38 Best WordPress Travel Blog Themes For Your Website (Free & Paid)

Every travel blogger who visits new and different places wants to share their experience about the environment, people and traditions that they have seen. This can easily be done by the mean of travel blogs. If you are a travel blogger or you wanted to share your travel experience through a travel blog then, this article is very helpful for you.

Today, we will enlist the best WordPress Themes for Travel Blogs that will help you achieve the proper look for your travel Website. Travel websites are truly an excellent way to share your travel experiences.

Where theme is a group of stylesheets and templates that are used to describe the appearance and display of a WordPress site. A WordPress theme changes the layout & design of your site. And, templates are those files which control how your WordPress site will be displayed on the Web.

WordPress is the most appropriate option to create a travel-related website. But first of all, we want you to learn the methodology behind the creation of a successful Travel blog with WordPress.

How to Create a Travel Blog with WordPress?

Generally, any WordPress blog or business theme can be used for travel websites and blogs. But still, they may not reflect the sense of adventure of a travel website. We have compiled a list of some of the best WordPress travel themes for travel blogs.

WordPress is the most flexible and easy platform where anybody can build a website on his own. Many travel bloggers and travel websites are using it to gain popularity among the people around the world.

There are two kinds of WordPress websites i.e. WordPress.com and  WordPress.org. Meanwhile, WordPress.com is a hosted platform and WordPress.org is known as self-hosted WordPress.

We mainly suggest you use self-hosted WordPress.org as it gives you access to all WordPress features. It gives you complete freedom and an advantage that you really want in building your website. To create a self-hosted website, you will require a domain name and WordPress hosting.

Let’s take a brief look at some of the best WordPress themes for travel blogs that you can install on your website.

Best WordPress Travel Blog Themes 

1. Journey

journey theme

As we are going to start our Journey about the best WordPress travel blog theme so let’s start with the Journey theme. Journey theme is one of the most elegant and beautiful WordPress themes for travel bloggers. The theme is specially made for bloggers, travelers, food lovers, photographers, etc.

The theme is made by Indieground design whose main aim was to focus on developing new and easy ways to help the users to use WordPress in a minimal way.

With the help of this unique travel blog WordPress theme, travel bloggers can share his photos and media in an easy and effective way. This WordPress theme supports an Instagram feed plugin that helps you to add the media directly to your Instagram account link to your website.

The main aspect of this theme is that it comes with new updates regularly and you can also update this theme within a few clicks. It helps you to showcase and share your travel journey with the world in a unique and elegant way.


You can easily get this theme at only $49 with a regular license. You can also extend the support up to 12 months at $13.88.

2. GoExplore

GoExplore theme

GoExplore theme is a beautiful and stunning WordPress travel blog theme that comes with piles of innovative tools and designs. Meanwhile, with the help of these tools anybody can easily craft and showcase their photos and media beautifully.

This theme includes each and every minute detail so that you don’t have to face any kind of problem in uploading the files and media.

Through this WordPress theme, you can be a good travel blogger or vlogger. The theme is highly user-friendly and responsive which means that you can use it on any device.

It provides you a better opportunity to create your own travel agency, blog or destination website. GoExplore can manage any kind of travel blog whether it is for personal use or for professional use.


The pricing of this travel blog WordPress theme is $79/year with a regular license. You can also extend the support up to 12 months at $25.13.

3. Piemont

piemont theme

Piemont theme is a right suited theme for all kinds of bloggers like travel bloggers, food bloggers, photographers, fashion bloggers, etc. It is one of the fastest WordPress themes available on ThemeForest.

The theme features 5 different blog layouts, blog styles, unlimited color themes, etc. All of these are very helpful in giving your site a magnificent look. It also includes unlimited color themes and custom widgets that can add more functionality to your WordPress site.

Piemont enables you to create a professional travel blogging theme effortlessly. You can arrange your photos and videos in an illusive manner so that you can attract more and more readers and people towards your site.

With the help of this travel blog WordPress theme, you can give your travel blogs a stunning and attractive look which helps to attract more and more people towards your travel blog site.


