20 Of The Best WordPress Video Themes To Look For In 2023

Videos are the simplest way to deliver your ideas and the most effective way to deliver your thought in the form of multimedia is to opt for the best WordPress video themes. Therefore the importance of a video website is definite. WordPress makes it very simple to upload or embed videos to create your video site with some interest.

Online videos are just an excellent source of entertainment but also equivalent to a mean of education, marketing, awareness, etc. So, creating your video website with WordPress themes has some certain reasons as these themes are literally easy to apply.

Here we have a list of some of the awesome WordPress themes of 2023 that you can use to create a Website efficiently.

Creating a Video Website with WordPress

First of all, make sure that you have selected the best website platform to create your video website. And a self-hosted WordPress.org is a good platform for that.

It offers you flexibility and gives you access to thousands of website designs, add-ons, and extensions. Next, sign up for a WordPress hosting account. All websites require hosting and this will be your website’s home on the internet.

You’ll also require a domain name so that users will type in their browser to reach your website. It will be your website’s address on the internet like wpglobalsupport.com or google.com).

We suggest using Bluehost as they are one of the largest website hosting companies in the world. You’ll need to install WordPress after signing up for hosting. If you don’t know how then see our step by step guide to 4 simple steps to install WordPress. After that, you are ready to select a theme for your website.

Best WordPress video themes

1. Vidorev

Vidorev WordPress Video theme

VidoRev is a WordPress video theme that comes with lots of multipurpose and modern demo content. However, this theme has every great feature that you want to launch your own video streaming platform, news and magazine site, or a video blog. VidoRev provides you a lot of different options for how your site will look and function.

Vidorev is the new and trendy WordPress theme for Videoblogs that can transform the motion pictures of your Video to the next level. Vidorev is a fully responsive theme that can run in any device. Not only videos but the theme is highly appreciated for its usefulness in many applications like news, magazine, blog, etc.

In addition, you can take the full advantage of the useful video-focused features of VidoRev. These can allow you to create video playlists on your own website. Also, you can organize your content, publish video sliders, with a variety of features to help your visitors find the next file in a sequence of videos.

However, the VidoRev package comes with lots of pre-built website demos. That including some which are focused on particular types of content such as travel, sports, and technology-related videos. While others have some more general-purpose designs.

Although with the help of VidoRev you can also enable your visitors to upload their own video content to your website. However, if you allow this functionality for the users. Then also you get full control over how this aspect of your site works. Such as what video file sizes are accepted and where the files are stored.

In addition, users will be able to submit their video files and add supporting content such as descriptions, from the front-end forms. Therefore this functionality makes the whole process as user-friendly as possible.

Also, if you want to monetize your site, by the idea of selling video content files, downloads, or setting up a subscription service for your website. Then also VidoRev has such kind of functionality for that too. Also, you are able to display pre-roll adverts on your videos to monetize your own website in another way.

The support for the bbPress plugin allows you to add discussion forums to your video site as well. As well as letting visitors contribute content to your site. This theme also provides you the option of importing videos straight from YouTube account. While you can do this manually with the VidoRev.

In addition, this theme makes it possible to specify a channel or playlist that you would like to import automatically from your YouTube videos. With the help of this feature, you can ensure that your video site has a steady stream of new content automatically added to it on a regular basis.

The theme just fantastically shows the videos from the stylish drop-down menu. You can store your video files in storage. The theme provides a full-width layout of Videos with live search through AJAX.

The Vidorev’s special youtube channel can automatically fetch youtube videos into the posts. The theme also supports WooCommerce sites, video ads. Its smart toolbar can also let you customize the videos. The theme’s demo can be imported in a single click.


With the regular license, the theme costs you $59. You can also extend the support up to 12 months at $17.63.

2. Vodi

Vodi WP video theme

Vodi is the new Video WordPress theme developed specifically for the Movies and TV-shows as well as entertainment websites. The theme with its core blog feature provides you with a perfect platform to be compatible with the leading video streaming apps like Amazon, Youtube or Netflix.

Vodi’s MAS Videos plugin is the sole highlight of the functionality of the theme enabling you to manage the video content with the support of the WooCommerce site. The theme comes with the 9 homepages, 4 footers and 4 demos that can be installed in a single click.

