staging environment and cloud storage. It is trusted by 4,50,000+ website worldwide. Along with being a WordPress plugin, it is also a Software as a Service (SaaS) solution.

Further, BlogVault creates daily site backup and also lets you create unlimited on-demand backups manually. Not only this but, it also creates offsite backup independently on its own servers. That’s why there is no load (zero loads) on your servers.

This plugin has a smart incremental backups feature that sync incremental changes so that your server takes minimum loads. This gives the best performance for your site. Along with backups, you can also restore and migrate your site to another host easily. You can store your backup for up to 90 days so that you can restore your WordPress site from any mishap.

This is a bit expensive plugin in comparison to others. You have to pay $89 for basic plans for a single site license.

Key features

  • Come with inbuilt free staging.
  • Run without technical knowledge.
  • Personal customers support for users.
  • Install and setup just 60 seconds.

Pricing: $89/year for the personal plan (For single site license)

Review: It is one of the best and easy to use WordPress backup plugins. It creates offsite backup, from which your server does not load. But it is a more expensive plugin.

5. BoldGrid Backup


BoldGrip Backup is also a WordPress backup plugin founded by Boldgrid (website builder powered by WordPress.) It backup your complete site with a few clicks. However, you can also create a backup manually or schedule backup to run automatically and also migrate your site.

Further, this plugin has an automated fault protection feature that creates backup automatically before updates of your site. And due to any reason update fails, so it rolls back your site automatically to the last backup. Means to say, the best feature that avoid you against update errors.

With the help of this plugin, you can store up to your 10 backups archives and in remote storage locations such as FTP, SFTP, and Amazon S3.

Key features

  • Before WordPress updates, it creates automatically backup.
  • Storage backup offsite.
  • Schedule backup
  • WordPress core automatic update control.
  • It can show you the list of all your backups.

Price: $60/year including all premium tools & services.

Review: It is an easy WordPress backup plugin which helps you to create your site backups. The best is it comes with a bundle of powerful tools.

6. BackWPUp


BackWPup is a free plugin that allows you to create full WordPress backups for free and store on the cloud (Amazon S3, Dropbox, Rackspace, etc.), FTP, email or on your computer.

Also, it is very simple and easy to use plugin that allows you to schedule automatic backups as per the updated frequency of your website. In addition, this makes it easy to restore a WordPress site from backup. However, You can easily restore your installation with a single backup .zip file.

Further, it has a premium version BackWPup Pro that comes with the ability to store backups on Google Drive, priority support, and some other cool features.

Key features

  • WordPress XML Export
  • File backup
  • Save the backup to directory
  • Database backup
  • Store backup to Dropbox, FTP, S3 services, Microsoft Azure, Rackspace cloud, SugarSync.


  • Restore wordpress website from backup is very easy.
  • This plugin is extremely simple to use. And lets you schedule certainly backups as per your site’s update frequency.


  • WordPress 3.9 and PHP 5.3 is needed to use this Plugin.

Pricing: It is free but the premium plan also available.

Review: With more than 600,000 sites, backWPup is the best plugin. Further, there are also advanced are included in the premium version.

7. BackUpWordPress

backupWordPress database

It is a complete WordPress backup and restores plugin with automatic scheduling support. BackupWordPress allows you to create separate schedules for your databases and files. But there is a problem the free version does not allow you to store your WordPress backups in the cloud storage service.

Also, the plugin gives you the option to use zip and mysqldump for a higher backup. Time is the essence, so this can be an important benefit.

If you wish to store your backups on Google Drive, FTP, Dropbox, etc., you will have to buy premium extensions for it. Extensions are available for every service. And you can purchase the one that you need or the whole bundle.

Key features

  • Easy to use, there is no setup required.
  • Manage many schedules.
  • Emails you each backup files.
  • Works on Windows and Linux server.
  • Customer support.
  • Multi-languages translation option like Chinese, Spanish, Serbian, Italian, Russian, Romanian, Lithuanian, Dutch, Basque, French.