With the regular license, the theme will cost you $49 per year. You can also extend the support up to 12 months at $13.88.

4. Backpack Traveler

Backpack traveler

Backpack Traveler is a modern and exclusive WordPress travel blog theme. It offers a variety of stunning post variation options which make your site more stunning and attractive for the readers.

It comes with a ready-to-go & fully flexible set of destination layouts that allow you to create a detailed write-ups about the places which have visited during the tour.

You can give a brief and detailed about the things that a person should really do when he/she visit that place. It is equipped with an amazing arrangement of predesigned inner page layouts which is ideal for a wide variety of uses.

You can also use it as a travel guide WordPress theme as through this theme you can easily customize and integrates the Google Maps on your webpage.  You can easily pin the location of your source and destination on the map. It enables you to create your own online shopping store as it comes with the WooCommerce Support.

So, get this Backpack Traveler as your new travel companion and create your own beautiful travel blog site to enjoy the best minimal experience.


The pricing of this theme is $55/year with a regular license and can provide extended support up to 12 months at $16.13.

5. Travelmatic

Travelmatic WordPress travel theme

Travelmatic is a versatile and premium travel blog theme for WordPress. Through this theme, your fans, family, and audience can keep up with your travel diary and the locations which you have visited during your travel.

You can add stunning photos, superb designs, and typography to your WordPress site. This will help to build trust and credibility among the audience. The theme is highly SEO-friendly and user-friendly which helps you to get to the website to the top of the Google search results.

24*7 customer support is available which helps you to fix all your WordPress site related issues. Travelmatic is one of the best travel blog themes that can handle both simple and complex blog effortlessly.


The Pricing of this theme is $59/year with a regular license and comes with a support of 12 months at $17.63.

6. Marni

Marni WordPress theme

Marni is a unique and awesome WordPress blog and shop theme that provide users with minimal shopping and blogging experience. 

It is a beautifully crafted WordPress theme that contains different layouts, color & typography options for your website. All of these features enable you to add more contrast and visuality to your WordPress site.

The theme is highly browser-compatible so your website can fluently on different web browsers like Firefox, Safari, Opera Mini, Chrome, Edge, etc.

There are four different post layouts available by this theme that helps you to make your WordPress site look more attractive to the audience. Different header and custom widgets are available to add more creativity.

With the help of this retina ready theme, you can easily reach more audiences and catch the attention of more people toward your site. 


The pricing of this beautiful WordPress travel blog theme is just $49/year with a regular license. You can also extend the support up to 12 months at $13.88.

7. Notumn

notumn theme

Notumn is a unique, elegant and beautifully crafted WordPress theme which is specially made for creative bloggers. It provides clean, clutter-free and different styled layouts that make your content look great on any kind of device. 

This responsive WordPress is perfect for personal, fashion, photography, travel, and food blogs, etc. You can customize layouts, typography, colors and element with simple clicks.

The theme is translation ready and also comes with a fullscreen lightbox that contains heavy-duty features like slideshow, zoom & transitions, etc.

With Notumn’s dedicated design you can now easily create your own travel blog website very easily.


The general price of this WordPress theme is only $24/year but you can also extend the support up to 12 months at just $4.50.

8. Trawell

trawell wordpress theme

Trawell is a creative and professional travel blog WordPress theme that helps you to create a stunning travel blog. You can share your travel experience in the easiest and effective manner. 

It acts as one of the best travel guides for you because through this WordPress theme you can categorize your destination by them a personal touch. It takes care of all the smart features and details that satisfy all the needs and wants of a travel blogger.

Travel WordPress theme consists of beautiful templates and widgets that help you to give a personal touch and taste to your website. This will help to attract more and more visitors to your site.

You can easily add different colors, unlimited fonts and can also create your own logo and icons. Wide aspect ratios help you to customize the size of your image to make them look their best.


You can avail Trawell WordPress theme at $69/year with a regular license. You can also extend the support up to 12 months at $21.38.

