How To Embed LinkedIn Profile To A WordPress Website? (With & Without Plugin)

As you know in this modern era, social media platforms support all types of business. Many business owners use social media platforms to boost and promote their online business. You can use your personal social media profile to get more audience to your WordPress Website.

Well, LinkedIn is a social network of professionals that help you connect with other professionals that can influence your industry. More so it has become the best social network for professionals. However, you can add LinkedIn to WordPress as this platform may be beneficial for you by displaying your LinkedIn profile on your WordPress site to attract more people’s attention.

Reasons For Choosing LinkedIn

It has a lot of functions, many of them are preferable to those provided by other websites. After adding the shared button, all of them become accessible. The main functions of LinkedIn:

  • Search working opportunities and working advice.
  • It manages your professional information.
  • It releases working experience and set up connections with corporations and personnel.
  • Create and look for the opportunity for a project including information collecting and file sharing.

As we have heard from most of the users who face difficulty while adding their LinkedIn profile to the WordPress site. That’s why we will elaborate you how we can easily add a LinkedIn profile to WordPress. Just take a look!

Methods to add LinkedIn to WordPress Site

Method 1: Adding LinkedIn Profile To WordPress Manually

Like the Facebook Social Plugin, LinkedIn also offers several plugins that allow you to add LinkedIn features to your WordPress site.

The first thing you have to go to the official LinkedIn Member Profile plugin page.

member profile plugin

If you are not already signed in, click Sign In with LinkedIn Button.

For logged-in users, it will show automatically your member profile in the preview. You can select how you want to show your profile and show or hide connections.

Once you are satisfied with the preview, you can click the Get Code button. The member profile generator will show you a code snippet.

Copy and paste this code snippet into the post, page, or sidebar widget on your WordPress site. And you have successfully added it.

Method 2: Adding LinkedIn Profile to WordPress Using a Plugin

This method is required to create a LinkedIn app to use a WordPress plugin. If the first method does not work for you, you can try this one.

The very first thing, you have to install the WP LinkedIn plugin and activate it. For more info, click on how to install a WordPress plugin.

After activation, you must go to Settings>>LinkedIn page to configure plugin settings.

wp linkedin settings

Although, before using the plugin, you must create a LinkedIn app to get the Client ID and the Client secret API keys.

Thereafter, you have to go to the LinkedIn Developer’s website and click the Create Application button.

linkedin create application button

It will bring you to the application form to create a new app. First, you have to provide the company name, a name for application and description.

Also, you will need to upload the logo for your application. Further, you can use your blog’s logo or any other image, Make sure that the image is in the square shape with width and height.

new application

After that, you have to add your site address, business email, and a phone number. Check the terms box and click the Submit button.

Now LinkedIn will create your app, and also it will redirect to the app dashboard. Also, you will find your client ID and client secret keys there.

linkdein created the app

However, you still need to add a redirect URL to your app’s settings, which you can find by scrolling down a bit to the OAuth 2.0 section. Copy and paste the redirect URL displayed on the settings page of the plugin, and then click the add button.

OAuth 2.0

Click the Update button to store your app settings.

Further, now copy the client ID and secret keys and paste it on the settings page of the plugin. After that, click the Save changes button to store your plugin settings.

WP LinkedIn comes with built-in widgets and shortcodes to add various LinkedIn features to your WordPress site.

Also, you can visit the Appearance>>Widgets, and you will find the LinkedIn profile widget in the list of available widgets. Just drag and drop it to a sidebar where you want to display your LinkedIn profile.

linkedin profile widget

Now you can show your LinkedIn profile by using [li_profile] shortcode anywhere on your WordPress site.

Now you have added your LinkedIn profile successfully. But still, a question is arises in mind is that – we can also share our own WordPress ideas with LinkedIn Profile by using the share and follow button. But how we can add this to the site- let’s have a look:

Method 3: Adding LinkedIn Share and Follow Buttons

This one is also the simplest method to integrate the LinkedIn social network with the WordPress site. Moreover, there are a lot of social plugins include this platform as a default option.

Another simple method for integrating this social network with WordPress is using follow and social share buttons. Many social sharing plugins include this network as a default option. Here we will share some of them for the same.

Monarch – Add LinkedIn Sharing and Follow Buttons

integrate linkedin wordpress, wordpress plugin

Monarch is a WordPress plugin allows you to add social sharing buttons to all of your pages and posts. Also, it helps you to add a follow button to your sidebar. Furthermore, this plugin is quite simple to use and comes with the premium version.

LinkedIn by BestWebSoft

integrate linkedin to wordpress, wordpress plugin

LinkedIn by BestWebSoft is also a WordPress plugin allow you to create share & follow button but only for this social network. Even, by using this you can select that where you want to display your button before or after your content. And along with this, whether you want displaying share number or not.

Manually Adding Official LinkedIn Share Button In WordPress

For this, you have to edit your WordPress theme files.

The very first thing, go to the LinkedIn Share Plugin page. Further, here you have to choose your website’s language and the button style that you want to use.

Thereafter, you can leave the URL field blank because the share button can get page URL automatically.

Here, click on the ‘Get Code’ button to copy the code.

linkedin code

Display LinkedIn Share Button in WordPress Posts and Pages

For displaying the LinkedIn share button before your post content in WordPress, then use the following code illustrated below:

Just copy and paste this code into your theme’s functions.php file or in a site-specific plugin.

function wpb_linkedin_share_before($content) {
// Share code you copied from LinkedIn goes here
$sharecode .= ‘<script src=”//” type=”text/javascript”> lang: en_US</script><script type=”IN/Share” data-counter=”top”></script>’;
$newcontent = $sharecode .$content;
return $newcontent;
}add_filter(‘the_content’, ‘wpb_linkedin_share_before’);

Thereafter, press the Save Changes button and visit your website to see it in action.

For showing your share button after your post content, then add the following code instead.

function wpb_linkedin_share_after($content) {
$sharecode .= ‘<script src=”//” type=”text/javascript”> lang: en_US</script><script type=”IN/Share” data-counter=”top”></script>’;
$newcontent = $content . $sharecode;
return $newcontent;
}add_filter(‘the_content’, ‘wpb_linkedin_share_after’);

Also, you can add the LinkedIn share button code that you have copied earlier directly into a WordPress custom HTML widget.

To do this – go to the Appearance>>Widgets page and add the ‘Custom HTML’ widget to a sidebar.

Afterward, add your LinkedIn Share button code inside the custom HTML widget and Press the Save Changes button to store your changes.

linkedin sharewidget

Now Visit your website to see in action.

linkedin sidebar, Add LinkedIn Profile in WordPress


Adding a Linkedin profile to a WordPress site can prove to be a profitable business through your WordPress blogs and for this, we just described the most effective methods to personalize your site so that you can share even more thoughts and strategies to put your online business goals a step forward.

Now let’s end the discussion with the hope that you get all the answers to your queries regarding embedding Linked-in profile to a WordPress site. Still, if you have any, you can contact our WordPress Support team. Dial + +1-855-945-3219 (Toll-Free). We will be pleased to help you.

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