What Is Subscriber In WordPress?

A subscriber in WordPress is a type of user role that has limited access. In other words, a subscriber refers to a user role in WordPress. Generally, it has very limited capabilities. The subscriber user role is the most particular out of all the WordPress user roles.

They can do only two things: edit their profile and view the dashboard. They cannot edit, write or publish articles. Likewise, other user roles, the default abilities of this role can be changed.

However, the subscriber may also refer to a user who has registered to a website using an RSS feed, mailing list, or any other feature to receive updates from a website.

As a subscriber role, the user also has the authority to log in to a WordPress website and leave comments without having to enter their information every time. And this is useful for people who frequently read a blog and make comments on a regular basis. Not only this but, a subscriber role user can also deliver additional content to users like a newsletter. It can make leaving blog comments much easier and faster.

Who should be a Subscriber

A few common uses for a Subscriber role includes

  • A prerequisite for posting comments on the site
  • A way to display subscriber-only content
  • A method of collecting an email address to use later for marketing purposes

What the Subscriber role cannot do:

  • They have no access to any site-wide settings.
  • No access to themes, plugins, posts or pages screen.
  • No access to upload files
  • They cannot import and export posts.

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