Flaunt7 (Review) – The Best DMCA Ignored Offshore Hosting Provider In 2023

Flaunt7 (Review) – The Best DMCA Ignored Offshore Hosting Provider In 2023

Flaunt7 is a top Offshore hosting service provider company that offers you to host a WordPress Website, image galleries as well as WooCommere blogs. It is one of the World’s best Hosting provider in terms of freedom of speech or press.

Where WooCommerce is widely popular e-commerce platform is home to nearly 400,000 sites and is very popular e-commerce solution across all the websites with powering around 42% & more of all the online stores.

WooCommerce lets you create an e-commerce business (store), manage inventory, accept payments, and much more. It comes with almost all the functionalities that you require to open an online store.

As with the name itself “Flaunt” gives us an explanation of the hosting provider that you can opt for a completely new experience of web hosting that can fly your imagination without any barrier. 

One thing that makes this hosting provider, a highly preferred choice worldwide is that it lets you publish anything that you want on your Website blogs without need to worry about the copyright laws of DMCA.

DMCA ignored Web-hosting – An ideology

DMCA (Digital Millennium Copyright Act) is the U.S copyright act that deals with protecting the interests of intellectual property rights. This law monitors whether you are hosting a legal or illegal Website or contents. Most of the Web hosting service is very much aware of the DMCA and adhere to there rules and regulations. 

As Web hosting is one of the key components of every successful website. Choosing a new WordPress as host – selecting a suitable and cheap WordPress hosting plan for your WordPress site is very important.

Nowadays, there is some advancement that comes to the Internet World that brings about new opportunities for Webmaster and subscribers to display and run their profitable business online. It allows you to claim each version of your website.

That includes HTTP, https, www, and non-www. However, each version is considered as a separate asset. Please select the property that matches your preferred domain format. As a domain name is like a big address book that is constantly updated.

For this, they are moving towards the DMCA ignored Web hosting solutions that give a new beginning for the world web market arena.

A DMCA ignored Webhosting is nothing but another hosting provider that can accept your blogs or contents even it is illegal to some extent with respect to the copyright laws. The only thing that it undertakes is to make you the sole responsible for any complaint that is made against you for your unauthorized published content.

In other words, if a complaint is made against you or your site from any person, then you have to face the music.  

Now let’s get back to the main point about Flaunt7 that can be your best choice for a DMCA ignored hosting provider. 

Flaunt7 – Offshore Hosting Provider

Flaunt7 offshore hosting provider

Flaunt is the high quality and strong hosting provider that you can consider for your online content or blogs. With Flaunt you just least to worry about any copyright laws. If anyone complains about your web content, he or she needs to send an email to the Website admin of Flaunt7.

The admin then can take further action if it founds the complaint is in accordance with the court’s order. The reason why Flaunt is among the best in offshore hosting providers is that it is located in those countries or territories where there is almost no action to be taken on the copyright content matter. A top VPS hosting service, Flaunt7 is the ideal choice for your Web hosting needs that can have a retained guarantee of a good uptime performance and some quality hardware setup. 

When we talk about the company’s influence, it makes its name famed due to its hardworking nature that provides you effortless and peaceful VPS hosting. The company even has some Foreign clients, mainly from Europe, From cities like Paris and Amsterdam. 

Flaunt7 customer support has been exceptional that contains some of the qualified Personal in the line of customer service day-night long that just eagerly to solve all your queries if arise and gives you the most appropriate solution for your queries.  

Reasons to Choose Flaunt7

Flaunt7 provides great complexity to your Website and its contents and has some distinct features that can make it a slight difference from other Offshore hosting providers. 

Great Performance Optimization

The Flaunt7 offers you some serious performance optimization for your cloud-based technology, cloud tuning, cloud hosting, etc; so that your site performance can go to new heights.

Powerful Hardware

Using the latest generated processors with a solid and strong drive and high memory is just exceptional for some additional performance that is needed to be undermined.   