9. Maple

Maple WordPress theme

Maple is the light weighted and minimalistic WordPress theme. This theme is specially dedicated to travel and personal bloggers. 

It offers a beautiful and stylish option through which you can easily make your website attractive and interactive for the users. You can easily craft your stories into a beautiful, simple, personal, modern and professional blog.

The theme is highly SEO-friendly which helps to increase the speed of your website. It offers light and dark style options, parallax header background option and multi sidebar support for your website. 

This WordPress theme is highly responsive so you can easily use it on any smartphone, tablet, PC, etc. It offers 24*7 customer support to users. 

Finally, we can say that this theme contains all the special features and styling options through which you can easily a stunning website for the audience.


The pricing of this theme is $39/year with a regular license and can provide extended support up to 12 months at $10.13.

10. Bridge 

Bridge WordPress theme

Bridge is a beautiful and innovative multipurpose WordPress theme. It is one of the most flexible and easy to use the theme. 

It can be seen as one of the most trusted WordPress themes as more than 120,000 users are using it and the number is increasing day by day. 

This multipurpose WordPress theme offers you different styling layouts, widgets, unlimited color options, etc. All these features help you to create a unique and dedicated professional theme for the users. 

As a matter of fact, is that it is fully compatible with WooCommerce so you can easily create an online store of your choice. The main aspect of this theme is that no two websites made by this theme look similar.

Where WooCommerce lets you create an e-commerce business (store), manage inventory, accept payments, and much more. It comes with almost all the functionalities that you require to open an online store.

Now your stories not only reside in your mind because now you can make them real and with this WordPress blog theme and narrate them to the users in an easy and effective way.


The basic pricing plan for this theme is $59/year and can come with extended support up to 12 months at $17.63.   

11. Newspaper X

Newspaper X WordPress travel and magazine theme

Newspaper X is an attractive WordPress magazine and travel theme. The theme is entirely based upon the Bootstrap framework. It comes with a responsive design that helps to manage things with WordPress Customizer simply.

However, Newspaper X is a theme made for all people in the media. It comes with a clean, minimalistic concept made for photos and texts that can stand out. You will get a large header with 3 sections to post. 


With a regular license, the theme comes with $59. You can also extend the support up to 12 months at $17.63.

12. Mountry


Mountry is a splendidly designed WordPress theme for travel and adventure websites. The theme features a minimalist approach to design and style the website with many flexible options.

It includes 8 homepage designs, multiple page templates for various sections, and a simple drag and drops page builder. It can also be used for adding an online store to your website using WooCommerce.

The main aspect of this theme is that the designs of this theme are highly responsive, so it looks great on tablets, smartphones, mobile, etc.

As a responsive theme makes your site mobile-friendly so that users can view it on their mobile devices and can read your site information easily.

It is an epitome of tools and functionality which includes various header types, wide and boxed layouts, unlimited color schemes, and many other huge theme options.



13. Zermatt


Zermatt is a beautiful and stunning WordPress theme for travel blogs. The homepage of this multipurpose theme features a beautiful transparent navigation menu that has a weather widget on top. The homepage is made up of various widget-ready areas and styling options.

Zermatt contains various handpicked custom widgets, and also offers drag and drop features that help you to set up the homepage. It is a beginner-friendly theme with a gorgeous professional design.

Widgets allows you to add content and features to your sidebar without writing any code. For example, there are some default widgets that come with WordPress such as Categories, Tag cloud, Search, etc.


Single (basic)StandardDeveloperLifetime

14. Ultra


Ultra is a multi-purpose and user-friendly WordPress travel blog theme. It comes with several ready-made websites. The designs can be installed with 1-click with full content.

You can easily replace the content of your website in simple and easy steps. It comes with an integrated drag and drops page builder that lets you to simply edit any page layout.

You can also create your own layouts if you are willing to do so. It features a themes option panel that enables you to set up your website in simple and easy steps.


