5 Best Free WordPress YouTube Plugins For Your Website (Make Awesome Video Gallery)

Video marketing through Youtube Plugin is an effective field for driving traffic to your website and making your brand product more attractive. Where a plugin is defined as a type of software that contains a group of functions that can be added to a WordPress website and are used to provide additional functionality to application.

Posting your videos to YouTube is the best way to bring about more backlinks as well as more visitors to your site. As by building quality backlinks, you get referral traffic, enjoy faster indexing and improve your organic ranking.

Where indexing refers to find the relevant information easily. Indexing permits bots to crawl and make an index of your content. So that it can be searched quickly without slowing your website. As whenever we add new data in the database it expands, updates and deletes also.

You can also think about promoting your video channels on your site to obtain more subscribers. WordPress & YouTube are two different platforms as both of them do fully different things, but they share something in common. They both gain popularity on the web continuously.

As watching YouTube videos give us a gist of knowledge & hence lots of people & hence lots of people want to embed video in their WordPress blog or posts. As the articles posted by the admin of a WordPress site are called posts and also called blogs.

In this article, we will show you the best YouTube plugins for WordPress. There are many ways for embedding a YouTube video on the WordPress website.

But the below plugins will help you take your YouTube video experience to the next level. So lets’ have a brief look:-

Best WordPress Youtube Plugins

Embed Plus for YouTube Plugin
Embed Plus for YouTube Plugin

Embed Plus for YouTube WordPress plugin is just the perfect choice to embed the qualitative videos to your WordPress website to make your blogs eye-catching. With the youtube embedded player, it provides a growing and advances complexity to the Youtube video and channel experience.

With the plugin, you will be able to even customize live stream in different styles. As these are the files which work together to construct the design in addition to functionality of website.

Key features of the Plugin

  • Compatible with the WordPress 5.0 version and Gutenberg block editor
  • YouTube gallery capability (channel and playlist)
  • YouTube Live Stream customization
  • Improved ajax theme support
  • It can embed an entire YouTube channel as a playlist.
  • Volume level initialization
  • YouTube plugin migration support
YourChannel: YouTube Video Gallery
YourChannel for YouTube Plugin

YourChannel plugin will help you to show a customized version of a YouTube channel in WordPress. If you want to start then you’ll require obtaining your copy of YouTube API key, username, and channel ID and after that save them in the plugin’s settings. As API key acts as a password for an application.

You can configure multiple configuration settings. For example, using a lightbox video player or enabling/disabling features like showing the banner image, total videos, views, and much more.

Some of the Features:-

  • Ability to show multiple elements like channel info, playlists, subscriber/video count, channel banner image, etc.
  • Helps to show video thumbnails in seven different styles, all of which are responsive
  • The visual builder that works with a shortcode

Video gallery supports multiple video embed networks such as YouTube, Wistia, Vimeo, and any other search engine. A straightforward and best video plugin for your resourceful video needs.

This plugin is best suited for all types of blogs such as business to the wide world of entertainment sites. Just make your site creative to promote editing skills to venture for a unique video collection slideshow or even workshop.

Some of the Features:-

  • User-friendly editor
  • Video Galleries themes – 16 free version
  • Video Lightbox effect
  • Unlimited shortcode Generator
  • Support all major WordPress versions
  • Support YouTube, Vimeo, Wistia, MP4.
  • Gallery animations that run smoothly on modern devices.
  • Best rated free support
YouTube Showcase
YouTube Showcase for YouTube Plugin

It enables you to create responsive gallery pages filled with YouTube videos. YouTube Showcase is best for showcasing multiple related videos such as an online course, how-to video series, and product demo and application videos.

You can build a video gallery page where the successive videos are shown below the original video with pagination. As Pagination makes easy to navigate a page and post. It is a common and major feature on all WordPress websites. Pagination is a function or feature which separates the content into many pages.

You can create a video grid gallery where the videos are shown in a four-column grid layout.

The feature of YouTube Showcase

  • Ability to build two separate video galleries (basic video gallery and video grid gallery)
  • Pagination option available for longer video series
  • Set custom the thumbnail aspect ratio of videos – choose either 16:9 or 4:3
  • Sidebar widgets to showcase recent and featured videos

YotuWP – Easy Youtube Embed

YotuWP - Easy Youtube Embed
YotuWP for YouTube Plugin

YotuWP is the modern and mobile responsive Youtube video gallery plugin for WordPress websites. This YouTube plugin provides an efficient way to embed videos from the YouTube platform to your WordPress site. This plugin has a good support resource from various videos from the playlist, channel, username, video ids, etc;

This plugin’s shortcode generator enables you to generate YotuWP shortcodes on page builders, widgets, product descriptions to renovate the product’s attractions. Where shortcodes are those special functions/tags that allows the user to quickly and easily pull related bits of mentioned functionality into their content. A shortcode is a WordPress specific code that allows the user to do special things with very less comfort.

Key features of Plugin

  • Embed the playlist/channel video to WordPress post easily.
  • Custom layout for display videos
  • Responsive video gallery and player
  • Pager and load more buttons
  • Shortcode Generator


Your WordPress Website’s video catalog can be just magnetic if you choose the above mentioned and fantastic Youtube plugins. You may also know that quality video plays a vital role in a successful and creative blog that can work for you in terms of driving more traffic to your Website.

Let’s conclude with the hope that you just get the right options for transforming your site’s youtube video to the most advancing one using YouTube Plugins.

If you have any queries related to WordPress maintenance or settings, just feel free to call our customer service helpline number +1-888-738-0846 (Toll-Free). We will be happy to resolve your issues.


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