How To Get Rid Of/Remove “Powered by WordPress” Footer Links?

Today, millions of businessmen are using WordPress for running their online business in a simple and smooth way. Because WordPress is making to fulfill your business requirements. It helps you manage your time effectively and you can achieve great things in a faster and better way.

But one of the things you might not want to show on your website is “Powered by WordPress links or text in the footer”. You just want to remove Powered by WordPress footer links because keeping these links looks below standard so changing it will benefit you.

However, the process of installing WordPress and selecting a theme is straightforward. There are tons of minor and endless tasks you’ll have to check off your to-do list before taking your site live.

You perhaps won’t even think of them until you start to customize your little corner of the Internet. Removing “Powered by WordPress Footer Links” from your footer is a prime example of such an uninteresting task. Although we have some helpful and simple to follow the advice that will rid you of this problem in a jiffy.

Google advises against linking externally in the footer certain WordPress themes incorporate the infamous powered by WordPress link by default including Twenty Fourteen, Twenty Twelve, and Twenty Thirteen.

Hence, in this guide, we will instruct you on how to get rid of or remove Powered by WordPress footer links or text.

Should We Remove The WordPress Footer Credit Link?

If you are worried that it is illegal to remove the WordPress footer link, then be assured that you are not doing anything wrong. It’s totally legal to remove the footer credits link.

However, WordPress is free and is licensed under GPL. This license gives you the freedom to use, modify, and even redistribute WordPress.

Reasons to remove Powered By WordPress Footer Links

There are a few main reasons why you’d like to remove the Powered by WordPress text in your footer. Let’s see:

1. You Want To Replace It With Something Else

Now, you are thinking that what are the reasons to remove that links or text. The main reason you want to get rid of the “powered by WordPress” credits is as you want to put your own credits in the footer. This is basically in the case when you require adding the copyright declaration. The other reason could be that you’re designing a website for a client and you want the visitors to that website to know who created the website.

In either one of those cases including “powered by WordPress” and the personal credits at the same time can make your footer look like it contains too much text and looks below to standard. So usually it’s not good for your website.

2. It Doesn’t Look Very Professional

It’s no secret that visitors love professional and well design website. An unprofessional website could lead to visitors not feeling greeting or that your business is outdated.

The other reason for removing it is that it doesn’t look all too professional. If it’s your own site. For instance, you want to make sure that the effort you’ve put into the website reflects throughout the entire page.

The powered by WordPress at the end of the page makes it look like someone else did the work for you or that you’ve selected the easy way out.

We are providing here the clean and effective guide to Remove the Powered by WordPress Footer Links. Follow the methods mentioned below. Hopefully, you will be able to resolve out all the issues. If the problems still exist, you can contact our WordPress Customer Service Team to get instant help.

How to Remove the Powered by WordPress Footer Links?

There are plenty of ways to remove proudly powered by WordPress and we have defined the two simple ways for doing this:-

a): Remove The Powered By WordPress Footer links Via Theme Settings Page

Most awesome theme authors know that their users love to have the option to remove footer credit links. So, they make it available in the theme settings area.

Open a web browser and go to the admin login page of your WordPress website. Type your username and password into the Username or Email and Password fields respectively, and click the Login button.

Admin login page

Different themes have this setting available under various sections. However, the first place to start looking is inside the WordPress theme customizer.

Now, you need to take your mouse over Appearance and click Customize to access options for the footer text. Click on the copyright area, as shown in the figure.

get noticed footer credits to remove powered by footer links

Next, click the Save button and next time refresh your website, the footer credit link will be gone.

The other places that you can look at inside the widgets section or individual theme options pages.

b). Remove The Powered By WordPress Footer Links Via Footer.php Code Method

One of the best methods is to customize powered by links or text is via the footer.php file.

The footer.php file contains the information your site needs to display the footer of your site, including the WordPress credit link.

First, you have to log in on your WordPress website.

Thereafter, you can find this file in /wp-content/themes/yourtheme/footer.php

Just open this file in a text editor and search for the footer credit text like “Powered by” and it will display you the section that you require to remove.

After finding the file visit the Appearance > Editor in the WordPress admin.

Thereafter, in the list of files on the right, click on the theme footer (footer.php), and

Look for and delete the following lines of code:

<div class=”site-info”>




* Fires before the twenty sixteen footer text for footer customization.


* @since Twenty Sixteen 1.0


do_action( ‘twentysixteen_credits’ );


<span class=”site-title”><a href=”<?php echo esc_url( home_url( ‘/’ ) ); ?>” rel=”home”><?php bloginfo( ‘name’ );


<a href=”<?php echo esc_url( __( ‘’, ‘twentysixteen’ ) ); ?>”><?php printf( __( ‘Proudly powered by %s’, ‘twentysixteen’ ), ‘WordPress’ ); ?></a>

</div><!– .site-info →

Now, you have to click on the update file and the footer credit link will no longer appear on your website. However, old default WordPress themes like Twenty Fifteen and Twenty Fourteen works in the same manner. If you search for “proudly powered by” and delete associated code, then it will remove the footer credit link.

However, Twenty Seventeen has made it a little harder to search and remove the code- sort of. Whereas there is only one line of code that you need to remove, finding it is not as easy.

c). To remove WordPress footer credit link from Twenty Seventeen theme:

The very first thing, you have to visit the Appearance > Editor in the WordPress admin.

Thereafter in the list of files on the right, click on Theme Footer (footer.php), and

Look for and delete the following line of code:

get_template_part( ‘template-parts/footer/site’, ‘info’ );
view raw delete-WordPress-footer-credit-link.php

Now click on the update file, thereafter you have to refresh your website, the footer credit will no longer be there.

Now, here we want to mention that you should actually create and use a child theme instead of editing the code of your WordPress website.

There are two best reasons for this:

When you want to update your theme to the latest version, you will lose any changes and customizations made in the code.

And when you edit your code directly, there’s a chance you can change or delete the wrong code and crash your website. Finally, if you’re beginners to create child themes, you can read our guidelines on How to Create a WordPress Child Theme.

d). Avoid the CSS Method at All Cost

Some of the WordPress tutorial sites may show you a CSS method that uses display: none to hide the footer credit links.

But doing so will put your site’s SEO at risk. Google does not like hiding links with display: none because that’s a technique that spammers use to hide the links from users while still showing it to Google in hopes of higher rankings. It may put your website under SEO risk.

Your site might get declined and it will cause you to lose your search engine rankings.

However whatever you don’t use the CSS method like this:

#site-info {display:none}

While it looks so simple, it’s not good for SEO.

We strongly suggest using the two methods that we discussed above. If you cannot do either of those then we suggest you hire a WordPress professional to guide you remove your footer credit links or even consider changing your WordPress theme.


We have mentioned simple methods to remove the Powered by WordPress footer from your site. You all just want to follow the step by step method. Its a bit simple to perform this task.

We hope you found this article helpful and get successfully rid of footer links or text. If you have any question or query about the methods then feel free to ask in the comment section. Also if you like this article don’t forget to share it with your peers.

You can also avail help from our WordPress Support team. Our expert will tell you the root cause of the problem, they will guide you properly. This will ensure that next time if the problem occurs, you can handle it yourself. Dial our WordPress Help Toll-Free number +1-888-738-0846.

That’s all, thanks!

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