10 Ways To Improve Your Page Render Time With WordPress Website

Most of the developers face page speed problem when designing unique and engaging sites. So in this article, we will show you 10 ways to improve your page Render Time with WordPress. Usually, many of the WordPress sites are slowly forwarded than other. The speed of a page is a very big matter for any developer at the time of designing of unique and attractive sites.

The management to balance furnished page and dynamic content is getting very tough to do. The speed of a page is not only needed for a search engine, even it’s important for the user also. Now, the user doesn’t want to wait to view because the extra time taken by page loading. Improving page loading is good for your page visitors also. Just because of this reason user will prefer any other site. 

So, it’s important to know how you can improve some basic development of your site with the help of increasing the speed of page loading and make sure capable to supply quickly to the user. So let’s have a look:-

Why speed is important for a WordPress site

However, you might be thinking about that why speed is that much important for a WordPress site. So, visitors to your site don’t want to wait for more time. That means, your site should be served within a blink of eyes. They don’t want to waste useless investment of time on it. Since loading time matters for your site visitors.

Just for a bit of second to load a page, can seriously low down your conversions, views of your page, and customer fulfillment. So we are going to discuss some ways to improve your page render time with a WordPress site.

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1. Content Management System

Content Management System(CMS) of your website is a part that controls the speed of your site. While other CMS is doing a nice job than our WordPress.

As you can see, plain HTML is used to write a website because this language is understandable by our browsers. This day, static HTML sites are loaded faster than other sites which are built with CMS. Because of this, when a browser requests for a WordPress based site, the browser will call for data from PHP application which require accessing the data from MySQL database to create an HTML code which can be understandable or readable by our browser. So, a bit of this reason our site is slower than another site which working directly on HTML, to access the database and create the code will take time.  

2. Install a WordPress Caching Plugin

Pages of WordPress are dynamic which means that pages are built for freely accessible and can visit it every time. To construct any page, WordPress needs to execute a process to get the required data, bring it together, and display it to your user.

This procedure of WordPress to make site will include many steps, and it will be slow down your site when your site is visiting multiple people at the same time. That’s why each WordPress should use a caching plugin. It will make your WordPress multiple times faster than before.

Normally, generation of all pages will take time at every stage, using caching plugin will make a copy of the page at the first load and provide the cached version of the site to every particular user. As we all know that when the user goes to your site, Which is created using PHP in WordPress, our server will gain some information from PHP files and MySQL database, then it will bring it together within an HTML content which is provided for the user. 

It is a very lengthy procedure but by using caching you can skip these process. On the web, there is a number of caching plugins are available for WordPress. According to us, we suggest for WP Super Cache plugin. But If you are working on managed WordPress hosting provider, then you should have caching plugin because it will take care of it. If you are looking for Installing plugin then read our article on How to install a Plugin in WordPress.

3. Choose A Good Host

It is very useful for WordPress site to take the speed up of your site at a high level, by signing up with the quality host. While you will found a lot of choices to get this, hosting is the main thing where you will get your achievement. So, investment on the quality host is better than worth.

First of all, you have to neglect shared hosting. You should know that which kind of sites you are going to share a hard drive with and it is not the problem. Every time, till you know what you are doing or hire anyone who knows that, a faithful server might be a bit overkill, especially for small to medium-sized sites. Therefore, the best thing is to select for a VPS. It’s a good middle way between speed, cost and comfort.  Another way to go with managed hosting. Which means selection of a host is a very special thing in a WordPress site.

4. Keep Your WordPress Site Updated

The primary software and technology, which is installed on the server is another reason will give load on the speed of your site. Investing your time to find the latest version of PHP is worth for you. A standard host will take care of that and let you inform when it needs to update there framework. For maintained open source project, WordPress is updated time to time. Every update will not provide only new features, but also solve the problem, and help in WordPress Security. Your WordPress will have efficient updates. If you have some style of code on your website, then update your basic technology to the latest version to the new one, it messes it. So be sure that you can go reverse the editing if needed.

Hence you need to make sure that your website theme, plugin is updated or not.

5. Keep Up With WordPress Update Cycle

As you all know that you should have to keep updated your website. That means not only run the latest of your WordPress plugin but also need to take care about download and install the updates of your plugins and themes. At the time of developing your site using WordPress, enhancement of code is main motive, in this, you don’t think about the speed of your site. Preferably, go with update cycle will address or give detail of perspective and keep dangerous software out of it. It can slow you down.

6. Use a Content Delivery Network


Using a CDN basically, you can distribute your site to various servers in different locations. By this method whenever anyone will visit your site, they will get a data from the location nearer to them. For more information See our guide on Best CDN Services in WordPress.

If your site is delivered in the US and someone from Romania wants to browse it, they have to download that files from a server hosted in Germany or some other European country instead of going through the cables buried under the Atlantic. Makes sense, doesn’t it? Even if you don’t want to deposit your whole site in a CDN, you can simply save them host those parts with long loading times, like images.

7. Regular Database Maintenance

While working on WordPress is already full of themes, plugin, and other files, the WordPress database is also liable to gather or assemble the overflow if left it into its own. Here main wrong thing to slow down your site is overhead and unnecessary and useless data. Overhead is a temporary disk space which used to increase over time if it is not cleared out. It will leave the useless data, tables from plugins which will not present for a long time, post correction and other departed things. Here is a perfect tool to find out, is the WP-Optimize plugin. After some bit of steps, you can resolve the issue defined above on the regular basis.

8. Work With A Proper Theme Or Framework

Some of the themes out of other that have to contain all the features. That means it will provide choices to change each little things on your website down to the look of the other widget are providing. Now, this is good for new or fresh users who don’t have knowledge about how to do the adjustment in the CSS file, it includes a big code. When someone visits your site again and again then that code will be loaded at every time. For that, you have to work with lightweight theme or framework is the main reason to keep your site up to speed. And they also will brilliant support for a child theme.

9. Compress Images

Elaborated images can be the main reason to overflow of loading time of your site. For seeing this flow of loading time of your site, use a page test tool with help of WP Engine’s Page Performance tool, or webpagetest.org. It will provide waterfall view of loading time of your site. If its image is the longest-loading elements or any tools which are suggested to raise your images,  so its time to use image compression plugin. Two most familiar plugins are WP Smush and EWWW Image Optimizer Cloud. These both plugins will provide the opportunity to compress your image and decrease the size of your site’s image without losing the image quality. Not only helpful to fast page loading, it also decreases the bandwidth usages and helps to increase the functions of copying your site or generating backups.  

10. Lower The Number Of Server request

When a visitor’s browser asks something from your server that is called server request. It can be CSS file, image or a javascript file. Most of the sites take very long time to supply or serve the content. Thus a request should take a minimum time. In a practical way :

  • Decrease the number of images and other time took elements   
  • Less number of posts for per pages
  • Deactivate the useless and slowest plugins (find it using the Plugin Performance Profiler plugin)
  • Deactivate the plugins which are not used regularly
  • Remove those images that take maximum time to load

Input your URL into Pingdom to get where you could save on server requests. It is helpful to know the breakdown of requests and how much time it will observe.

That’s all on our behalf and we hope that this article helped you to improve your page render time with WordPress.

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