How to Update WordPress from Admin Dashboard?

You can easily update your application directly from the admin area in WordPress. You will automatically see a notification in the WP admin area when a new version WordPress manual is available. In this article, we will show you how to update WordPress from Admin Dashboard.

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Steps to Update WordPress from Admin Dashboard:

  • First of all Login to your WordPress admin dashboard.
  • At the top of the WordPress admin dashboard, you will see that a newer version of WordPress is available, tap on Please update now to be taken to the Updates page.
  • If you don’t see that link for some reason, you can also click on the update icon at the top, or click on the Updates link in the menu on the left.
  •  Next, on the WordPress Updates page, click on Update Now.
  • To allow WordPress automatically update itself you would need to change file permissions on your /wp-content/ directory to 775.

You can also go ahead and enter in your WordPress site’s FTP information, and click on Proceed to download the latest version that way.


WordPress is the most popular CMS in the world for smoothly creating your website. But WordPress is so famous and is open source so many hackers can exploit it. Outdated WordPress can cause security issue on your website & can be abused for spam and malware on the internet since outdated. So it is necessary to keep your WordPress up to date for securing your website. So, we hope that the steps above helped you to update WordPress from the admin Dashboard.

You can also take help from our WordPress Technical Support Team In case of any query and issue. They will help you to solve it with complete satisfaction. So, Dial + 1 844 275 0975 (Toll-Free). Our Doors are always open for you feel free to contact and ask any queries related to WordPress.

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