How to Add Currency Converter in WordPress: Ultimate Guide

How to Add Currency Converter in WordPress: Ultimate Guide

To do the business in our extremely well-connected world, you may have to consider a lot of currencies that people use to buy products. Upon purchasing products from your site, users might think about how much a specific product will cost in his or her currency. And for this, they need to add a currency converter in WordPress website.

Further on, you might be thinking of what currency converter is? Thereafter, have a glimpse on adding a currency converter to the WordPress site. Keep reading…

What Is Currency Converter?

In order to check the present currency value – the currency converter is a software code. This software code is created to convert the value of one currency into the quantities of other currencies or equivalent values.

Furthermore, it can be also a form of a mobile app or a part of the website that is based on bank exchange rates or the entire current market.

For example, if he/she wants to check the monetary value of any country (‘United States Dollar’) in comparison to own country. Now a user enters an amount of money (e.g 10,000) and then select the currency (in which the user wants to convert). Finally, the currency converter calculates and show the equivalent result (amount of money) as per user request.

In addition, this software works to preserve the real-time information on bank exchange rates or the current market.

What Type of Websites Need a Currency Converter?

Well, you can use currency converter when you are selling something or you own an e-commerce store, small business site, as well as WordPress blog.

There are several website’s examples that may need a currency calculator for WordPress:

Business Site: A business site want to see the exchange rates of various currencies of their audiences. Specifically, users whose businesses are present in various countries.

E-commerce stores: Well, if you are selling various products internationally with the help of WordPress e-commerce store, then the currency converter can help your audiences fastly to calculate the costs in their local currency.

Finance and banking websites: Finance and Banking site can add the currency converter for their users to calculate the conversion rates.

Travel blogs: If you are travel blog holder, then you can add currency calculator to your site. Because, with the help of this, your visitors can easily calculate their costs in various currencies.

Coin and Forex exchange sites: Several sites that may deal with forex trading, cryptocurrencies, and similar categories. These type of sites requires a currency calculator so that the visitors can calculate conversion rates easily.

There are numerous other sites that may need to use the currency calculator.

Now let’s get started…

Adding Currency Converter in WordPress

The very first thing, you have to install and activate WP Currency Converter plugin. For more information, let’s have a look on our guide How to install a Plugin in WordPress.

Once the plugin is installed, then you have to visit Settings>>WP Currency Converter page to remove or add currencies from the converter.

In addition, here you can manage general settings and also add the API key that you can claim by following the page instruction.

API Key ConverterThereafter, when you have added the API key, you can choose a layout for a currency calculator.

converter layout
Remember to click on the Save Changes button to store your setting.

Subsequently, you can set the default value for the currency calculator. However, it permits the user to enable currencies, default amount for the main currency, set default option for currencies, and add a title to show above the calculator.

default calculator layout

Next, you have to visit List Layout Default tab for default setting of currency list. Here you can pick the primary currency and then add another currencies list to0 show in the rate list.

Similar to the default calculator settings, you can also show the default entire amount and add the title for exchange rate list.

default setting list
Consequently, the plugin’s tools tab permits the user to reset the entire data to default values that given through the plugin.

Note: After all this done, you have to click on the Save Changes.

Displaying the Currency Converter on Your Site

Once you have added the currency converter, the next thing comes how we can add it to your site. Now let’s get cracked….

To do the same – You have to navigate to the Appearance>>Widgets to drag and drop the Currency Converter widget in your widget areas.

However, in accordance with your wish, you may add the following shortcode on any page or post in WordPress.


After all this done, just go to your site to see the currency converter on the sidebar widget or WordPress page.

add currency converter in wordpress
Thereafter, you can also connect a currency converter with your WordPress Woocommerce store or online business. To do this – you should have a Currency Converter Pro plugin.

When you have activated, then go to Settings » Currency Converter page and go to the Integration tab.

Here, you have to test enable option next to each setting that you want to connect within your online store.

add currency converter in wordpressNext step, you can use the product pages shortcode to show the currency converter on your e-commerce store. It will calculate the currency rates.

woocommerce currency converter
Last but not least, you may also define style your currency converter widget, shortcodes, custom currency rates, and bitcoin exchange rate on your site.

Best WordPress Currency Converter Plugins

Bending towards the plugins! Here we will show you some best plugin that will help you to add currency converter to your site easily.

1. Currencyr

currencyr currency converter plugin

Currencyr is one of the best WordPress currency converter plugins. However, some plugins provide either a widget or a shortcode, but this is such a plugin that provides the both – widget and shortcode together.

Additionally, with the help of this plugin, users set up a pull-down menu on a price that will convert the price into different currencies.

Continuously, this plugin offers some settings that give you additional options – like choosing your base currency, setting up your numbers with various types of separators, picking where your conversion comes from.

2. Euro FXRef Currency Converter

wordpress plugin

Euro FXRef Currency Converter is another best plugin for WordPress. Further, it is a shortcode based plugin helps you to easily transformation right in the middle of a text line.

In addition, by using the [currency] shortcode you can convert the value of one currency to another currency. However, this conversion is based on the rates which published by the ECB (updated daily between 2.15 p.m. and 3.00 p.m. CET).

3. Currency Converter

currency converter wordpress plugin (1)
The Currency Converter plugin is another the awesome WordPress plugin that has a lot of options including the capability to colorize the text and the widget body.

Meanwhile to say, the currency converter converts the amounts between currencies. Additionally, with the help of this – Size, color, and layout can be customized.

In addition, it also comes with a features such as to set the widget to convert into particular currency.

4. Exchange Rate Table

wordpress currency converter plugin
The Exchange Rate Table plugin is a widget based plugin for WordPress. Further, it provides the best features that helps to make it attractive. It provides the colorful display of various currencies along with little flags at the top side.

currency converter
However, something like this often seems difficult, but this is really clean-looking and systematic plugin.

Bending towards the last! It show the exchange rate table for any currency worldwide. You can selects a choice of table sizes and formats:

  • It provide 200+ currencies.
  • Keep single or multiple currency on the sidebar.
  • Choose display formats, adjustable width, and header colors.

5. WP Currency Converter

wordpress currency converter plugin
Well, WP Currency Converter plugin is another one of the best WordPress plugins. Further, it is a straight-forward ajax widget that allows you to convert a lot of currencies.

Furthermore, it also uses the Google Finance to receive up to date foreign exchange information. However, your users don’t need to refresh the page, because it entirely powered by ajax. It also provide a smooth user experience.

That’s All!

We hope this blog helped you to learn how to add Currency Converter in WordPress. If you have any issue for the same, let me know in the comment section provided below. If you liked this post then share it with your peers.

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