13 Best WordPress Lazy Load Plugins To Accelerate Your Website Speed In 2023

Today, it is very important for your WordPress Website to load faster to gain more web traffic but it is loading slowly. The reason is simple, there is a number of images and themes that we are containing in our Website to make it more valuable and informative with the awesome look.

However, this can also make a negative impact on your WordPress blog’s loading speed. Sites with a bulk of images can take time to load. For every image, there’s another HTTP request, and more time your users have to wait in frustration while the page is loading.

Often, no one wants to go through this worst loading and it is also not a good idea to decrease the number of images from your Post because readers love images as it is how our brain intercepts information easily. It becomes easier for us to digest the information in a visual manner.

So, without compromising with your Website’s visual look and images that it contains, we are providing you the best solution with the WordPress Lazy Load plugins that can really accelerate your WordPress Website speed.

Where, A plugin is defined as a type of software that contains a group of functions that can be added to a WordPress website. They are used to provide additional functionality to your application.

Concept Of Lazy Loading

Lazy Loading is a design pattern commonly used in computer programming to defer initialization of an object until the point at which it is needed. Consequently, it can speed up image-heavy sites and takes no time to enable on your website.

How is it done? Here is the answer, Lazy loading forces the images to load only when they are “above the fold.” Or we can say that only the images that come into view in a user’s browser will load.

However, if you have a page featuring a number of Fresh and Free Fullscreen WordPress Themes. Then only the first few images/themes in the post will load. While the others will load as the user scrolls down the page. As, theme is a group of stylesheets and templates that are used to describe the appearance and display of a WordPress site.

Some of the Best WordPress Lazy Load Plugins

a3 Lazy Load

a3 Lazy Load WordPress plugin to increase your site speed
a3 Lazy Load Plugin

a3 Lazy Load plugin is simply the best to increase your site loading speed. The plugin is very easy to use with mobile-friendly or mobile responsive functionality. Here, Responsive means portability which makes your site mobile-friendly so that users can view it on their mobile devices and can read your site information easily. 

With this, you cannot bother about how much heavy your site or content-rich blog you are running just activate this plugin and let it do the rest.

It is a full-featured lazy load plugin that lets you define the lazy-loaded elements in the admin settings of the Plugin. These elements can only be visible to the users when they scroll down the page and are visible to the viewport.

Key features

  • Video, Iframe Lazy load
  • Support WordPress AMP plugin
  • WebP images
  • Woocommerce support
  • Theme and plugin compatible
  • Exclude images and video
  • Advanced custom fields

Lazy Loader

Lazy loader WordPress plugin
Lazy Loader Plugin

Lazy Loader is ideally a perfect WordPress Lazy Load plugin that utilizes lightweight Lazysizes scripts. It provides the functionality to manually modify the markup and lazy load a variety of background images, scripts, styles, etc;

You can even lazy load without any manual modification for images inserted through ‘img’ or enable pictures in posts, pages, Custom Post Types, Text Widgets, Post thumbnails, iFrames, Video elements, Audio elements, etc; in plugin options.

As the articles posted by the admin of a WordPress site are called posts and pages are like posts. Pages can be managed in a hierarchical structure in WordPress.

Post type is a collection of rules that are used to explain the way of content. Each & every post has its own parameters which define a particular post so that you can understand properly the difference between post, page, archive, revision or a navigation menu.

Widgets allows you to add content and features to your sidebar without writing any code. And navigation menu allows you to create navigation menu by using WordPress Menu Editor in the WordPress admin panel.

Lazy Load for Images

Lazy Load Imazes WordPress Plugin
Lazy Load for Images Plugin

Lazy Load for Images plugin is just perfect to customize your WordPress site speed without any configurations. In this plugin, images are only loaded when users scroll down and also are on the viewport.

It is compatible with all the major browsers. Moreover, it’s more SEO and user-friendly. Without the need of Jquery, you can easily activate the plugin that consumes hardly 1kb of JavaScript.You can also exclude some images to Lazy loading.

SEO known as Search Engine Optimization where search engine is a service which allows all internet user to search for any content, query, and product throughout the world wide web. The search engine optimization of a website needs different tools and strategies.

Key features

  • Load images only when required.
  • Improve page loading speed.
  • Reduce no. of HTTP requests.
  • Mobile friendly
  • Plugin size < 10 kb
  • Supports the Genesis framework
  • Available on GitHub

Lazy Load by WP Rocket

Rocket Lazy Load WordPress Plugin
Lazy Load by WP Rocket Plugin

Lazy Load by WP Rocket plugin offers great features for your website. And if you are looking for lazy load content including images, videos, and other aspects. Then it is the only one for you.

Many of the webmasters try to avoid resource-hungry plugins. Thus, this tiny script (less than 2kb!) displays all images in a post or widget, thumbnails, avatars, and emoticons as users scroll down on the website page.

Whereas, the Rocket Lazy Load also works out of the box for you. It does not arrive with any options or customizations. So, just install and activate this plugin and let it do the rest.

Just look at our guide on how to install a plugin in WordPress.

WP Advanced Image Lazy Load Plugin

WordPress Advanced Image Lazy Load Plugin
WP Advanced Image Lazy Load Plugin

WP Advanced Image Lazy Load Plugin is a premium plugin, as we know that lazy loading is a very simple concept. However, it should be used in a systematic way then another plugin. Hence, it is the only plugin that does that.

