How to simply install WordPress Woocommerce Plugin? Best of 2023

WooCommerce is a free plugin that can be easily installed and similar to any other WordPress plugin.In this article we will show you how to install it from your dashboard/after downloading the zip file from your computer. At the time of setup it via dashboard, simply go to add plugin and do a search for woocommerce setup. We will also show you those pages that will be created automatically after setup.

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Installing WooCommerce in your dashboard

The WooCommerce from your dashboard can be installed easily, to install the woocommerce setup through your dashboard, Firstly press the Add plugin button and do a search for woocommerce, when it comes up press the install button.

Uploading to your computer

You can directly upload the WooCommerce Plugin to your computer, go to the WooTheme site and download the plugin directly to your computer. After downloading it, click the Add Plugin and install. For more see our guide how to install wordpress plugins

Note: The plugin stay compressed or zipped at the time of downloading, you will be able to tell by seeing the extension at the end of it. Once you have uploaded it to your computer activate the plugin.

Finishing WooCommerce Setup

After activation the whole process, a message will show you at the top of your dashboard.

If you are ready to start the WooCommerce setting up I suggested that you do this.

  • It will install some widget specifically for woocommerce.
  • And install the following pages.

Widgets allows you to add content and features to your sidebar without writing any code. There are some default widgets that come with WordPress such as Categories, Tag cloud, Search, etc. And there are a lot of WordPress plugins which can add their own widget.

Here, plugin is basically a bit of code that “plugs in” to your self-hosted WordPress site. Or we can say that it is something that adds new functionality to your WordPress site or extends existing functionality on your site.

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Installing WordPress Woocommerce Plugin

There are two ways to install the WooCommerce Plugin: from WordPress admin panel and via FTP. Admin panel or admin area is also known as the administration area in WordPress website where only an authenticated user can make changes. It allows you to create and manage posts, pages, menus, media, change styling in the form of themes, add functionality in the form of plugins, and much more.

The articles posted by the admin of a WordPress site are called posts. pages are like posts. Pages can be managed in a hierarchical structure in WordPress.

Also, FTP stands for File Transfer Protocol. It is a “means of transport” i.e it is used to transfer files from one local computer to a remote website, such as a WordPress blog. It is also used to download files from your WordPress website to your computer or to change files and directories permissions on a remote website.

1. Install Woocommerce using WordPress admin panel

  • On your side menu, got to the menu plugins and click the Add new button.
  • Go to the search plugin and type the WooCommerce in the search field.
  • After to search the WooCommerce, click install now under the plugin you want to install.
  • “Are you sure you want to install this plugin?” window that’s going to pop up, press “Ok” button.
  • Press activate plugin after it is installed.
  • If you have any problems at the time of installation of this plugin through admin panel, you can download it from WooCommerce plugin page at: http://WordPress/plugins/woocommerce/

WooCommerce lets you create an e-commerce business (store), manage inventory, accept payments, and much more. It comes with almost all the functionalities that you require to open an online store. It helps you sell products or services online from your WordPress site at a very affordable and accessible manner.

2. Install WooCommerce using FTP manager

This method is complicated compared to the admin panel method. It is not user friendly but it offers complete overview of the stuff happening behind the scene. In this method-

  • You are required to an FTP manager that is FileZilla-All Platform, FireFTP-All Platform, Cyberduck-mac Only, WinSCP-Windows Only, or any other for that.
  • You will notice the difference in the very beginning as you are required to unpack downloaded on your hard drive.
  • When finishing unpacking you will end you with a folder named “woo commerce”.
  • Now, head over to your FTP selected client and connect to your FTP account.
  • FTP managers have two “sides” where the first one is your local drive and second one is your server.
  • Select the woo commerce folder on hard drive and choose the whole folder and drag & drop it to wp-plugins folder on your server.
  • Log in to your account when the upload process is finished. Your WooCommerce plugin should be now listed with all of the other plugin. Now, go ahead and click activate.


Activate it after the plugin is installed,. The good person who made the WooCommerce setup made pretty little quick setup guide which will guide you through the basic setup options. The option through this guide are well explained and it is easy to understand.

If you set something wrong, so all of those setting can later be edited through standard WooCommerce setting. We hope that this article helped you to install

You can talk to our WordPress Customer Service in case of any help related to WordPress, dial +1-888-738-0846 (Toll-Free). We will help you instantly.

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