Standard planDeveloper planMaster Club

15. Landing


This is an elegant WordPress theme for travel websites, landing pages, and even blogs. The Landing theme comes with a drag and drops landing page builder that lets you to simply create your own unique layouts.

There is no need to be a programmer for developing a travel blog website hence anybody can create his own website with this theme.

The Landing theme offers many stylish and designed layout options that let you build your website with simple drag and drop modules.

It featured multiple header design options, events, blog section, and full WooCommerce support. You can easily set up your own website very easily with a simple 1-click installer and theme options panel.


StandardDeveloperMaster club

16. The Traveler


The Traveler is another one of the best travel blog WordPress themes for travel bloggers. It is perfect for creating a WordPress travel blog, tourism and as well as travel guide website.

The unique thing about this theme is that its homepage uses a traditional magazine-style layout with posts showed in a masonry grid.

The Traveler is very simple to customize with the help of a live customizer. It includes a full-screen background image, full-width page template, Instagram feed, custom widgets, and much more.


Single themeAll themesUnlimited Access

17. Explorer


If you really want to use an awesome and jaw-dropping blog theme for your travel blog then you must use Explorer. This theme contains a sticky navigation menu on top, custom logo support, and a professional static front page.

Any new user can easily create a travel or blogging website of his own by using this responsive and multipurpose WordPress theme.

It is very easy to use and contains only those options that you will need to design or craft your website. It includes multiple layouts, WooCommerce support, WPML and translation ready and much more.

WPML is a WordPress translation plugin allow you to manage WordPress multilingual posts in one post per language. The articles posted by the admin of a WordPress site are called posts.



18. Veni


You can use Veni for travel guides, destination guides,  tour operators, and tourism blogs. This excellent theme features a unique and beautiful design with a large header image or slider on top, slide-in menus, etc.

The theme includes flexible layouts featured pages, and landscape featured images, Google fonts, and much more. It also contains different styling page layouts and a user-friendly interface.

The best notable part about this theme is that it is integrated with WooCommerce support. So now you can create your own online store and start selling your product and services to the users. 


Single theme1-year membershipLifetime membership
$39$69 (billed annually)$49

19. Elegant


Elegant is a simple and multi-purpose WordPress theme. It comes with multiple page layouts, beautiful photo galleries, and typography.

The main aim of this theme was to focus more on the content of your website so that more and more audiences can connect themselves with your website. 

It contains a simple yet powerful builder plugin that lets you build your own landing pages. It is integrated with WooCommerce supports and also includes awesome shop templates.


StandardDeveloperMaster club

20. Zoom


Zoom is a beautiful, clean and attractive WordPress theme for travel bloggers. It features a single column layout with a large header image, followed by website title, navigation menus.

It includes unlimited galleries, multiple widget areas, drag, and drop homepage, and much more. Zoom is very easy to use and most features work out of the box.


$99 (billed annually)$149 (billed annually)$399 (one-off payment)

21. Collecto


Collecto is a modern WordPress magazine and newspaper style theme. It is best for content-rich tourism and travel websites. This WordPress theme has a minimal vertical navigation menu, an attractive header area, and parallax background effects.

It has a dynamic grid layout for your blog that can add functionality to your website. The theme features content archives that automatically highlights all your sticky posts. Collecto has unlimited colors, a single page, and single post templates, Google Fonts, and much more.


Single theme1-year membershipLifetime membership
$39$69 (billed annually)$49

22. Noozbeat


Noozbeat is a responsive and powerful WordPress theme that is perfect for travel and adventure sites. Its homepage shows your recent articles in a dynamic grid layout. Noozbeat displays posts blocks as featured images with article titles displayed on top of the image.

This theme includes various custom widgets for social media and content discovery features. You will find it simple to use with many customization options.


Single themeStandardDeveloperLifetime

23. Medias


Medias is a multi-style, clean and flexible WordPress theme for podcasts, personal websites, and as well as travel blogs. The theme comes with multiple page layouts and styles layouts to show your posts and other content.

