What Is Absolute Path In WordPress?

An absolute path is a location of a directory or file in a computer, which is also commonly referred to as file path and full path. It contains the root directory as well as all other subdirectories. In which the file or directory contains, where the directories and subdirectories listed in the path are separated by a forward slash(/).

Paths are used largely in operating systems for representing the file and directory relationships. They are also crucial to the operation of the internet and basis formation of URLs. Just like as the absolute path for the computer start with a drive letter. Similarly, for the web, it starts with the root directory of the file.

However, there are also relative paths in addition to absolute paths. They define the location of a file relative to the working directory, or the current directory you are located in. It doesn’t matter what directory you are currently in you can always use an absolute path to locate a resource on the system because these paths use a root directory that is usually on the top of the file tree.

For example, like in Linux and Unix based operating systems the absolute path usually start with a forward slash (/). Each directory is also separated by forwarding slashes.


  • /home/aditi/www/blog/index.php

In Microsoft, Windows-based operating systems and web servers are separated by backslashes and start with a drive letter.

  • C:\Windows\Users\aditi\html\docs\blog\index.php

URLs follow the Unix convention on the internet for using forwards slashes to separate files and as well as directories on servers.

Absolute path vs Relative path

An absolute path contains a complete URL, which includes a protocol, a website’s domain name or maybe a specific file whereas a relative link only contains the name of the specific file or page, which is relative to the current path. You may refer to the difference given here:

Absolutepath vs relative path

How to find the absolute path of your WordPress root directory?

By navigating the folder structure in your device or if you want to find the absolute path of your WordPress installation on the web server. You have to:

  • Download file absolute-path.php
$p = getcwd();
echo $p;
  • Place this file where you have installed WordPress or on your web server.
  • Move to the URL address of the file on your browser

For Examplehttp://mywebsite.com/absolute-path.php

  • Then the browser will reveal the absolute path of your root directory.

Echo Absolute path of WordPress Installation

You can simply use this command –

//Shows the absolute path of WordPress

ABSPATH is a constant defined in the wp-config.php file where it refers to the directory in which WordPress is installed.

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