Worldwide support

Flaunt7 is always available for all your problems that are countered on the go. Its highly qualified support personnel are ready 24/7 to provide you the most relevant information and solutions based on your queries. 

Repair Of Hacked Sites

Another very interesting and quite useful feature of Flaunt7 is that it can also protect your Website if it gets hacked by using some of the proper means of the site repair facility. There are professional technicians that stand just behind to ensure that the company’s service is up to date that provides efficient and quality support to the company’s infrastructure for 24*7*365.     

With this, Flaunt7 not only repair your hacked site but also protect it with on the spot issue clearance.    

All major payment methods accepted 

Flaunt7 can accept all the major payment methods like E-wallets, credit cards, Net Banking, Debit cards, etc; so that you need not worry about a single particular paying option.   

Censor free Net use  

With Flaunt7, you can browse and surf the World Wide Web without any restrictions as well as in an efficient manner with cyberspace security.  

Zero Log Policy

Flaunt7 is just clear all your logs in every six months to ensure nothing illegal activities had been done to your blogs.

99.9% uptime guaranteed

Flaunt7 is just maintained its network overall uptime that remains constantly to 99.9% due to its hard work on monitoring and improving its technique and network performance. 

Flaunt7 Offshore hosting – Plans and Pricing 

Flaunt7 Offshore hosting comes with various plans and pricing with some distinct and advanced features that you can opt for which is as follows;

Offshore Shared Hosting

This is a very popular hosting plan that is provided by Flaunt7 which is further subdivided into nine categories which are as follows;


This plan offers you unlimited domains that you can choose with 10 GB storage space, 0.5TB bandwidth, Apache + Nginx, cPanel + Cloudinux, 128MB RAM 0.25 CPU Cores, Free SSL Certificate, offers you Litespeed, Free domains are not included. 

This plan is just perfect to offer you the features that are needed for your site to be fully functional and gives you a satisfying hosting experience. 

Pricing-  This plan cost you $0.99/month


This plan offers you unlimited domains, 25GB storage, and 1TB bandwidth, cPanel + Cloudinux, Apache + Nginx, 0.85 CPU Cores, 1GB RAM, Free SSL Certificate, Free Domains on a 12-month plan. 

This plan is just ideal for any startup that wants a dedicated hosting server to run its online business in a profitable direction. 

Pricing-  This plan comes with a cost of $3.99 per month. 

Startup Pro

This plan can give you Unlimited domains, 40GB storage, and 1.5TB bandwidth, cPanel + Cloudinux, Litespeed, Apache + Nginx, 1.2 CPU cores, 2GB RAM, Free SSL certificate, a Free domain for 3 months.

This plan just suited for any person who wants to make its Website or blogs to perform well with some quite passion. 

Pricing-  This plan can be yours with a monthly cost of $7.99


A perfect plan that includes features such as Unlimited domains, bandwidth, and 60GB storage, 2TB Bandwidth, Litespeed, Apache + Nginx, cPanel + Cloudinux, 3.5GB RAM, 1.8 CPU cores as well as free SSL certificate, and free domain.

This plan is just suited for the online business process that can give you a brand new experience in marketing your product and services in an efficient and result-oriented manner. 

Pricing-  This plan comes with a price of $13.99/month.

Business Pro 

This plan includes Unlimited domains, 200GB storage, and 4TB bandwidth, Litespeed, cPanel + Cloudinux, Apache + Nginx, 7GB RAM, 2.5 CPU cores, as well as free SSL certificate, and free domain.

A complete solution for your Business Website, this plan can rejuvenate your hosting needs without any hurdle and run your Website blogs in some commanding success.

Pricing-  You can grab this hosting plan with a cost of $27.99 on monthly basis.


This plan includes Unlimited domains, 400GB Storage, Litespeed, 6TB bandwidth, cPanel + Cloudinux, Apache + Nginx, 3.5 CPU cores, 15GB RAM, as well as free domain and free SSL certificate.

This plan is what you want to set-up a highly successful website that can level up your online business strength to some extent. 

Pricing-  This plan can cost you as much as $47.99 per month.  