Some of the other features include slider plugin, mega menu, custom header, and Google fonts. Medias is a translation ready, retina-ready theme, and it can be customized simply that can make your website easy to use.


Single Domain5- DomainDeveloper

24. Hive


Hive is a Magazine style WordPress theme best for content-rich travel and tourism websites. The main features are minimalist design, beautiful typography, and a gorgeous display of featured images.

It contains different styling layout and widget layout options for your WordPress website. You can create a good content website that can attract more readers and users towards your website.

Hive includes grid layout for your content, page template, post format support, full-width page, multiple widget-ready areas, etc. It is a translation ready theme and can also work perfectly with multilingual websites.


Per year subscriptionOne-time Purchase One-time Purchase
$75$112$498 (Access to all themes)

25. OceanWP


OceanWP is the best free WordPress theme that lets you use premium-like services. It comes with its own companion plugins that let you apply premium themes like features into your website.

This theme includes a gorgeous homepage template, full WooCommerce support, translation-ready, page builder support, and much more.

So now, it is your chance to give your website a modern and professional look with the help of OceanWP.


You can get the theme for free from WordPress.org website.

26. Travel Log

Travel Log

It is a simple and free WordPress theme for travel blogs. Travel Log comes with a companion plugin to add some travel and tourism-related featured on your website.

Its homepage features a slider on top, followed by various sections of your website.


You can easily get the theme for free from the official WordPress site.

27. Noteblog


Noteblog is a free WordPress theme for travel, blogs, sports, and adventure websites. It is a simple and elegant theme. It displays a full-width featured image and also enables you to show your recent posts in a grid layout.

The theme is specially optimized for speed and performance. The theme also works fluently and effortlessly with famous WordPress plugins.



28. Meris


Meris is best to use if you are looking for a theme that allows for the inclusion of many widgets. This theme can be integrated with websites belonging to more than one niches.

Meanwhile, it is a free WordPress travel blog theme that contains different styling and design options. All of the designs made by it are stunning and attractive. 

Meris is built on the Twitter Bootstrap network. The homepage layout is attractive. It gives you the keys to the car and helps in deciding which direction to steer it.

29. Camera


Camera theme is the best theme for showcasing your photos as they play an important role in your travel blog. They act as the best medium for sharing your experience with the world. You can create unique photo series in a full-width carousel to accommodate landscape and portrait images.

The camera features a distraction-free design so that the visitors can focus concisely on your photography and content. It is very easy to use and only contains the options you’ll literally use.

Now it is not that hard to create a WordPress travel blog site that can work for both personal and professional look with the help of the Camera.

30. Fall


Fall is a beautiful, handcrafted WordPress blog theme which is best for any travel blogger and content-rich travel websites. The theme makes your content stand out by featuring crisp typography and a distraction-free layout.

This theme offers you different style layouts, styling options unlimited colors,  layout choices, custom logo upload, and Google Analytics integration. All this makes it very easy to customize your WordPress website.

31. Desert

Desert WordPress theme for travel blogs has a number of good features that can impress any travel blogger. Although Desert is a good choice for your travel blogging website. Because this theme has beautiful homepage layouts that can give the right look to any WordPress travel blog.

The Desert theme has huge customizing options available for your site. Desert is based on the Bootstrap 3.0 grid, therefore it gives this theme a very decent look on mobile, tablets, or other devices.

Desert has many pre-built designs that make this theme a nice package for your own travel business website. Also, your WordPress blog gets stylish and mobile-friendly qualities. The pre-built Desert theme content can be import within a few clicks.

Besides that, the Desert theme has various amazing travel blogging related features. That includes mega menus and multi-layout popular posts box. With these and other great features, you are allowed to showcase the most popular content of your website in a different and stylish way. This can encourage more visitors to your articles and site.


The pricing of this WordPress travel blog theme is just $24 for a regular license. You can also extend the support up to 12 months at $4.50 only.

32. Vasco

Vasco is an impressive WordPress travel blogger theme. This theme is well-suitable and very creative for travel bloggers business and website. Vasco theme is very carefully designed therefore it provides you many great features.