Gutenburg optimized, the theme comes with the light or dark versions of the pages to better revolutionize the outlook of your video site.


The theme is available at $35 with a regular license and can offer the extended support op to 12 months at $8.63.

3. Vlog

Vlog Video WordPress theme

Vlog is the perfect video site theme for your special occasional videos such as videography, etc. A top-rated theme, Vlog is very trendy when it comes to providing the most attractive and dynamic videos that can say your style.

With Vlog, there are so many choices that are present in terms of your site’s requirement. You can share your thought in form social videos like video sharing, viral videos, blogging of videos as well as a video tutorial in the best effective way as possible.

The theme is fully compatible with the leading video sites like YouTube, Vimeo, Dailymotion, Netflix, etc. The theme is also highly responsive to the latest gazettes and especially in a mobile-friendly way. Supported with WordPress 5, the theme automatically enables you to retrieve or import the videos from other platforms mainly from Youtube and Vimeo.

The Vlog’s multiple header layouts provide for the most touchy and appealing Video Websites plus the theme is also fully compatible with the trendy plugins like WooCommerce, Yoast, wp forms, etc;


The theme is available at $69 with a regular license. you can also extend the support up to 12 months at $21.38.

4. Vloma

Vloma Grid responsive WordPress video theme

A nice and beautiful WordPress theme, Vloma is meant to produce quite charming Video Websites. A quite and comprehensive theme, Vloma is your answer to building an excellent video site with simple yet much-advancing features.

The theme is best fit in any gazette like Smartphone, Laptops, PC, Tablets, etc. Its Fly-out Navigation Plugin is specifically made for Mobile and Tablets to make your Website design fully responsive with 45 customizable options. The theme provides a live search with browser customization. Its 6 custom Widgets are just great to utilize your site effectively.

The theme has unlimited colors and drags & drop features to optimize the site to good effect. The Front-end submission is a distinct feature enabling the site to become a highly digital marketplace for multiple vendors.


The theme costs you $49 with a regular license and offers extended support up to 12 months at $13.88.

5. Tides

Tides video theme

‘Tides’ is just the perfect WordPress theme to create a fantastic video Website, especially for commercial purposes. A theme based on WordPress 5.2 that tends to supports the updated version of WordPress.

The ‘Tides’ comes with multiple layout options, Working load feature, 3 homepage designs, header with background video to make your site just awesome to attach the visitors. The theme’s AJAX loading and animation feature just let you load in between your Posts and Portfolio details to save the other loading times. Its CSS3 Animations are just magnetic and worth seeing.

The theme is a complete responsive solution for the business developers, freelancers, etc; to match the user specifications on any device. The theme best comes with the full Demo data that can be imported in a single click.

‘Tides’ includes some really trendy plugins like revolution slider, custom revolution slider, video header, gallery header, image header as well as support for full retina-ready images to just revolutionize the look and display of your Video Websites.


The theme is available at $44 with a regular license. you can also extend the support up to 12 months at $12.

6. BeTube

Betube WordPress Video Theme

It is a flexible video WordPress theme ideal for creating an ideal video-sharing website. With BeTube, you get 10 various homepage designs to select from while creating your video website.

You can also be able to see all 10 homepage demos on the BeTube theme to view what this theme has to provide. After you have made a decision the developers of this theme will set up BeTube for you at no extra cost.

Another best feature of BeTube is to let the visitors sign up and start uploading their videos to your website with ease. If you’re creating a video sharing or community website then BeTube has exactly all the features you’ll require.

Your visitors can fastly login or register through the front-end forms. After this, they can share videos that are hosted outside or upload their files directly to your website.

It is also packed with customization options and tools that gives you a simple way to tweak the appearance of your video website. This video WordPress theme can also generate thumbnail images for your videos automatically.


With a regular license, the theme costs you $49. You can also extend the support up to 12 months at $13.88.

7. VideoPro


VideoPro is a well-established WordPress theme for anyone creating a video-focused site. With support for Google AMP and Facebook Instant Articles, you can assure that your website content especially the videos look good no matter what devices they’re viewed on and what platforms they’re shared on.

