2 Simple Methods To Add/Embed Google Slides Presentations To WordPress

Are you facing a problem with adding Google slides Presentations to WordPress? Google Slides lets you create beautiful presentations and share them anywhere. Here, we have two different ways to add google slides presentations to your WordPress site.

Methods To Add Google Slides Presentations to WordPress

Method 1: Add Google Slides in WordPress by Using Plugin

  • We recommend this method for beginners and this method is easier.
  • The first thing you have to install the Google Docs oEmbed plugin and then activate it. For more detail, read our guide on how to install a plugin in WordPress.
  • The plugin works out of the box, and you do not have any settings to configure.
  • Before embedding your presentation, you will need a shareable URL of your Google Slides presentation.
  • You can get it by opening your presentation in Google Slides and then clicking the File>>Publish to the Web.
    Google Slides Presentations
  • It will bring up a popup where you can configure slideshow settings such as delay in between slides and autoplay.
Google Slides Presentations
  • You have to press the publish button to continue.
  • It will bring up a popup that asks you to confirm that you want to publish the slide. Click the OK button to give permission.
  • You should be able to view a URL that you can use to share your Google Slides presentation.
Google Slides Presentations
  • Go ahead and copy this URL and return back to the admin area of your WordPress site.
  • Now you need to add this URL to your WordPress. Just edit the post or page where you want the slide to appear.
  • In the post editor, you have to paste the URL that you copied from Google Slides. It is important to make sure that the URL is on its own line.
Google Slides Presentations
  • In case you are using a visual editor, as soon as you enter the URL, it will display your presentation in the editor.
  • Now you can press the publish or update button to store your changes.
  • If you require adjusting the width and height of the Google Slide Container, then you need to wrap the URL around an embed shortcode.
  • Do not forget to change the slide URL with your Google Slides presentation’s shareable URL.
  • Now, you can preview your post or page to view your Google Slides embedded in your WordPress website.

Method 2: Adding the Google Slides Embed Code in WordPress

  • You don’t need to install any plugin for this method. We only recommend using this method in case you will not often adding Google Slides to your WordPress website.
  • The first thing you have to open the presentation that you want to share and after that click the File>>Publish button to the web.
Google Slides Presentations
  • Now, you will see a popup where you can configure the slideshow settings. And also you have to click the publish button to make your presentation public.
Google Slides Presentations
  • After this, you will see a popup that will ask you to confirm that you want to publish the slide. Click OK button to allow.
  • Now you have to switch to the embed tab and copy the embed code.
Google Slides Presentations
  • Go to the WordPress admin area and edit the page or post where you want to add your Google Slides presentation.
  • On the post editor screen, you have to switch from visual to a text editor, and then the editor has to paste its code.
Google Slides Presentations
  • Now you can save or update your post and page. Go to your website to view Google Slides presentation in action.

Note: It is important that you don’t switch to the visual editor after adding your embed code. Switching to the visual editor will mess up the embed code. And then you will see it as plain text instead of your slides.


We hope these methods helped you to Add Google Slides Presentations on your WordPress site. Read the above methods carefully and add your Google Slides that can make your site presentations awesome.

If you have any problem with adding the google slides, let me know in the comments box. Also, if you liked this post, please share it with your peers!

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That’s all, thanks!

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