Also, this theme allows you to create much rich content. Therefore your website visitors would like to read them from top to bottom. As with many features, this theme is also optimized for speed, and its very mobile friendly. Even you do not need to write a single line of code.

Basically Vasco is Inspired by the lifestyle of travelers. The clean code makes this entire system fully responsive. Also, it helps you to create content that encourages your visitors to travel even more. Besides that, you can make your website more attractive with various color schemes and font styles.

Vasco WordPress theme allows you to personalize your website without any coding knowledge. Therefore, you can change the functionality and appearance very easily. Certainly, this theme is a good choice for travel bloggers, small business websites.


The pricing of this WordPress travel blog theme is just $75 for a regular license. You can also extend the support up to 12 months at $23.63 only.

33. WPVoyager

WPVoyager is a WordPress travel blog theme that comes with many great options and features to help you build a travel blogger site. This theme allows you to easily embed Google Maps into your posts and pages as well as add custom markers to them. WPVoyager is a very powerful theme, that provides you many different layouts to choose from.

In addition, you are able to use photo gallery features to display the best images from your journeys on your blog. WPVoyager different grid layouts ensure your photographs will have an interesting look and feel when used in your blog posts. The Keyhole Markup Language support will help you combine your photos with Google Maps to provide even more information for your audience.

WPVoyager also integrates with Google Maps so you can display location information in your posts. Bloggers will appreciate the multiple post types and options including the ability to create a series of posts, perfect for multiple entries in the same location.

WPVoyager also has a selection of layouts and templates for the individual posts as well as a number of content and sidebar configurations to work with. Furthermore, the post-series feature makes it easy to organize your content so that it tells a story of your travels or on a particular topic.


The pricing of this WordPress travel blog theme is just $59 for a regular license. You can also extend the support up to 12 months at $17.63 only.

34. Travelogue

Travelogue is a WordPress theme that developed for travel business websites, bloggers, and individuals too. This travel blogger theme is elegant, modern with a unique design. Travelogue is compatible and works properly on all major browsers and other handheld devices.

Although with the Travelogue theme you can get a specific transition effect on each page. That feature ensures a unique feeling of this theme. However, the Travelogue theme is the ideal choice for traveler’s journals, photographer’s portfolios, your personal blogs.

Besides that, this theme can also be used for any type of portfolio. In addition, this theme has outstanding headers consisting of images or videos for the blog pages. Therefore the overall appearance of the Travelogue theme is very user friendly and it allows the users to be creative.

Besides that, you can get in touch with the ModelTheme crew. Also, join with other customers of the ModelTheme too. Also, it has revolution slides, its fully responsive on various devices. Because its build with HTML5 and CSS3, so no need to write a single line of code.


The pricing of this WordPress travel blog theme is just $49 for a regular license. You can also extend the support up to 12 months at $13.88 only.

35. Vagabonds

Vagabonds Travel Blog WordPress Theme is a great choice for travel bloggers. Because this theme has a modern design, very attractive, and fully responsive. Although if you are a travel blog writer or a new blogger. And you want to write travel articles, lifestyle news, stories, or you have your own entertainment blog.

Therefore you are able to share your article, lifestyle, travel story with Vagabonds travel blog theme. Also, this theme is well suitable for your own personal travel blogs or a viral blog, entertainment blog projects, niche blogs, professional magazines, and many more.

Vagabond’s theme provides you a variety of functions such as it supports diverse blog layouts, flexible colors & typography, fully Responsive and Mobile-friendly layout, fast page load. Vagabonds have plenty of premade homepages, modules, professional design, shortcodes that can be used in your future project.

Besides, it gives you one-click demo install, This theme is modern, very flexible, highly customizable. Also, it comes with WordPress 4.0+ tested and approved, it’s built with HTML5 and CSS3 code, and has cross-browser compatibility on Firefox, Safari, Chrome, IE11+, etc. In addition, it has slider revolution & swiper slider included, WPBakery page builder support that lets you modify any page content easily.


