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8 Way to Fix HTTP Image Upload Error in WordPress

WordPress is the world’s most popular CMS, yet people may encounter certain issues while using it. One of these common errors is HTTP Error When Uploading Images to WordPress. However, fixing this HTTP image upload error is not a difficult task.

Content Management System (CMS) is a system which allows users to easily create, edit, organize and publishing content. It is one of the most widely used and easy to use content management system which gives many facilities to users.

It facilitates the user in creating, editing, organizing and publishing the content on the web servers. Where, web server is a software which receives your request for accessing a web page. 

HTTP error is a code that signals that something went wrong during a file upload process. Continuously, HTTP images upload error occurs when the image is “struggling” to upload for a while. Sometimes, even if the error appears, then the image is uploaded.

There are many similar errors related to image upload which you may encounter in WordPress. Some of them are:

  • WordPress image upload error
  • WordPress media library HTTP error
  • images not uploading to WordPress

Many times the cause of this error is the size of the image (height and width). Therefore, don’t try to upload the big images, because doing this may cause a problem. If you are here to find a solution for the image upload issue in WordPress, then read this article till last.

What is HTTP Image Upload Error in WordPress?

HTTP error is a code which tells that something went wrong while uploading an image. Generally, this error occurs when you are uploading an image or other files to WordPress via the built-in media uploader. Furthermore, it is related to loading the images to WordPress website via WordPress dashboard.

However, the related error message “HTTP error” can be slightly difficult to understand. In addition, it can be very annoying and irritating to get that HTTP error when uploading images to WordPress.

Causes for HTTP error during media upload in WordPress

There are a lot of things that could lead to an HTTP error while you are trying to upload files. Generally, WordPress is unable to find out the cause and that’s why it shows the generic ‘HTTP error’ message.

http error message, HTTP Image Upload Error in WordPress
Featured Image – Fix HTTP Image Upload Error

However, the irritating part is that this error message doesn’t give you any clue as to what may have caused it. It means that you will have to try different solutions to find the main cause and also fix the error.

Ways To Fix HTTP Error When Uploading Images to WordPress

Just Make Sure The HTTP Error is Not Temporary

The very first thing, you should wait a few minutes and then try to upload the image file once again. Sometimes this error is generated by unusual traffic and low server resources which are automatically fixed on most WordPress hosting servers.

Additionally, in case that does not work then you may require to try to upload a different image file. If the other file uploads successfully then just try to save your original image file to a smaller size and retry uploading.

At last, you may want to try saving the file in a different format. Like you can change a jpeg to png by using an image editing software. Next, retry uploading the file.

Although, if all the steps result in the HTTP error, then it means – the error is not caused by a temporary problem and absolutely needs your instant attention.

Increase WordPress Memory Limit

The main cause of this error is the lack of memory available for WordPress to use. For fixing this enhances the amount of memory PHP can use on your server.

Just add the below-given code to your wp-config.php file.

define( ‘WP_MEMORY_LIMIT’, ‘256M’ );

However, this code boosts the WordPress memory limit to 256MB. It would be sufficient for fixing any memory limit issues.

file upload successfully
Upload New Media – Fix HTTP Image Upload Error

Changing Image Editor Library Used by WordPress

As we all know, WordPress runs on PHP which uses two modules for handling images. These modules are called GD Library and Imagick. WordPress experts may use either one of them relying on which one is available.

Very often, the Imagick is known to run into memory issues and causing the HTTP error during image uploads. You can make the GD Library your default image editor for fixing this.

Also, you can do this by adding the below-given code to your theme’s functions.php file or a site-specific  plugin. As function.php file is also known as theme function file. It is used by WordPress theme to define classes, actions, functions, and filters that to be used by our templates. Where, templates are those files which control how your WordPress site will be displayed on the Web.

function wpb_image_editor_default_to_gd( $editors ) {
$gd_editor = ‘WP_Image_Editor_GD’;
$editors = array_diff( $editors, array( $gd_editor ) );
array_unshift( $editors, $gd_editor );
return $editors;
add_filter( ‘wp_image_editors’, ‘wpb_image_editor_default_to_gd’ );

Also, you can retry uploading files via the media uploader after adding this code. If this doesn’t fix the issue then you can remove this code and try other methods described in this article.

Using the .htaccess Method

This method lets you control how Imagick uses server resources. Most of the shared hosting providers limit Imagick’s ability to use multiple threads for faster image processing.

But this would result in you seeing the HTTP error when uploading images. You can also move ahead to our article on how to Create and Edit .htaccess File in WordPress

A simple fix is to add the following code to your .htaccess file.


Check Your WordPress Theme

Backup your site and then switch to a WordPress default theme like Twenty Seventeen. If the problem is resolved then it’s a theme issue or a hosting related issue.

As theme is a group of stylesheets and templates that are used to describe the appearance and display of a WordPress site.

First of all, contact the theme developers to have a look. If they can’t seem for fixing it contact the hosting company.

Switch The Browsers

It may that the WordPress HTTP error is unrelated to the WordPress site and could be the result of something more unpredicted – your browser.

While using the google chrome browser, the HTTP’s reports error has popped up. While it is an awesome browser. You can confirm by switching it to a different one if the problem is browser-related.

Reduce The Image Size

If the image has a large number of pixels reducing its size may resolve the upload error. The pixel size needed will vary relying on a number of variables so start by reducing the file size to something small like 300×200 and see if that fixes the issue.

To resize an image Windows users can use the Paint application:

  • Open the image and select Resize.
  • Tap the Pixels radio button.
  • Change the values in the Horizontal and Vertical fields.
  • Click OK for saving the image.
  • Also, Mac users can decrease the number of pixels in an image by opening the file in Preview and selecting
  • Tools>>Adjust Size.

Disabling Conflicting Plugins

Conflicting plugins are also the main reason for creating an HTTP image upload errors. If the errors only began after a specific plugin was installed just try to disable that plugin first and see if the issue remains.

Alternatively, the fastest way to determine if a plugin is creating an issue is to disable all plugins and see if the issue continues. However, if this fixes the issue proceed with enabling them one by one to see which plugin caused the problem.

After you have identified the conflicting plugin there are a few steps you can take to try and fix the issue. And the simple fix is to uninstall and reinstall the plugin. If that doesn’t work try contacting the plugin’s developer or support team.

They may be able to help you resolve the conflict faster than you could troubleshoot on your own. In case the plugin’s support team can’t help you fix the problem uninstall the plugin and install an alternate one that offers the same functionality without creating the HTTP image upload errors.


Well, this leads to the end of this blog and we really hope that this helped you to fix the HTTP Image Upload Error in WordPress for a clean and hassle-free blog experience.

For any queries related to the WordPress image upload issue, you can contact our WordPress Technical Support team to avail our services. Dial our Toll-Free number +1-888-738-0846.

That’s all, thanks!

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