  • This plugin is obtained in different languages such as Serbian, French, German, Chinese, etc.
  • Uses few resources, works easily in shared hosting environments.


  • Open source that is adaptable to changes and malware injection.

Pricing: Free but the premium plan also available.

8. Duplicator


As you know by the name, Duplicator is a popular WordPress plugin that is used to transfer your WordPress sites and backup your site as well.

Further, this plugin does not permit you to make an automatic scheduled backup that creates it less than ideal primary WordPress backup solution for a permanent created website.

With more than 10 millions downloads, this plugin gives you the opportunity to move, copy, or clone your complete site from one place to another, which is a good solution. If you are looking for full redundancy in this event, if your primary site goes down, so you need the failover option.

Key features

  • Manually entire or parts of site backup.
  • Duplicate a live site to a staging area.
  • For easy reuse or distribution, it bundle up a complete site.
  • Perform full migration.


  • Confidant each functioning through email notifications.
  • Permanent updated to keep the compatibility with the latest WordPress version.


  • Restricted access to the quality of the free version.

Pricing: Free

Review: It allows you to create a backup manually. If your host creates the backup on a regular basis, use the Duplicator plugin to take backup on the staging environment. It also the best plugin to migrate your site.

9. WP-DB-Backup

wp db backup

WP-DB-Backup is most popular WordPress backup plugin with over a half million active installs. But the problem is that it backups your WordPress database.

This means that you need to manually backup your media files. If you don’t update the website very often and/or don’t upload images, then you can use WP-DB-backup as your primary WordPress database backup plugin.

The WP-DB-backup makes it really easy to create database backups, schedule automated backups and restore the database. Also, this is a very useful tool for those users who don’t have the phpMyAdmin to manually backup WordPress database.

WP-DB-Backup – as the name suggests, backs up your database, not your files. If you want your files to be backed up, then you have to find an alternative solution.


  • It’s free version offers numerous attribute, including Automatic Backups and Sorting.
  • Configured simply without diving into the technicalities.


  • Relatively a new plugin in comparison to another well-established player.

10. WP Migrate DB

wp migrate db

WP Migrate DB is important for handling a database. The main reason for the processes of backup, migration, and restoration has been dealt with detailed important. The plugin permits the user to download the backup as an SQL file. It can handle serialized data (data and objects) with perfection.

However, this plugin is best for developers who want to migrate from the production site to new install and migrate locally developed website to production or staging server.

Key features

  • Backups
  • Pull and push your database
  • Export database
  • Store migration profiles
  • Phenomenal email support
  • Solid security
  • Multisite tools addons


  • An ideal plugin for both the developers and the non-technical bloggers
  • Regularly updated and enjoys grand user ratings


  • The free version give limited functions.

Pricing: Free but also available in the premium version.

Preview: As the name suggests, it is WordPress migration as well as backup plugin. It is best for developers to migrate WordPress site to new host.

Boiled Up

Although, if you are running a medium size site and hate paying the monthly fee, then we recommend you the popular UpdraftPlus plugin. Why?

Because they have their own cloud storage, Stash, that makes it easy for starters to store their backups in the cloud with a few clicks.

And the second one we prefer VaultPress – because it is easy to use and provides real-time incremental backups. It means it takes the backup of what has been updated within minutes instead of backing up all your data and files every hour or every day.

Whatever WordPress Backup Plugin you choose, please do not store your backups on the same server as your site.

By doing so, if your server’s hardware fails or is worst, you get hacked. Then you do not have a backup that defeats the purpose of setting up a regular backup.

This is the reason why we highly recommend storing your backups on the third-party storage service such as Dropbox, Amazon S3, Google Drive, etc.

We hope this blog helped you to choose the best WordPress Backup and Restore plugin for your WordPress site.

If you have any question, let me know in the comment section! Also, share the blog with your peers!

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