5 Benefits Of Using Offshore Web Hosting for Your Small Business

5 Benefits Of Using Offshore Web Hosting for Your Small Business
5 Benefits Of Using Offshore Web Hosting for Your Small Business

If you are looking for a hosting solution for your small business website, we recommend going with offshore hosting. What is that, you might ask? Offshore hosting means storing your website on a server that is located outside the country you reside in. Such a practice offers many benefits, some of which are not readily apparent.

There are quite a few differences between offshore and onshore hosting. The main one is that the former lets you host content that might be otherwise forbidden in your country. On top of that, offshore hosting tends to be faster and more secure while protecting your privacy. Such hosting also allows you to take advantage of the laws and tax code of a different country.

Sounds pretty neat, right? In this article, we will dive deeper into the world of offshore hosting and present you with five key benefits of using such a solution for your small business.

1. Privacy and Anonymity

In today’s world, it is getting harder and harder to protect your privacy from hackers or the government. One of the biggest benefits of offshore hosting is the fact that it provides you with anonymity. Keeping your identity safe is essential if you run a high-risk business that might cause you problems with authorities. For example, if you’re operating an adult website, you’ll need to think twice about your server’s locations. Many countries outright forbid adult content to be hosted on their territory.

If your country falls into that category, make sure to find a reliable offshore hosting provider.

How do offshore hosting companies protect your identity? In many cases, they only accept payment methods that are not linked to any personal data — like Bitcoin, for example. Some providers even go the extra mile and do not keep any information regarding their clients.

2. Freedom of Expression

Unfortunately, there are a lot of countries that still struggle with the issue of freedom of speech. It is often impossible or outright dangerous to run some types of websites there. There are also countries with very strict laws that prohibit certain content — online gambling, adult sites, or even movie streaming. Offshore hosting lets you freely express yourself and present your content or products. 

Choosing a country with less restrictive laws will allow you to run whatever type of website you want. After all, all your data will fall under the laws of the country where the physical server is located. So, if you want to create a streaming website but live in a place where that might be impossible, you should seek out a reputable offshore hosting provider.

3. No DMCA Takedowns 

The Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) is an American law that gives copyright owners the right to remove any perceived content infringements without having to go through the proper legal process. As a result, many content creators have to deal with frivolous DMCA claims, which cost them time and money. Fortunately, offshore hosting is able to protect you from such things.

Offshore hosting providers are extremely careful about where their servers are located. As we already mentioned, the data stored on a server is subject to the laws of the country where the server is. If you choose offshore hosting, you will not have to worry about DMCA claims on your content.

4. Customer Preferences and Load Time

Offshore hosting can also help you better reach your intended customer base. Did you know that people prefer to buy from online vendors that appear physically close to them? Depending on where your target customers are, you might want to consider getting an offshore hosting solution that is closer to their location. 

Let’s say you are located in the USA and you want to better reach customers in Europe — in this scenario, a country like Iceland would be a perfect spot for hosting your website.

Also, the site will be able to load quite faster for your customers if it is hosted at a nearby location. Good loading times generally result in better user interaction, conversion rates, and ultimately — sales.

5. Tax Benefits and Lower Overall Costs

If high tax rates are eating large portions of your income, you might want to move your business to a place that has better taxation laws. Many online businesses struggle to stay afloat because of high taxes. Countries like the Netherlands and Switzerland have quite motivating tax policies that will make your venture way more profitable. So, you can see how moving your website to such a country would be beneficial for you. 

On top of that, offshore hosting is often cheaper — especially if you compare it to the prices USA hosting companies charge. Offshore hosting providers offer much better features and support while charging a lot less than their onshore counterparts.

Offshore Hosting Can Boost Your Website’s Success

As you can see, there are plenty of benefits to hosting your small business website with an offshore provider. In addition to anonymity and protection from censorship or DMCA claims, you can reach your target customers better and even pay less in taxes. When you combine that with the overall speed and security that offshore hosting provides, the overall results for your business will be quite positive.

There are many offshore hosting providers out there, so you need to pick the one that is right for you. We recommend that you check out some reviews of European web hosting companies before making a final decision. Consider all the benefits we talked about when choosing, and make sure you pick the best country for your business needs.

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