In case the video views are very important then you can select a highly mobile responsive WordPress theme. The recently added membership features will give you plenty of control over the Website to regulate who, what and when to access on your site.

If you want your video website to be more interactive then the full BuddyPress plugin support could come in handy. You can add many of the most famous social networking and community building features to your WordPress website by using this free plugin and its library of add-ons.

If you want to know more than move ahead to our article source on Top 5 Free YouTube Plugins for WordPress Website. VideoPro has a wealth of features that can be highly appreciated.


The theme costs you $59 with a regular license and offers extended support up to 12 months at $17.63.

8. FilmMaker

filmmaker WordPress Video Themes

It is created to help anyone build a video-focused website with WordPress. The FilmMaker video theme aims to provide you with everything you require. Either you want to give your creative agency website a professional look or ensure that your WordPress-powered blog appeals to your audience.

While using FilmMaker for creating your website you get four different homepage layouts to select from. It gives you many options for promoting your videography services, show your video portfolio online or simply create a stylish home for your video content.

This video WordPress theme also includes a number of header layouts to select from over 600 Google Fonts and full social media integration.

This WordPress theme also includes the powerful Visual Composer page builder plugin. This tool gives you an easy way to customizing any of the pre-built layouts that make up FilmMaker or create your own from scratch.

If you want to design a website to promote a film or other video project the pre-built page templates that make up this theme will help save you much time.

Adding video backgrounds to your website is easier with FilmMaker as is importing the demo content to set up your website and creating video slideshow displays.  It is a flexible WordPress theme that can be adapted to suit a wide range of video-related projects.


With a regular license, the theme costs you $70.



It has been created especially for anyone who requires building a website to promote a specific movie or another type of video. Vysual offers everything you need to create a movie promotions style website.

The demo version of Vysual looks good as those professional official movie sites. It’s best to know that you can create the same type of Website by using WordPress and an affordable off the shelf theme.

You have two main options to choose from when setting up your website with this theme. You can either configure your homepage to show a full-screen slide show or a video background. Both options work well and your visitors.

When it comes to adding videos to your site including the optional full-screen video background you can easily select from a range of sources. This includes videos from Vimeo, YouTube, and self-hosted files. There is also an audio player feature if you are creating a website for promoting a new music release.


The theme is available at $40 with a regular license. You can also extend the support up to 12 months at $10.50.

10. Vlogger

Vlogger video WP theme

It comes with six different modes to choose from each of which can be applied to your website in just a few clicks. In case you are interested in building a membership site with video content then the Vlogger is a suitable option.

If you are building a video tutorial or membership site or you just want a place to share your favorite video content then Vlogger is best to use. It gives a unique look and feels without having to edit any code yourself.

When it comes to adding and showing video content on your WordPress site this theme includes a built-in video player as well as a YouTube video importer tool. With the Vlogger, you’ll also find WordPress support for multiple payment gateways if you do decide to charge for access to your content. 


With a regular license, the theme is available at $39 and offers extended support up to 12 months at $10.13.

11. Inspiro


Inspiro is a creative multi-purpose WordPress theme as it comes with attractive full-screen video backgrounds, a gallery module, and a powerful portfolio section.

It has unique custom widgets to show portfolio showcases as it comes with four unique templates and a drag and drops page builder. It also has a video lightbox letting users watch videos in a popup for more mesmerizing user experience.


You can buy the theme at $79. With the package of all the themes, it will cost you $99 with a limited period offer.

12. Superstar


It is a modern WordPress theme for video, music and event websites. Superstar comes with a built-in video template, Soundcloud playlist, photo galleries, and full WooCommerce support. It comes with testimonials, discography and albums sections.

Superstar has a powerful slider and comes with a page builder which lets you create your own page layouts using drag and drop.


The theme is available at $58 per year for a beginner license, for a developer license, it will cost you $99 and $299 for lifetime support.

13. Lenscap


This theme is best for content-rich sites, video websites, and blogs. Lenscap features a largely featured content carousel and a footer category menu for adding content discovery at the top. It also has a lightbox popup to show your galleries and videos. It comes with full WooCommerce support and is highly customizable.



14. TheMotion


TheMotion is a professional WordPress video blogging theme that tends to provide a great look and features to your video Website. After uploading this theme to your WordPress site it only takes a few clicks for importing the demo content and lays the foundation for your new video blog.

