How to Fix Secure Connection Error in WordPress? Best of 2023

Do you want to fix ‘Unable to establish secure connection error’ in WordPress? Secure connection error is standard WordPress error. WordPress comes with a built in system for managing updates. In this article we will show you – Why this error happens and the way to secure connection error in WordPress.

Fix Secure Connection Error in WordPress
Fix Secure Connection Error in WordPress

Reasons for Unable to Established Secure Connection Error:-

WordPress comes with a built in system for manage updates. Secure connection error is standard WordPress error. It happens if you find anything attempt for install or replace WordPress plugin and themes to official

As a WordPress theme is a group of stylesheets and templates that are used to describe the appearance and display of a WordPress site. A WordPress theme changes the layout & design of your site.

This system checks the permanent update and shows the notifications to us for set-up plugin and themes update. In Secure Error Connection, we will here for you why this error happen and the way for simple solve connection error in WordPress.

Here a plugin is defined as a type of software that contains a group of functions that can be added to a WordPress website. They are used to provide additional functionality to your application. 

However, secure connection Error wants to join WordPress site to examine for update or installed them, because the configuration in our WordPress internet hosting server, our site may be fail to attach with sites.

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Fixing Secure Connection Error:-

For fixing the secure connection error, we can try only one of many following solution those based in our state of affairs. In secure connection error there are number of method to solve the surprising safe connection error in WordPress.

Server and Hosting issues:-

Our shared internet hosting server is under in DDoS attack than it is likely that the connection to will timeout due to the secure connection error.

As DDoS stands for Distributed Denial of Service. It is a common type of attack against your server bandwidth. However, the DDoS attack does not engage your site in danger, but if it is not resolved, it may crash your complete WordPress website for a long period of time.

In this case, we can for sometime and strive secondly. If the error is in same condition, then you need to inform to our web hosting company support team.

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Cloud or VPS server connectivity issues:-

A common problem when setting a application in the cloud or VPS server is getting the basic connectivity is right publicly access over the internet. Due to some DNS points our VPS internet hosting or cloud is suitable that our server is not able to join the

As VPS known as Virtual Private Server are those servers when a server runs many more sites in same time virtual private hosting service provides services to the server each particular site is treated to each machine own machine with its own resources.

VPS plans give surety to the clients due to (virtualization technology). This technology gives client too much more hosting environment and provides resources.

In this case, we may level of your server straightaway to servers. We will have to join your server utilization SSH. SSH stands for Safe Shell which is an encrypted protocol that able you to join our server utilizing command line instrument.

Windows users may use a device referred to as Mac/Linux users can use the terminal app.

You will have to login credential for the account with shell access to your internet hosting account. We can take this info out of our internet hosting account.

Fixing WordPress secure connection error on localhost:-

If we working on WordPress by own laptop (localhost), then you cannot need cURL to PHP. This extension is need to access to set-up.
We will required to edit the php.ini file in own laptop. This file is often positioned in php folder of your Mamp, Xampp, WAMP folder. If we are on a windows laptop, then search  the following line :


Mac and Linux users would have to search for this line:


Now we required to take away the semicolon before the textual content to allow the extension. Don’t forget to save the php.ini file. 

Don’t overlook to restart the Apache server for adjustment to take have an effort. As a web server is a software which receives your request for accessing a web page. It runs only a couple of security checks on your HTTP request and takes you to the web page.

Check Open Ports in Firewall

If cURL extension is perfectly installed on your local server, then the next step is to check your internet connection firewall.

Your computer’s firewall may be blocking outgoing connections from local server to WordPress site. If you are using Windows, then press the start button and search for Windows Firewall. Mac users can see firewall settings in System Preferences » Security & Privacy

Just add Apache to your firewall’s allowed programs and allow both incoming and outgoing connections. After that restart Apache for changes to take effect.

We hope that the above article helped you in solving secure connection error in WordPress. You can talk to our WordPress Technical Support Team to get instant help. Feel free to dial +1-888-738-0846(Toll-Free). We will be pleased to help you and solve all your issues related to WordPress.

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