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Insert Tables in WordPress Posts and Pages via Plugins
Insert Tables in WordPress Posts and Pages via Plugins

In order to insert tables in WordPress post or page, there are many places where you want to convey the users in a tabular form by presenting and organizing your data. In other words we can say, adding a table in WordPress post or page helps to deliver the message directly to the users.

We all know that WordPress does not arrive with inbuilt table insertion feature. Thus, you may copy and paste the table which is already created with word editors such as MS Office etc.

Editor may refer to a pre-defined user role. As an editor, users have the authority to edit, write, publish, and delete posts. This includes posts which are written by other users.

Often, the tables pasted from other word editors are not very visually attractive. And sometimes they do not even display properly on the different sized screen. However, no CSS style is available for table, Tbody, Tr, Td elements.

Some of the WordPress premium themes arrive with customizable CSS styles for these default table elements. And the easy solution for this problem is to use a relevant WordPress plugin. CSS stands for Cascading Style Sheet. These are the documents which contain the styling rules that can be applied to HTML or XML, (along with some structural formats).

In WordPress, there are various ways by which you can add the table in your blog post.

Thus, this is what we are elaborating here! Keep reading…

Insert Tables In WordPress Posts And Pages by Using TinyMCE Advanced Plugin

However, TinyMCE is the most popular plugin for inserting responsive tables in WordPress posts and pages. Where the articles posted by the admin of a WordPress site are called posts and pages are like posts. Pages can be managed in a hierarchical structure in WordPress.

Consequently, along with this plugin, it is easy to put a table in WordPress post or page. As easy as you insert the tables in Word Document. Whereas, you may draw the tables right in front of your eyes using Table Insertion Tool.

It too has some of the key features which are illustrated as follows:

  • Custom CSS support.
  • Font background color support.
  • Search and replace data in tables.
  • Easy to create and edit tables in the editor.
  • Subscript (SX) and Superscript(SX) support.
  • You can map the browser context (right-click) menu to Table Menu (Cut, Copy, Insert etc.) and much more.

Thereafter, we start the plugin’s installing process of the very task, Steps for performing that are as follows:

Step 1: The very first thing you need to do is just Install and activate the TinyMCE Advanced plugin. However, if you are not very aware of installing a plugin. Then have a look at our blog, on how to install a WordPress plugin.

Step 2: After activation, the plugin will add Table Insertion Tool in the WordPress Editor. Whereas, a toolbar is added in the editor to create, modify, and customize the tables. Have a look at the screenshot below:

insert tables in wordpress tinymce advanced
Insert Tables in WordPress tinymce advanced

Step 3: Now, if you wish to add a new table. Then, you need to press/click on Table Insertion Tool option. Which is next to you on your working window screen. Hence, from there you may select or choose the number of rows and columns of your table from your PC.

Now, you are all set! And ready to work along with the new tables.

Inserting Tables in WordPress Posts and pages by Using MCE Table Button

Inserting a table by using MCE Table Button is represented as follows:

The MCE Table Button adds a button for the regular editor. Which makes it easy to add/insert tables to any post or page.

Inserting Tables in WordPress Using MCE Table Button
Inserting Tables in WordPress Using MCE Table Button

Well, the MCE table buttons do not add any new menus to your WordPress website. However, this adds only a button to the WordPress Editor for inserting the table. Consequently, by clicking on it, that reveals a mini menu along with a simple interface to create a table of any dimensions up to 10*10.

inserting table in WordPress
Inserting Table in WordPress

After adding the table, you may start entering data into the cells from your PC. Somehow, it looks a bit strange at first. But often, you fill a line once. It opens up and becomes easier to see onto your working window screen.

Filling the data in a table is an easy task to be performed. Because you can tab between the cells. And can use the arrow keys to navigate in any of the direction. Now, you are all set! And can use the new table from the options menu.

Inserting Tables in WordPress Posts and pages by Using TablePress

TablePress is a plugin for inserting and displaying tables in WordPress Posts and Pages. For this just install and activate the TablePress Plugin. After activating, you will find a new top-level menu inserted in your WordPress Admin Dashboard.

Where a plugin is defined as a type of software that contains a group of functions that can be added to a WordPress website. They are used to provide additional functionality to your application.

As admin has full power over the site and can do everything related to the administration of the site.

Adding new button will take you to this page. Where you can set your table name and size. Do not worry, you may update rows and columns later.

Inserting Tables in WordPress Using TablePress
Inserting Tables in WordPress Using TablePress

Creating a table provides you the access to the complete table editor. Where you will enter your complete data.

However, You may rearrange rows and columns, add links, combine cells. Similarly, a ton of practical functionality is built into the editor.

Now, you are almost ready to display the table. After that, copy the shortcode from the table page and paste it into the site editor. As shortcodes are those special functions/tags that allows the user to quickly and easily pull related bits of mentioned functionality into their content. Often you may use the new table button added by the TablePress.

tablepress button
Tablepress Button

Finally, you are all done with inserting process.

Can You Create a Table Without a Plugin?

Very often, you may manually type out the table markup in the editor. I will never suggest this as a solution for building out the tables.

The MCE table button creates HTML for you. Which makes it very easy and fast to perform the very task. However, it does not load any new files on your site. Thus, it will not slow down your WordPress Website. And along with this, it does not mess up your admin with any new menus.

Of course, table tape is an excellent choice for all those who are looking to create large, reusable tablets. And those who want to import or export from their Website.


We hope this blog helped you to easily insert tables in WordPress posts and pages via Plugin. However, if you found the blog useful, do not forget to use the comment section provided below.

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