With ‘TheMotion’ theme, you can start adding your own video content to your Website. If you want to give your website a more convincing look then the various theme options and settings will give you the commanding control over your WordPress site.

You can personalize the colors on your website through the WordPress Customizer and reorder the homepage content blocks. TheMotion also gives you much freedom when it comes to setting the background content of your pages. Custom image backgrounds, video backgrounds, and slideshow backgrounds are all made available with this popular video WordPress theme.


With a single theme, it will cost you $49. With the all themes package, it will cost you $129.

15. Viduze


Viduze is the best choice for anyone building a video magazine website. You will get a modern and fast-loading design with this theme. You will also get many page layouts and templates to select from when publishing new content on your site. There’s also a powerful theme options control panel on offer making it easy to customize many aspects of your Website.

Through the detailed controls and settings of BuddyPress, you could instead give your visitors the ability to comment and discuss the video content you upload.

You’ll also see full WooCommerce compatibility on offer with Viduze. Giving you the option of charging a fee for access to your files or any of another item available on your site. Through the one-click demo content installer, you can fastly import the outline of this theme and then start adding your own content.

If you like the look of Viduze then it’s safe to say that this theme has all the features you require to build a video magazine or news site with WordPress.



16. Personal

Personal is one of the most advanced WordPress video themes. The personal theme is well suitable for all types of personal video blogging websites and Video bloggers. This theme has a variety of useful features and functionalities. That you can utilize to make your website more eye-catching and user friendly.

Well, the Personal WordPress theme provides you all the required features such as 9 Homepage designs that is more attractive and nearly perfect in style. However, you can get them for all the specific needs of your blogs look and feel. Although types of the supported post may include images, videos, audios, slides, text, etc.

Basically layout of the Personal WordPress theme can be of both type either single column or multi-column. Also, they come with or without sidebar feature. The Personal theme is also a video blog template that has many quality options such as 40+ blog styles for your website to choose from.

In addition, this theme has all the functionality from basic to advanced requirements of any online video blogging website. Personal also gas standards to give your website unmatched performance. As you know this theme is not only for text blogging but also for Picture or Video blogging too.

Besides this, if you like to post any media-based blog with Sound Cloud Audio, So choosing the right theme is a must for your site. Because Personal WordPress theme has all that you want for a video blog website.


With a regular license, the theme is available at $39 and it offers extended support up to 12 months at $10.13 only.

17. True Mag

True Mag WordPress video theme is an advanced, clean, and modern in design and look. This theme is perfect for magazines, video blogs and video portfolios. True Mag might have been released over a year ago.

True Mag has multiple demo versions that can be quickly and easily imported into your website. Also, you will get many options for how your videos will play and displayed on your website.

Because True Mag is an incredible WordPress theme for videos that comes with many great video features. Some of those features include the Self-hosted Video Support, Built-in Video Ads plugin, Video Auto Play, Short-codes for Video, Front-end Video Submission, and many Built-in Video Widgets too.

True Mag provides some examples of the video functionality and its plugins include a tool for displaying video ads, and the ability to accept user-generated video submissions through the front-end of your site.

True Mag has contained everything you need no matter what type of video website you are planning to build from a small videography portfolio or a straightforward video blog through to an online community-led video repository.

True Mag is not only one of the excellent WordPress themes for video sites. But it is also a great choice for online magazines or cultured blogs. True Mag now is trusted by more than 5000 site owners to host hundreds of thousands of video content worldwide.

This theme also makes it very easy to integrate your website with your YouTube channel. Through the theme options, you can display the feed of videos from your YouTube channel through a great-looking template.

However, if you want to self-host your videos and display them on your site with True Mag, that is not a problem either. Because this theme has been constantly updated and improved to ensure you are getting an innovative theme for your website.


This theme is available at $49 with a regular license. Also, you can extend the support up to 12 months at $13.88 only.

18. The Producer

The Producer is a different kind of WordPress video theme. Because this theme is mainly focused on film studios and production companies. Although they also need similar services and functionality of a video theme. Therefore The Producer theme is entirely designed about showcasing the video content smartly and in a professional way.

