2 Simple Methods to Add YouTube Subscribe Button in WordPress

In the past, we covered a list of Top 5 Free YouTube Plugins for WordPress Website and in this guide, we’ll illustrate you how to add YouTube Subscribe button in WordPress using our 2 simple methods.

If you want to get more subscribers on your YouTube channel then having a subscribe button on your blog makes it simpler for your visitors to find your videos and subscribe to your channel. It doesn’t matter how great your videos are and no matter how often do you upload new episodes to Youtube. You will possibly struggle to get new subscribers.

There are various techniques you can utilize for promoting your Youtube channel to the public, but we are not going into details yet. In spite of that, we are going to focus on adding a Youtube subscribe button to your WordPress site.

Methods to Add YouTube Subscribe Button in WordPress

So let’s have a brief look at the two methods:-

Method 1: Manually Add YouTube Subscribe Button Code

First, visit the YouTube subscribe button page on the Google Developer’s website.

On this page, you will require to enter your YouTube channel’s name, select a layout, theme, and subscriber count option.

It will show a live preview of how your button will look on the website. After you get satisfied scroll down to copy the embed code.

Next, login to the WordPress admin area of your site and go to Appearance » Widgets.

After that drag and drop a text widget to your widget area. Next, paste the YouTube subscribe button code inside the widget.

Don’t forget to save your changes once you are done and visit your website to see the YouTube subscribe button in action.

Method 2: Using Plugin for adding a YouTube Subscribe Bar

Another way to add a YouTube subscribe button on your website is by adding it below every YouTube video on your website. As this offers additional exposure and can help you well to increase your subscribers.

Firstly install and activate YouTube Subscribe Bar plugin. If you need additional help for installing the plugin then read our guide on how to install a Plugin in WordPress.

After activating the plugin you need to go to Settings » YouTube Subscribe Bar for adding your YouTube channel ID.

Just style the button layout, select a button theme, and show subscribers count.

The YouTube subscribe bar plugin lets you add some text to the button and edit its styling.

You can also use this area for adding a call to action like “Subscribe to My Channel”.

Make sure to click on the Save Changes button to save your settings after you are done. This plugin will automatically show your YouTube Subscribe bar below every YouTube video on your website.

The YouTube Subscribe bar will show the videos on your channel and third-party channels. So that you can share useful video content on your site and get more subscribers on your YouTube channel.

Important Note: The YouTube subscribe bar plugin only works with oEmbed videos. And it will not work with videos embedded using iFrame.

Final Thoughts

Now it’s a wrap for this post and we have discussed the two methods to add YouTube Subscribe Button in WordPress.

  • Method 1: Manually Add YouTube Subscribe Button Code
  • Method 2: Using Plugin for adding a YouTube Subscribe Bar

You can use any of these two methods according to the requirement.

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