How to Secure Emails from Spammers With WordPress Email Encoder?

Are you want to Secure Emails from Spammers With WordPress Email Encoder? And also, are you wish to share your email address on your site without getting caught by spam bots? Keep reading this guide, we will explain you.

However, when you add an email link or plain text email address, then it will be copied by the most spam email harvesting bot.

Here, in this guide, we are going to illustrate you how to easily protect emails from spammers with email encoder.

Why is Email Encoding Important?

Most website owners do not realize that pasting their email address on their pages, posts or a contact page can put you at too much risk of email spam.

However, spammers use email harvesting bots that automatically browse the web to gather web addresses. These email addresses are sold to spammers all over the world.

This is the reason we almost always suggest creating a contact form rather than sharing an email address.

Now you have a problem that is sometimes you can need to add an email address which users can copy or click to email.

Thankfully, there is only a way to do this. Secure your email address from spammers. It is called email encoding and it is very easy.

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Now, let’s take a look at how to do that:

Protect Emails from Spammers with WordPress Email Encoder

First, you have to install the Email Address Encoder plugin and then activate it. To know more, see our guide how to install a plugin in WordPress.

However, the plugin works out of the box, and you do not have any settings to configure.

After activation the plugin, the email address encoder simply starts encoding email addresses in WordPress pages and posts, widgets, custom post types, etc.

This means that it changes plain text email address to decimal and hexadecimal entities.

If you see your page’s page source, you’ll see email addressed encoded like this:

Emails from Spammers

Like this, when an email harvesting bot goes to the source of your page, they will not be able to see the email addresses.

However, real human users will see plain text email addresses in their browser window.

Emails from Spammers

Wrapping Up

Here, we have discussed How to Secure Email from Spammers With WordPress Email Encoder?

We hope these ways helped you to learn how to secure email from spammers with WordPress email encoder, If you have any problem, tell us in the comments.

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