Best Tutorial To Paste Snippets From The Web Into WordPress

As we all know that WordPress is an open source program. That gives users the ability to modify its coding to customize their website. Apart from the reason, people choose this program. Because it is user-friendly while still, it is offering webmasters a lot of options for making a website.

However, this process is easy for those who know how PHP works. In some way, it looks a little hard/difficult for new users, often, new people want to accomplish the end result of the tutorial.

Here, we are going to elaborate the Best Tutorial to Paste Snippets from the Web into WordPress.

Finding Snippets on the Web

Snippets can be obtained in many different ways. A simple search for code snippets results in about 20 million results. There are also user-friendly plugins that can be used to add snippets to one site.

The WordPress Plugin Directory has the option of docs of pages, which is to avoid the need for coding in the theme’s functions.FP file.

While searching the web for code, be cautious about using coding snippets from unreliable sources as the improper coding site can stop working; Malicious coding may also contain malware or viruses. You can get rid of this by going through our article on the list of Top 10 WordPress Plugins to Detect Malicious Code on Your Site

Finding the correct WordPress file for snippets

It is very important to add the code and after that to add them to the correct file. WordPress sites have two separate files that have function foil. Works with a site’s main function and other deals with subject tasks.

While adding snippets, they need to go to theme function files. Main Functions to Snippets Do not keep in the PHP file. This folder is found in a folder named wp-includes/folder, and it does not have the right place to add coding, which adds functions to topics. The correct file to use is called functions.php, and it is located in


Once the correct file is located, the next step is to ensure that the WordPress snippet is correctly pasted into the right file.

Paste WordPress snippets correctly

PHP stands for hypertext preprocessor, and snippets that go to the functions of the theme .fp file need to be properly placed in order to work properly to understand what to do to avoid mistakes that open and Closing tags are shown, which put coding in the wrong place.

The opening tags use the following instructions:
<? Php

Closing tags look like this:

Knowing how to identify opening and closing tags is two things: It makes easy to identify coding that fails to use opening and closing tags and also helps to ensure that the coding is appropriate.

If the coding does not include opening and closing tags, then there are two ways to deal with it. Another way to manually add and add tags manually is to insert the WordPress snippet between coding and closing tags, which is already in the theme’s function file.

Paste into functions.php (Not preferred)

You have to paste the most common answer snippets found on the web in a file named “functions.php” since this advice is very common. I’ll show you how to do it with some screenshots. But I think this method is a reason which is seriously defective for your site. Now, it goes like this.

Steps to be performed for moving are as follows:

Step 1: Open functions.php

Open your WordPress Admin Dashboard and go to “Appearance -> Editor” on the left-hand bar:

Appearance editor

It brings a page that allows you to edit your theme files, which are listed on the right hand, search for a label “functions.php” and click on it.

theme functions php

Step 2: Delete Closing ?> tag at the End

Once the function.php is open on the left in large text, scroll down all the way. Check whether you see the following icons:


If you do find that, then delete it and update the file as well.

check for closing tag

The reason for this is that the beginners cannot move along with it? For the initial time of the Php tag, it is the closing symbol but it is dangerous because you can accidentally drop an empty space or leave a new line after it, throw an error.

However, it is very difficult to debug. Especially when your whole website may crash. Thus, remove the dangerous “?>” symbol.

Step 3: Paste the Code at the End of Functions.php

Finally, paste your code too little down the job and save it. done! The acceptable way to insert code snippets in WordPress is as follows.

Hence, the problem with this method is a terrible way to insert WordPress code snippets. Here’s the reason why it is so.

Should Create a Child Theme

When you modify functions.php in this way, you are changing your theme files. There is nothing wrong with this but it looks small because if your topic updates itself automatically or manually, all your custom changes will be overwritten. So even if the custom WordPress code works as a function of your main subject, which snippets it is not sustainable.

The standard recommendation is to make a child topic. I have written a tutorial on how to do this so that you can follow it. If you want the only change then do add a function.php file to your child theme. Now let’s have a look at How to easily Create a Child Theme in WordPress.

Errors in functions.php will crash your site

There is a dangerous error called “The White Screen of Death” in WordPress, this is when your site crashes and you only see an empty page. There are no errors, no warnings, and there is no indication of the wrong thing. This is awesome because you may not be able to back up your site, whatever you have changed.

Thus, for overcoming this have a look at our blog on How to fix white screen of death in WordPress?

You have to use something like FTP to return the changes, and if you do not have FTP setup and/or you do not know how to access your WordPress files, then your site will be down for a long time.

Your theme files can have white screen death due to an error, including the function. Php. If you accidentally make a mistake in pasting your code, or if the person wrote the code, then the syntax error occurred, you have got spoiled.

Occasionally during copy/paste, we can easily remember some letters at the beginning or the end and it will almost certainly cause your site to be caused by the accident. For these two reasons mentioned above, I almost never keep the paste code in functions.php. So I go with my favorite solution

A Custom Plugin for WordPress Code Snippets (Preferred)

Instead of pasting my theme into functions.php, I’ll use a custom plugin, it’s a tutorial about creating custom plugins by creating a child theme. This is very easy and best when WordPress is facing an error in your custom plugin. However, it will only get disable with an informational error message. Your site will not crash, there is no white screen of death!

When your custom plugin is ready. Simply add the code as shown below in the figure:

start adding code

Occasionally, I have been forced to use the Functions function. But apart from this, all my WordPress code snippets are placed in the custom plugin. I hope this tutorial was useful and not only how you use valuable code snippets, which you find everywhere, but also the right way to put them!

Wrapping Up:

Here, in this blog, we have discussed The Best Tutorial to Paste Snippets from the Web into WordPress?

Often we conclude the process of finding snippets on the web, the correct process to paste it, and the two methods as preferred and nonpreferred, steps along with the methods, should we create it, errors in it, and a custom plugin for the same.

They do add value to any blog post. And, this leads to the end of the blog.

We hope this blog helped you. If you found the blog useful, do not forget to use the comment section provided below. Also, share the blog with your peers. You are on your way of getting more exposure.

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