6 Best WordPress Multilingual Plugins To Translate Your Website With Ease

Are you wish to translate your WordPress website? Well, there are many WordPress multilingual plugins available that allow you to create multilingual content for your existing blog text. Many starters don’t know that they can install WordPress in their own language. Also, they can use it to create a multilingual website.

There are a lot of translation plugins available for WordPress. These plugins can permit you to create multilingual content on your WordPress website. However, the great advantage of these plugins is that the quality of your translation will be much better than a machine-generated online translated content.

So, here in this post, we are providing you with the top WordPress Multi-language plugins that can really work for you.

Best WordPress Multilingual Plugins



WPML (WordPress Multilingual Plugin) is the best and popular WordPress translation plugin. This is a premium plugin. Therefore, this plugin comes with a year of premium support.

WPML allows you to create multilingual sites. Apart from this, you can translate all your posts, custom post types, pages, and menus into any language that you want. It connects you to professional translation services, so you can hire anyone to translate your content.

WordPress Multilingual Plugin supports more than 40 languages out of the box. And you can even add your own language variants.

The license starts from $29. But you will need to upgrade to the $79 option to use the full range of features.

Although, the most important thing for any plugin is the translation. And WPML sits in automatic translation and self-translation category.



Polylang is another free WordPress multilingual plugin. Also, this plugin allows you to create multilingual content in as a lot of languages as you need.

In addition, the plugin permits the users to select the language of their choice from their profiles. And downloads automatically the respective WordPress language packs.

Polylang works with most WordPress themes and fully supports RTL languages. However, if you wish to switch your multilingual plugin from WPML to Polylang, there’s also a dedicated plugin for the job.



Xili-language is one of the best and powerful WordPress multilingual site plugins. Also, this plugin is free to use. Not only allows you to create multilingual content, but it can also change the language files of your theme depending on the content language.

However, the plugin comes with a comprehensive tool to help you create your multilingual website. It already supports the most standard WordPress compatible themes, and it has an addon to work with several popular plugins.

qTranslate X


This is another powerful WordPress multilanguage plugin. Also, qTranslate X is free to use. However, it is the same as the WPML and Polylang in functionality. Thus, it provides an easy way to create multilingual content.

Users can switch languages while editing a post to work on content in different languages.

Also, they allow you to integrate qTranslate with many other platforms and plugins. This plugin has a growing list of third-party add-ons. Most of them are free. Language codes are added to the URL and define that, which language the content’s written in.

The language code is added to the URL and defines which language the content is written in. Also, it is a positive SEO implication- By keeping each translation on a unique URL, search engines can index your content many times.

Gtranslate – Google Translate


Gtranslate is a free Google translate plugin for a WordPress website. It can easily translate your web pages to add a language switcher powered by Google.

However, it hides a better translation popup and suggests the Google Translate bar from the top. In this plugin, there is also an option to open the translated page in a new window.

Also, users can switch back and forth between both the original content and translated content. There are a lot of styles for the dropdown and flags, you can select from.

Bing Website Translator

Bing website translator plugin

Bing Website Translator works in a similar way to Google. Also, Bing provides an automatic translation tool. Bing Translator plugin uses Bing’s translator tool to automatically translate content on your pages.

Maintained by Microsoft Open Technologies, this plugin can translate your WordPress site to more than 40 languages. Its slick admin panel is very much adaptable to your Website in terms of quality work.

The core features of Bing Website Translator

  • Easy setup
  • Use it as a widget as well as shortcode
  • Often no impact on page loads
  • Import/Export settings to easily transfer configurations.

Final Thought

In the end, we can say that translating your website is a good practice to make your blogs user-friendly and at the same time can gain popularity among its visitors. For this, these WordPress Multilingual plugins are what you need to look for.

We hope this post helped you to choose the best translation plugins for your WordPress website. Choose the best plugin and translate your WordPress site with ease.

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