The pricing of this WordPress travel blog theme is just $59 for a regular license. You can also extend the support up to 12 months at $17.63 only.

36. EightyDays

EightyDays travel WordPress theme is perfectly suitable for any traveling business, blog website, or magazine too. Although If you have your own small travel agency then it’s the best choice for you. Also, if you are a traveler by nature who writes and shares your own traveling experience, trip photos, amazing places that you visited, then EightyDays has all things that you need.

EightyDays is fast, lightweight, and well optimized for speed. Therefore it gives the best performance with the help of search engine optimization and mobile-friendly design. This theme is built with the latest technologies and provides you great features. The EightyDays is full compatible with all kinds of modern browsers and fully responsive on all screens.

This travel blogger theme has elegant typography, eye-catching appearance, and has thoughtful options for your website to customize in a very easy way. EightyDays has carefully selected features specifically designed for a travel blog website to optimize the user experience.

EightyDays theme is made up without redundant elements, or heavy frameworks. This theme has exactly everything that you want for your own travel blog. EightyDays utilizes built-in features and thoughtful options to achieve the best customization. It does not confuse you with hundreds of options.


The pricing of this WordPress travel blog theme is just $49 for a regular license. You can also extend the support up to 12 months at $13.88 only.

37. Piemont

Piemont is also one of the best WordPress themes for travel bloggers. This theme is very clean, modern, highly flexible, and fully responsive WordPress Blogging themes. Also, the Piemont theme is amazingly fast that gets 87/100 on Google page speed score ranking.

Well, this theme can be effectively used for any personal or business needs, because it lets you set up an online store with WooCommerce support. Also, it allows you to easily create and launch your own WordPress based blogs or magazines within a few minutes.

Piemont theme has unlimited blog styles and layout design combinations for you. Basically, it includes 5 blog listing layouts, 4 Featured Posts Slider layouts, 5 blog styles, 20+ header styles, 650+ fonts.

Also, it has unlimited color themes, various configurable options. Besides that, you can manage all things with just one click of your mouse with advanced and user-friendly Piemont Control Panel.


The pricing of this WordPress travel blog theme is just $44 for a regular license. You can also extend the support up to 12 months at $12 only.

38. Wanderic

Wanderic travel blog WordPress theme is ideal for any travel business or your own travel blogging website. Because of its modern, very clean look and fields, and style features, Wanderic theme is best fits for any personal blog, travel journals, travel magazine, travel blog, or any kind of online publication for the journey, tour, and trips.

No matter if you are a photographer, traveler, or blogger. This wonderful travel blog WordPress theme is all in one solution, and a great outlet to share your unique work and stories with the world. The Wanderic theme provides your travel website many blog layouts, font styles, color schemes to create a unique style and best ever experience for your visitors.

Also, this includes list, grid, classic, masonry, etc. In addition, unique post review feature of this theme lets you publish any review articles on your own blog. Also, this travel blog WordPress theme works great with Instagram Feed, WooCommerce, Elementor, WP GDPR Compliance, etc.

Wanderic theme provides you many customizable options. Therefore you can change entire colors, fonts, style, etc. Also, it gives a great appearance on various handheld mobile devices because of its responsive and mobile-friendly design.


The pricing of this WordPress travel blog theme is just $59 for a regular license. You can also extend the support up to 12 months at $17.63 only.

In the End

WordPress travel blog themes are just truly made for the people or bloggers that are want to make things happen through the most stylish and iconic travel Websites to bring about their travel experience to the world.

These WordPress travel blog themes are available for a variety of travel spices that can perfectly match your specifications and desire. After all, the choice is yours to get the best one that can easily fit in your budget and makes your business a huge success.

That’s all on our behalf. We hope that this article helped you to select the best WordPress Themes for Travel Blogs.

You can get an instant help from our WordPress Technical Support Team. You can also dial + 1 844 275 0975(Toll-Free) for any queries. Our Professional Experts will guide you to resolve issues related to the WordPress travel themes.

Thanks !

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