What Is Responsive Theme In WordPress?

A WordPress responsive theme is a theme that was developed to look your site good on all screens. A responsive theme makes your site mobile-friendly so that users can view it on their mobile devices and can read your site information easily.        

Furthermore, Responsive means portability, it means – if your site has a responsive theme function then any user can view your site on the mobile devices also. However, WordPress theme developers usually use those codes that allow the whole website to resize with the screen size adjustment. This includes all the dynamically re-sizable images, which increases readability of the site.

Responsive WordPress themes are very important to be used. Responsive themes are the best child-friendly themes, and also they have a more flexible layout.

However, these themes follow the responsive web design approach which creates optimal user experience website across different devices and screen resolutions including tablets, desktop, iPhones, iPads etc.  

Before responsive themes, developers created a different mobile version for each platform like Android, iOS, etc. Now, it prevents you to create a device specific mobile version.

In this smartphone resolution, most of the people are accessing the internet via smartphones and tablets. That’s why WordPress theme companies started to develop responsive themes. If a large number of visitors visit your site by using a mobile device, then you should switch your theme quickly in WordPress responsive theme.

Remember that, there is a theme in the WordPress repository that is called “Responsive theme” but that is not only responsive. Don’t confused, there are a lot of themes available in the market.      

Advantages of Responsive WordPress Theme

  • Reach a wide number of audience.
  • Drive more traffic.
  • Enhances User-experience.
  • Cost-effective.

Check your site is responsive or not

If you are not sure your site is responsive or not, so use your browser to check it.

Use the full-width browser and change the size of it. See if your post is visible clearly and fit on the screen so it is likely responsive.

Lately, Google has started testing sites for their mobile friendliness. So you can check your site on its mobile-friendly test page. See what errors occur and follow the suggestion to improve it.  

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