As The Producer has many interesting features such as a unique panel effect when the camera is scrolling as well as a rolling credit effect too. Basically, The Producer theme is designed for production studios and film producers. This responsive theme features all the required things for making the best film or videography.

The Producer also includes two kinds of theme effects light and dark. Also, it’s very mobile-friendly theme as tested by Google Developers. Although you can customize many theme options via WP Theme Customizer. There is a video option too for the home page, this theme is Responsive, and Translation ready.

Besides that, there are many amazing features such as Background pattern control, Custom full-screen image background support, Easy logo customization, WordPress menu support, Super easy built-in admin panel, Advanced jQuery animations & effects, Demo content XML included. But the most important thing is the customization of the background, and you will get free support and upgrades.


This theme is available at $30 with a regular license. Also, you can extend the support up to 12 months at $6.75 only.

19. GoodWin

GoodWin WordPress video theme is an ideal choice for your Photography & Videography type of business, personal video blogging website. Because the GoodWin is an absolutely modern, creative, and fantastic WordPress theme. That is specially developed and designed for videographers and photographers, film studios, production business, and video bloggers.

Goodwin has a fullscreen layout which is the best solution for such creative people who want to present the artworks in the best possible way. Therefore you will not need to create anything from scratch. Also, this theme comes with the demo content import tool. And lots of pre-made portfolios, blog layouts, gallery, will provide you great support while creating your custom pages.

Besides that, GoodWin has many useful functionalities such as the latest WordPress, unique design options, custom page templates. Also, its responsive, and retina-ready, with HTML5 & CSS code. GoodWin has high speed and extra optimized and coded with SEO in mind.

Also, It able to one-click demo import, and translation ready theme with color management option. In addition, it has 600+ Google font support, and advanced theme settings panel, side menu, photo albums with Ajax, and many more.


With a regular license, the theme is available at $59 and it offers extended support up to 12 months at $17.63 only.

20. Vividly

Vividly WordPress video theme is an ideal choice for creative developers, video bloggers, movie makers, vloggers, film shooting, YouTubers, gamers, movies & video streamers, magazines, video blogging websites, and many more. No matter you want to showcase video for your company or build your own personal video blog including a website.

Vividly WordPress video theme will give you endless support and amazing features. Because it is very intuitive and well suited to be expanded for a different number of projects websites of various types. However, with the help of the Vividly theme, you are able to showcase your own images, videos, and articles easily and very interesting manner.

The Vividly WordPress theme provides you four different pre-made demos to choose from. Therefore you can get the best option which is suitable to fulfill your purpose. Besides that, you can create an unlimited page with any content style. Also, you can start as a WordPress user.

Thus you will understand all the great differences that users will face when they using this platform. However, the Vividly theme has been built as a template. That can help you to install and customize it very easily. Therefore you will not need to do any coding and no need for programming knowledge too. Thus to set up beyond your expectations all the required powers are in your hand.

The Vividly theme is fully responsive so no matter which device your visitors are using. Every pixel of this will respond beautifully to every device including a laptop, smartphone, tablet, or desktop. Also, this WordPress Video Theme becomes easier than ever with the Drag & Drop page builder integration. Therefore you can create a page and change any element on the page very easily.

This theme also allows its users to create content styles and unlimited pages with a visual shortcode system. Besides that, the theme has a retina ready option and is totally pixel perfect. Therefore, the Vividly WordPress video theme can perfectly look great in any type of browser and device, giving your audience the best user experience of a vlog movie, video, website.


This theme is available at $64 with a regular license. Also, you can extend the support up to 12 months at $19.50 only.

Wrapping Up

In this blog, we have discussed some of the best WordPress themes for video websites in 2018. The best thing about these themes is that for your website you won’t require hiring technical persons. Even a person with no technical background can simply create and manage a website of his own.

As mentioned earlier, the themes are very easy to use and manage. So select the best theme for yourself and get started with your website now.

With the above themes, you can create video portals where people can watch videos or upload or embed videos. You can also create a subject-based video website.

If you have any WordPress questions feel free to ask us as you can get our expert advice. For the same, our support team is always ready to deliver WordPress Support Service. Just dial our support phone number +1-888-738-0846(Toll-Free) to know how our professionals can help you.

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