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Have your WordPress website stuck in maintenance mode? Don’t worry, this common error usually pops up while updating Wp core, plugins, or themes. In this article, we will guide you on the way to enable WordPress stuck in maintenance Mode issues with and without plugins as well as how to stop stuck WordPress maintenance mode. The WordPress site maintenance mode is activated when an update is applied. At the point when users access to get to a site that is in Wp maintenance mode, a message will pop up to tell them that you are currently working on it. Everything appears to be typical until this point, yet the situation gets complicated when the update process makes It get Wp maintenance mode stuck.

While making an update, a document called .maintanence is made in the root envelope of WordPress.This file tells WordPress to place your site into maintenance mode and it contains the data expected to show the message that will pop up for users.

In certain situations, while refreshing, WordPress experiences a mistake that causes it to get in WordPress maintenance mode. The user is left with a situation that can be truly troubling on the off chance that it isn’t quickly solved. This matter is discussed below.

What is WordPress Maintenance Mode

WordPress maintenance mode is the point when a site is in Wp maintenance mode, the URL displays a screen with a message about your site’s position. The message generally explains why the website is offline and disconnected when it will be live again. Wp maintenance mode is a considerable feature that is raised into the core. In case you update the plugin, theme, and WordPress installation the massage is displayed to your visitors until the update has finished.

Reasons Behind WordPress Website Stuck In Maintenance Mode

As a component of its automatic update system, WordPress has an inherent maintenance mode that activates when you update your software themes or modules from the WordPress dashboard. You can see a message showing this in the WordPress update interface whenever you run an update:

More of the time, the handoff from “upkeep mode” to “working site” requires only a few moments and you never realize your site was in maintenance mode.

There are some situations when a website may get stuck in maintenance mode:

  • When You unintentionally close your browser tab in a programmed update
  • When You try to update countless Plugins /themes immediately.
  • There’s a similarity issue that causes an error
  • When an update file is called maintenance is created in the root folder of WordPress.
  • Whenever you make a website on the live domain and you don’t show your users should see what you are going to launch.

How To Enable WordPress Stuck In Maintenance Mode

Whether your WordPress site is stuck in maintenance mode, just relax! In this article, we will guide you on the way to enable WordPress stuck in maintenance Mode issues with and without plugins as well as how to stop WordPress maintenance stuck mode.

Delete the maintenance file

Most of the time maintenance files still exist in your website root folder the reason for freezing the maintenance mode. Deleting the file via the cPanel in your File Manager or examining the server through an FTP client like FileZilla will do the work.

Follow some steps to delete the file through Cpanel:

  • First, you to connect your Cpanel to your pc and find the maintenance file.
  • Most of the time files with a dot are hidden by default so please check the hidden files in the WordPress setting toolbar.
  • When you find the correct file then delete it and you find your website functions as normal.
  • We also advise clearing the cache of your WordPress site.

In some cases maintenance files are unable in your root folder directly, you have to delete them and the update has been completed successfully.

Update the Themes and Plugins

Many times the maintenance mode Show error can be reason by the problem in the recently added, modified, or updated themes or plugins.

To check if the themes or plugins are the offenders:

  • Reached the root folder via (SFTP) Secure File Transfer Protocol.
  • Find Plugins folder in your WordPress-website/wp-content/under WP-content.
  • Change the name of the plugin.
  • And then refresh to check the website is running as normal.

After this, the trouble still exists following the same steps with the theme folder.

  • Open the WordPress admin page.
  • Go appearance, themes, and plugins depending on the fault.
  • And then activate the plugins and continue the refreshing page with each plugin to find the cause.
  • When you find the faulty plugins delete them.
  • After this reinstall the plugins once the issue is solved.

How To Avoid WordPress From Getting Stuck In Maintenance Mode

While the issue is genuinely easy to fix, you can in any case find a positive way to help the probability of your site getting stuck out in maintenance mode one more time.

Avoid Updating all Plugins at Once

Attempt to try not to execute too many numbers of updates all at once. By updating plugins/modules as updates become reachable(rather than standing by to do them at the same time), you can limit the number of updates WordPress needs to do each time. If you want to keep your site with everything looking great, make a point to read our top to bottom guide on WordPress maintenance.

Ensure Plugin/Themes are correspondents

Ensure plugins/Themes are viable with your adaptation of WordPress prior to updating. You can check the confirmed similarity right from your WordPress dashboard.

Don’t Refresh Away From the Screen During an Update

The easiest demanding method for keeping away from this is to against the force to do anything while the update is taking place. Ensure you hold on until all updates are finished before refreshing or exploring away from the screen – and look down to check that plugins further down the screen have been refreshed.

How Maintenance Mode Affects Your Users

In the time of maintenance mode, a WordPress site may not work as expected or even seem not working. This can make a bad client experience, and users might question the site’s believability or security, which can influence future traffic regularly.

WordPress offers a basic default maintenance mode and a sprinkle page. Still, it is only a plain URL page with the text “For a moment unreachable for planned maintenance . Return in a moment.” which looks rather dull.

Having a site maintenance mode page gives a better client experience. It allows you to adjust your message and it tells when the website is live.

It’s done by using the maintenance mode and making a maintenance file. It’s a different duplicate of the site where you can deal with changes without influencing the genuine website.

Whenever you’ve done crack away at the arranged site, you’ll have to push the update to your site, and users will see information about the website. All changes will be applied naturally with next to no free time.


There are multiple ways of putting your WordPress webpage in maintenance mode and giving a temporary replacement page to your site. Whether it’s utilizing a WordPress module, web hosting Control Panel, or adjusting a WordPress record, pick the one that suits your own requirements and technical skill.

Introducing WordPress plugins or utilizing a Hosting control panel, like CPanel, are the most common choices. All things considered, these techniques give a similar outcome – a maintenance page for your visitors. What’s more, assuming that you at any point stall out in support mode, you currently know how to rapidly recuperate and get your website back on the web. Try to peruse our top to a bottom aide on WordPress maintenance to keep your site in better shape.

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