Top 9 WordPress PDF Plugins- [Best Plugins of 2018]

Top 9 WordPress PDF Plugins- [Best Plugins of 2018]

Keep Calm! Here we are going to share with you the best WordPress PDF Plugins. Automatically, WordPress cannot add or generate PDF files in pages or posts.

Here, in this post, we have some best WordPress PDF plugins.

What is the WordPress PDF Viewer plugin?

PDF Plugins are the pieces of software that have a set of functions that can be added to the WordPress website. Your visitors can flip through actual documents like pages, take notes while zooming in, and print the document if necessary.

Some PDF plugins provide other useful tools for converting a blog post to PDF or generating a cover image for PDFs that you upload to your WordPress blog.

Best WordPress PDF Plugins

  • PDF Viewer
  • WP Advanced PDF
  • PDF and Print by BestWebSoft
  • PDF Embedder
  • DK PDF
  • PDF Image Generator
  • BSK PDF Manager
  • PDF Thumbnails
  • WordPress PDF Light Viewer Plugin

Now let’s get cracking in detail!

1. PDF Viewer

WordPress PDF Plugins

PDF Viewer allows you to display PDF files within your WordPress posts and pages. It uses Mozilla’s PDF.JS script to beautifully present PDF documents with tools for scrolling documents, jumping between pages, printing PDF files and downloading.

2. WP Advanced PDF

WordPress PDF Plugins

This is a PDF generator for posts on pages. This WP Advanced PDF plugin enables your blog readers to create PDFs of your blog posts. WP Advanced PDF depends on PDF submission in PDF format.

This creates a WP Advanced PDF Fully contained PDF Generating Plugin. Users registered in this plugin have the possibility of limiting access to PDFs or existing links for all visitors

3. PDF and Print by BestWebSoft

WordPress PDF Plugins

As suggested by the name, the PDF and Print by BestWebSoft adds a PDF download & print button to your WordPress post, page, and custom post types. Website title, features images, custom styles and fonts can also be added. This plugin can also execute shortcode when generating PDF or create a printer-friendly version.

4. PDF Embedder

WordPress PDF Plugins

As the name suggests, the PDF Embedder plugin allows you to embed PDF files into WordPress posts and pages.

Also, this plugin uses the javascript to add the files along with completely functional toolbars, that allows users to navigate, zoom, and even download PDF files.


WordPress PDF Plugins

This plugin allows users to download their posts and pages in PDF format by clicking on a button. Also, the DK PDF plugin comes with the easy-to-use interface to install PDF download button and creates its own custom header and footer for PDF download.

The plugin also comes with a shortcode that allows you to control what content will be inside the PDF. You can also hide the content that you do not want to include in the PDF download.

6. PDF Image Generator

WordPress PDF Plugins

PDF Image Generator creates a cover image for the PDF files in WordPress post to download. Also, the plugin can generate this cover image by using the first page of PDF or featured image. The download icon will then display the thumbnail image attached to the PDF file.

7. BSK PDF Manager

WordPress PDF Plugins

This BSK PDF Manager plugin is a file manager for PDF files on your WordPress site. However, if you frequently upload PDF files, you want to categorize them, display them as lists, or download one. Moreover, this plugin makes it easy to manage PDF files in WordPress.

8. PDF Thumbnails

WordPress PDF Plugins

Like the previous plugin, PDF thumbnail also generates thumbnails of the initial page of your PDF file while uploading. However, your PDF file and thumbnail image are residues as two separate files. You have to enter the generated thumbnail manually and afterward link it to a PDF file.

9. WordPress PDF Light Viewer Plugin

WordPress PDF Plugins

This plugin is especially best for adding large PDF files. Also, the WordPress PDF Lite Viewer plugin uses the Turn.js Javascript Library to display PDF files as a flipbook with thumbnail navigation. Further, the PDF viewer comes with zoom, navigation, and fullscreen buttons. It is also fully responsive and can work on different device sizes.


Here, we have discussed top 9 WordPress PDF plugins. Often, we concluded What is WordPress PDF Viewer Plugin? Thereafter, we listed top 9 WordPress PDF plugins and described them separately.

We hope this blog helps you to learn the same. Thus, if you have any question regarding these top 9 WordPress PDF Plugin, let me know in the comment section provided below.

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