10 Top WooCommerce Competitors 2018?

10 Top WooCommerce Competitors 2018?

Like others, WooCommerce too have its Competitors lets get started along with 10 Top WooCommerce Competitors in 2018? If still, you are not convinced that you want to buy it or not. Then one of the most effective methods to go through it would be to try the vendor’s free trial or demo which is offered to you. Where you will get a direct contact with the features and inner working of the program.

However, another good idea is to test free trials of other e-commerce Software services. Since all other competitors provide that kind of test ride nowadays or not. Here in this blog, we will illustrate 10 WooCommerce Competitors of 2018.

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10 Best WooCommerce Competitors

  1. Shopify
  2. Magento
  3. PrestaShop
  4. Volusion
  5. BigCommerce
  6. JumpSeller
  7. OsCommerce
  8. Shopkeep
  9. LemonStand
  10. BigCartel

Let’s get started in detail!

1. Shopify

Shopify conversion

Shopify is one of the favorite e-commerce platform. The user interface of the admin panel is very simple. Moreover, it has some limitations, there are not many things I was not able to accomplish with it. It is a noteworthy player in the e-commerce business. The great downside is the limited ability to change the checkout page. While you have some control over it.

So if you are trying to design the checkout page to be exactly how you want. Shopify is probably not for you. In fact, none of the hosted solutions will provide customization for the checkout process. So you may leave the Self-Hosted section right away.


  • Shopify POS has surprised the little business world like its guardian programming, this application is difficult to explore.
  • Simple to set-up, and simple to utilize.
  • Its point of Sale can be sold individually or as an extra to a current retail site, and it matches up naturally.
  • It has an impressive choice of elements.
  • It allows you to do anything from transferring and overseeing stock to physically including items and photographs.

2. Magento

Magento WooCommerce

Magento is an e-commerce platform that has been around for ages. Although it’s used by a great majority of the big e-commerce site. I would prefer most companies against many reasons for this, but difficulty to customize would be number one.

The platform is like a giant complex dinosaur that just won’t quit. Yes, it has plenty of features. But the user interface is not friendly at all. Another big issue is that many store face is the terribly slow performance that arises on Magento theme. There are many different things in magneto to fix the problem. But the fact that you have to especially fix the issue is a big no-no for me already.


  • Magento is most frequently visited platforms in terms of e-commerce for development.
  • It is used by huge retailers like Samsung, Nespresso and innumerable.
  • It is the most vigorously utilized free e-business programming, used a lot of dealers around the world.

3. PrestaShop


PrestaShop is an open source free e-commerce services up to 200,000 online stores, which is getting profit from this platform in the world. The main aims of PrestaShop are ensuring the success of a single businessman. By giving them good options required in running their business online.

They make it easy to sell online by affording up to 300 features. And an overall program that can be configured to each merchant’s needs. PrestaShop comes in two structures (both are free). Vendors can decide they both download the product and locate their own particular facilitating administration. Both alternatives offer the same broad elements set and simple-to-use administrator.

4. Volusion


Volusion is same as the Shopify platform, it is about a hundred times less customizable. For beginners, the complete site is generated using just one main template file. If that does not enough you cannot also retrieve basic information about the store, product, categories, or cart contents needed for many remarketing tracking scripts.

The model is comparable – you are successfully leasing your store on a month to month premise. And in the process accessing the force tags and customization capability of the Volusion stage.

  • If you don’t have to download anything or introduce anything all alone to get your online store going.
  • Simply you need to join the Volusion site, and you can begin working with your store in a matter of minutes.

5. BigCommerce


Among the all WooCommerce competitor, BigCommerce is much flexible. It is like as the Volusion and Shopify, but I would prefer more to Volusion than Shopify. Moreover, you can change it simply but it lacks the control of Shopify.

It looks like that you can apply for google trusted stores. Save the product with their built-in functionalities, but trying to apply a different system would most likely.

There is a zone where BigCommerce is better than Volusion would be the user interface of the admin panel. It looks much easier and cleaner to navigate.


  • It starts at $29.50 per month.
  • You also have to pay a 1.5 percent transaction fee with this plan.
  • In addition to other credit card processing fees. Another word, you could find yourself losing money even while making sales.

6. JumpSeller

jumpseller,woocommerce competitor

JumpSeller is also the competitor of WooCommerce and it is a proficient hosted platform. It works is to design elegant online stores, demanding on technical know-how to install and organize your online business.

It permits you to enter your product, choose the payment and shipping ways. Choose a theme and you are all set to accepting the online order from the beginning. The service does not ask you to set up any other software to start your online store.

The service supports a variety of international payment methods like bank transfer or fetches on providing. You can also translate your store’s content into a number of worldwide spoken languages according to your choice.

Without thinking put the item pictures, content, and more with our natural interface. Include another installment or delivery strategy in a couple clicks. Under a second you can have the online store your business merits

7. OsCommerce

OsCommerce- WooCommerce competitors

OsCommerce is a fiercely popular stage for e-trade locales, gloating 12,800 enlisted junctions at the season of composing. There are thousand alone from the OsCommerce people group on the web and a prominent online gathering for help and backing.

Genuinely it is open source and allowed to use under GNU (General Public License). There are thought to be an aggregate of more than 260,000 special stores as of now working on the OsCommerce platform.

OSCommerce is a good choice. Since it is anything but difficult to use, simple to change, and simple to get running only the way you need its plugin. There is an issue with regards to unwavering quality and adaptability, and when your item database gets to a specific size.

8. Shopkeep


Shopkeep is also a WooCommerce competitor. It is a straightforward and the rich bit of programming. It is pointed unequally at little organizations and has cut out a space taking into account sustenance and refreshment dealers.

Thus, most of the retailers, sustenance vendor, will not feel safe at home with this iPad POS framework. Shopkeep is good for little forte merchants like, claim to fame nourishment, wine shop, blessing shops, bread shop, toy stores, snack etc.

It is like all around intended for use in food service applications. Like as too little bistros, frozen yogurt shops, coffeehouses, and nourishment trucks. ShopKeep is perfect for little to medium estimated organizations. It has done well to stay in this corner.

9. LemonStand


It is also a WooCommerce competitor. It assists web developers, offices and quickly developing brands and make the excellent online store that emerges from the group and gives more. LemonStand has moved with the times in late memory. Changing things up a gear to offer a cloud-construct management in light of a model like a significant part of the opposition.

Nowadays LemonStand has an administration to match the accurate players in the business sector. That makes it simple to start your store as per your requirements.

10. BigCartel

BigCartel logo

Among the all WooCommerce competitors, Big Cartel is much flexible than all. It moves out with the creativity like, artists and specialists, outlined as a stage for them. And offer their weavers direct to its fans. From the viewpoint of e-business, this represents the stage of agonizingly simple to utilize everything.

Here you can get your store up and run in few minutes. With a more constrained list of capabilities than a portion of the bigger, comprehensive applications, it merits ensuring. Big Cartel is an ideal choice for your store before dove in.

It will be ideal for you and for anyone who goes through it. It provides your online store a fabulous visual nearness and does not require any site building capabilities from you or from any other one. Lastly, at the end of the day. It ideals for somebody who is simply beginning and needs straightforwardness towards the same content.


It is simple to feel, while at the time of start out online business we researching the different e-commerce solutions available. Here we discussed many WooCommerce competitors. Now you can start out your online business. we suggest you choose WooCommerce. Because it is one of the best platform, free and easy to use.

It is actually quite straightforward figuring out what’s going to work is perfect for you. If you have any question related to this, let me know in the comments.

We hope this post helped you! Also, don’t forget to tell us which one you choose?

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