How to Easily Switch Between User Accounts in WordPress

How to Easily Switch Between User Accounts in WordPress

Do you want to get the additional knowledge about to switch between user accounts in WordPress, you can go through this post. Most of the time, you observe that your WordPress website is according to admin’s point of view.

With this responsibility, you have to improve your website as you want to do. But, something you have to see your site in a different view for testing or troubleshooting. The simple method to do this is to switch between WordPress users with different roles.

Thus, as you can’t assume that, it can be done manually at any time. Although, for keeping a route of several usernames and passwords is a very difficult task, so it will save your time to find a more important way to switch between WordPress user. In fact, you can use a plugin to switch between accounts without leaving your homepage.

In this article, we are providing a complete description to switch between user accounts in WordPress.

Switch Between User Account

Why do you need to switch between user accounts in WordPress?

Fortunately, the WordPress will permit you to attach new users and admins to your site. Every user of your site is assigned by a specific user role which allows them permissions to show several things on your site. You can also permit your users to sign up on your site and set a default user role for all new users by going to the Setting >> General page.

As the author of a site, automatically you will be assigned to the administrator user role on your site. It will provide you an entire control with the ability to handle all user accounts. At the time of testing some new qualities of your site. It is very important when you have a WordPress membership website or an online store.

In a manual way, you have to simply log in using the identifications for each user account and test those features. But it may take most of your time. Let’s see that how you can easily switch between user accounts in WordPress without giving passwords.

How switching user accounts in WordPress is helpful?

However, if you are working on applying a task board to your WordPress site. Most of the sites will permit users to submit their own listings. If you want to check that this feature is working for anyone, then by knowing how to switch between WordPress users you are eligible to do this. Or maybe you will get the need to permit a maintenance page for your WordPress site.

Within this task, you may get need to keep complete access to your whole website, while showing only your page maintenance page to other users. If you will get the need to check whether your maintenance page was working exactly whatever you want to do, then you can switch the accounts and do within a minute.

In another side, switching between WordPress users will get benefits for WordPress Multisite networks. After installation of multisite, most of the time you will get the need to go from one to another account to see how everything is going on.

Advantages of switching user accounts

  • Immediately switch you to any user account from the User display.
  • Immediately switch back to your originating account.
  • It keeps the ability to immediately switch back in again after log out of your account.
  • It is fully secured.
  • Come with WordPress, WordPress Multisite, BuddyPress, and bbPress.
  • Only those users who are having the ability to edit other users can switch the user accounts. Likewise, this is only Administrators on single site installs and Super Admins on multisite installs.
  • The password cannot be released.
  • Use the cookie authentication system in WordPress to remember the account you have to switch from and when switching back.
  • Fully supportable for administration over (if applicable).

How to Switch Between User Accounts

In Beginning, you have to install and activate the User Switching plugin. For extra information, see our how to install a WordPress plugin.

After activation of plugin, you have to go to the Users>>All Users tab in your WordPress admin(dashboard). Here, you will get a ‘Switch to’ link next to every user account.

Switch to screen_Switch Between User Accounts

Also, those people who are available with an administrator user role, they can only switch the user. Once you will be done to switch to a new user account, you can continue testing your site logged in as that user.

Switch Between User Accounts

After completion of these tasks, you can switch back to your own account by clicking on the link “Switch back to Projectname(Projectname)” displayed on the screen.


Learning how to easily switch between WordPress users is an easy task that can permit you to focus your site more calmly.

We hope that this post gets more helpful for you. If you are facing any problem with creating it, let me know in the comments box! If you liked this post, then please share it with your peers.

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