Enterprise Pro 

This plan covers Unlimited domains, 600GB storage, Litespeed, 8TB bandwidth, Apache + Nginx, Cloudinux + cPanel, 4.5 CPU cores, 24GB RAM, Free domain as well as Free SSL certificate.

A sophisticated and effective solution for your offshore hosting requirement, this plan is just the right choice to boost your online business with profitable leads. 

Pricing-  You have to pay $67.99 monthly for this plan.  


This plan comes with unlimited domains, 800GB storage, domains,12TB bandwidth, cPanel & Cloudinux, Apache & Nginx, 6 CPU cores, 40GB RAM, Free SSL certificate and Free domain.

An ultimate choice for your hosting needs, this plan can lead to your blog success with the best and effective features and options that come into play. 

Pricing-  This plan will cost you $97.99 per month. 

Ultimate Pro

Last but not least, this plan provides you Unlimited domains, 1400GB storage,16TB bandwidth, Litespeed, cPanel + Cloudinux, 10 CPU cores, 64GB RAM, Free domain and Free SSL certificate. 

A dream plan for your Offshore shared hosting requirement, Ultimate Pro just makes your Website functionality threefolds with the most advanced and sophisticated features. 

Pricing-  This plan has a cost of $137.99 on monthly basis.  

Cloud VPS Hosting

This hosting also comes in nine more categories that are as follows;

Linxoid 0.5 GB

It includes 0.5GB RAM, 0.25 Core, 15GB SSD storage, 1 iPv4, and 0.25TB Bandwidth with a price of $3.5 per month.  

Linxoid 1 GB

It includes 1.0GB RAM, 0.50 Core, 30GB SSD storage, 1 iPv4, and 0.50TB Bandwidth with a price of $5 per month.

Linxoid 2 GB

It includes 2GB RAM, 1 Core, 60GB SSD Storage, 1 iPv4, 1TB Bandwidth with a price of $9.99 per month.

Linxoid 4 GB

It includes 4GB RAM, 2 Cores, 200GB SSD Storage, 1 iPv4, 2TB Bandwidth with a price of $19.99 per month

Linxoid 8 GB

It includes 8GB RAM, 4 Cores, 200GB SSD Storage, 1 iPv4, 4TB Bandwidth with a price of $34.99 per month.

In this plan, four other categories are listed below

  • Linxoid 16 GB
  • Linxoid 32 GB
  • Linxoid 96 GB
  • Linxoid 128 GB

Offshore Dedicated Server

This plan comes with six categories that are following;

  • Elanza Core 2 Quad comes with a price of price $99.99 per month.
  • Elanza Core i7 4 Core that comes with a price of price $129.99 per month.           
  • Elanza Core i7 6-Core that cost you $299.99/ month.
  • Elanza Xeon E5 2620v2 with 12-Core with a special price of price $279.99 per month.
  • Elanza Xeon E5 2630v4 10 Core comes with $399.99 per month.
  • Elanza Intel Xeon E5 2630v4 20 Core comes with a price of $439.99 per month.

High Privacy VPS

This plan is subdivided into four categories and comes with the initial price of $49.99 per month that are;

  • Offshore 4GB
  • Offshore 8GB
  • Offshore 16GB
  • Offshore 32GB

Offshore Reseller Hosting

This plan has three categories that are listed below with the starting price of $19.99 per month;

  • Reseller Level 1
  • Reseller Level 2
  • Reseller Level 3


Flaunt7 hosting provider is a superb option for all your hosting needs, the company continuously growing to become one of the best Offshore hosting providers and what’s more, it is also one of the secure hosting service providers that best ignore DMCA copyright laws.

Just try out the various hosting plans provided by Flaunt7 that are just tremendous and feature-rich and tends to make your Website blogs valuable assets for your online business.

If you want some help with your WordPress hosting, then just feel free to contact our customer support team that is just on the spot for giving you relevant solutions for your problems. Just dial +1-888-738-0846 (toll-free), we will be pleased to help you out. 


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