What Is Author In WordPress?

According to WordPress terminology, the author refers to a predefined user role in WordPress. A user with author role can:

  • Upload files
  • Write, edit
  • Publish
  • Delete their own articles.
  • They can also change their username, password, and profile.  

Means to say, an author in WordPress is a user role with a limited set of capabilities. Seeing that an author has the power to delete their own published posts, and edit their own published articles. Basically, multi-authors websites assign the contributor role to writers. And to create a user role with customized capabilities these websites use a plugin. This removes the possibility of miscommunication or hired writers for deleting their work if they were fired.

To give the biographical information about themselves most of the sites show authors with authors pages. Generally, this is done by built-in author archive pages which shows all post list that is written by them. However, name, date of birth, social profiles, etc. these things are included in it.

Even some of the sites show a list of authors with photos on the sidebar or “about us” page.

How to change author in WordPress?

  • On the post edit screen, click the screen options menu at the top right corner.
  • Check the box that is next to “Author” option.

author box enabled

  • Thereafter, scroll down the post edit screen, here you will see an author box.
  • Here, click the drop-down menu and choose another author.
  • And press the “update” button to save your changes.  

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