It doesn’t matter if you are using it for portfolio purposes. Or just a simple blog post, the plugin takes care of everything you do with your website.

WordPress Advanced Image Lazy Load Plugin doesn’t use any of the external JavaScript libraries. The main features of this plugin are, it is SEO friendliness. Thus, you don’t have to configure anything; just install and activate the plugin. You are all set with the same plugin.

BJ Lazy Load

BJ Lazy Load Plugin
BJ Lazy Load PLugin

It is one of the best plugins to enable the lazy load on your WordPress Website. If someone says to select one plugin that works out of the box, then BJ Lazy Load plugin is always there for you.

However, the BJ Lazy load plugin actually does a pretty great job at the very task. And that is, it offers support for images, thumbnails, iframes, and Gravatar images. Similarly, it supports videos embedded from YouTube, Vimeo, and other sites because of the iframe support (like Apple’s retina display).

Authors view: The plugin uses no external JavaScript library. And if you are using any non-js media, then the performance hit would not be significant at all.

Image Lazy Load(Unveil.js)

Image Lazy Load Plugin
Image Lazy Load (Unviel.js) Plugin

This plugin is one of the most popular Lazy loads for a WordPress website. Image Lazy Load plugin (Unveil.js) is a lightweight version of Lazy Load. However, it arrives with support for serving high-resolution images to devices with retina displays.

The plugin offers great features as it uses the unveil.js. jQuery plugin to lazy load the assets and also because of the use of the jQuery plugin. Thus, its performance is improved substantially in this field of SEO.

It provides an option for loading images on mobile devices. And the number of pixels reached before an image comes into view and loads in it.

Image Lazy Load(Unveil.js) plugin is developed by WPCube. And if you are looking for the support then you need to get hold of the premium plugin.

jQuery Image Lazy Load WP

jquery image lazy load wp
jQuery Image Lazy Load WP Plugin

jQuery Image Lazy Load WP plugin uses Jquery. As of the name suggests, this plugin adds jQuery lazy loading to the images. Thus, as the other normal lazy loading plugins. This plugin will load the images when images are at the above fold.

It is easy to use, just install, activate and images on your site will load as users scroll down the page on the very working window. After that images come into view.

It does not have any fancy settings. As the author describes, it is a “quick and dirty” WordPress plugin in all.

Unveil Lazy Load

Unveil Lazy Load
Unveil Lazy Load Plugin

Unveil Lazy Load is another lightweight jQuery plugin. This plugin also uses Unveil.js, giving it a footprint of less than 0.5KB.

Unveil Lazy Load plugin works straight out of the box. And lazy loading your images as soon as you install and activate. The very plugin has not been updated for the 2 years.

Lazy Load

Wordpress Lazy Load Plugin
Lazy Load Plugin

The other best lazy load plugins for WordPress are Lazy Load. This plugin is very easy to use – just install and activate it. And you are all set to move with it. It has no settings or customizations to tweak. Lazy Load Plugin just works.

The very plugin is for those who just want to act and forget. This plugin uses jQuery.sonar to only load an image. When it is visible above the fold.

The interesting fact to know is that. This plugin is an amalgamation of code written by the WordPress.com VIP team at Automattic. It only reduces page loading time and saves bandwidth.

Advanced Lazy Load

Advanced Lazy Load
Advanced Lazy Load Plugin

Advanced Lazy Load Plugin is one of the best plugins in all. With this plugin, you can lazy load all the assets and improve the loading time of your site. And the only way to improve the site loading time is to load the images when they are needed.

However, it is very easy to use – just install the plugin and activate it. And the very plugin is set up out of the box. Often, the options will provide you with the ability to set the distance between the image and the bottom of the browser. However, another option will enable you to set the image fade duration on your site.

Lazy Load XT

Lazy Load XT Plugin

The Lazy load XT is a new WordPress Lazy load plugin. And it is getting good reviews and responses from the users in this field. It arrives with the support of different types of media such as YouTube videos, images or iframes, etc. and it

However, it is light, fast and offers great customization to its users. Working on this plugin is very easy. The users have to just replace the source attributes of images to data-src.  After that, it enables the images to load on demand. This plugin is very pretty handy indeed than all!

Images Lazy Load and Slideshow

Images LazyLoad and Slideshow
Images Lazyload and Slideshow Plugin

Images Lazyload and Slideshow plugin is the best lazy load plugin for WordPress Website. This plugin offers great features. And currently arrives with image lazy load, lightbox effect, and along with with with a gallery slideshows effect.

Effects are a great addition to the plugin as it enables you to add effects to them. However, without affecting the loading speed of the same.

Consequently, you may also add custom HTML and custom CSS along with tracking codes from your PC. As CSS stands for Cascading Style Sheet, These are the documents which contain the styling rules that can be applied to HTML or XML, (along with some structural formats). 


Increasing your WordPress site speed is another one of the foremost strategies that we use to gain more conversion rates. We should know that a user practically, can hard to wait for any longer after a few seconds for a website to load. To keep this in mind, these WordPress Lazy Load plugins are just perfect to keep them stay on your blogs.

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