7 Of The Best FTP Clients For Windows and Mac (Our Ultimate Pick)

Have you ever think about FTP Clients? Have you ever tried to use them but you don’t know what are they and how to use it? So, here we will illustrate to you the Best FTP Clients For Windows and Mac.

FTP means File Transfer Protocol, which allows users to upload files from their computers to their WordPress website. To use FTP you have required an FTP client which is a desktop app for your computer. It connects your computer to your WordPress hosting account.

This provides a simple GUI ( Graphic User Interface) so that you can execute all the FTP tasks like rename, copy, upload, delete, and edit files or folders on your WordPress website.

It is not mandatory to install an FTP client to use WordPress. But, this can help you to fix common WordPress errors quickly while you are not able to access the WordPress admin area.

How to use an FTP Client?

To connect to your WP site, you will need an FTP username and password.

If you know your username and password then it’s good but if you have forgotten them then, you can get it from that email you received when you signed up for a web hosting account.

Even you can fetch these details from the cPanel’s dashboard of your web hosting, or you can contact to support center and they will send it to you via email.

Once you collect these details, you can connect to your site.

First of all, you have to start your FTP client and provide your FTP username and password, host(your site’s URL like wpglobalsupport.com) and then press the connect button.

If you didn’t enter anything into the port field, your FTP client will use the plain FTP protocol on port 21 to connect.

If you want, then you can use port 22 using SFTP to connect to your server. It will encrypt the information before sending it to your web server. This reduces the chances of stealing your password or sniffing of data from the hackers.

Let’s have a look at some of the best FTP clients present for the different platforms for WordPress users.

Best FTP Clients For Windows and Mac

There are many free and paid FTP clients available for individual platforms and OS. All of them come with a simple interface and additional features which will make it easy for you to edit WP files.

FTP Cyberduck

FTP Cyberduck is very easy to use FTP client appropriate for the beginners and also for the advanced users.

This is available for Windows and Mac computers. Unlike other cross-platform applications, it actually integrates beautifully with your original Mac environment. FTP Cyberduck also supports Mac features such as storing your login credentials in the keychain and locating files in finder.

You can choose your desired code editor and open files to edit with the click of a button. It is available for Windows and Mac platforms free of cost.


FTP Clients For Windows and Mac

FTP WinSCP is one of the mighty and easy to use FTP client only for Windows users. It looks like there are too many things on the user interface, however, it is actually quite easy to learn.

On the left-hand side, you have the files on your computer and on the right-hand side, you see the files on your server. Simply click on a file to download, upload or edit.

For advanced users, WinSCP has all the features that you are supposed to be in a powerful FTP client. It supports SSH, SFTP and plain old FTP. It is very easy for handling files and assigning default editors. This is also free FTP server but only for the Windows platform.

Free FTP

FTP Clients For Windows and Mac

Free FTP is a popular FTP client among Windows users by Coffee House. It is a beginner-friendly and easy to use.

The Free FTP supports FTP, FTPS, SFTP and integrates beautifully into your operating system. It has a history feature that permits you to remember where your files are stored.

Usually, it’s free but if you want some extra features such as code editor, autocompletion, image viewer, etc then you can purchase its paid version for $39. But it is only for the Windows platform.


FTP Clients For Windows and Mac

FileZilla is a well-liked free FTP client for Windows, Mac, and Linux.

It’s probably the easiest to use FTP client. Though, we are discussing it in the 4th position, because many Windows users have allegedly found the packaged adware or spyware into FileZilla downloads.

You can uncheck the box during installation to opt-out of adware since many of our users are initials, we are afraid that they may miss it and eventually end up with adware on their computer.

Our experienced user can install FileZilla from the official website. FileZilla will be available to Linux users in the official stores of their Distro.

It works on Windows, Mac and, Linux platforms and available for free.


Transmit is the most popular FTP client for Mac, especially among web developers. It comes with a powerful set of features like Sync, Drive feature, and High speed.

It integrates beautifully into your Mac’s environment, which makes it too easy for Mac users to learn quickly. If You want, then you can add shortcuts of your transmit to the finder as favorites and to quickly access them.

Transmit supports SSH, FTP, FTPs, SFTP connections. It comes with a code editor for quick edit files.

There is two versions of it available one is free and another one is paid version for $34 and they work with Mac platform.


CuteFTP was first developed by Alex Kunadze. It is a series of client applications that have been distributed and supported by the GlobalSCAPE since 1996, which later purchased software rights.

Both Windows-based or Mac-based interfaces were made for home and commercial use. It is used to transfer files among computers and FTP servers to publish web pages, download digital images, music, multimedia files, and software.

CuteFTP Pro and CuteFTP Mac Pro have also been available since 1999 along with CuteFTP Home with free trial periods.

WS_FTP Professional

FTP Clients For Windows and Mac

WS_FTP is a popular commercial FTP client for Professional Windows. This provides enterprise-grade security with SSH and offers 256-bit AES for transfer, FIPS 140-2 valid cryptography, and OpenPGP file encryption.

It comes along with powerful file search, drag & drop transfer, faster speeds, scheduled transfer, and many more advanced features. It is paid and starts from $49.95, and for the Windows platform.


In this article, we have discussed FTP Cyberduck, FTP WinSCP, Free FTP, FileZilla, Transmit, CuteFTP, WS_FTP Professional in detail.

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