WordPress: How to Add WordPress Navigation Menu in Posts or Pages?

WordPress: How to Add WordPress Navigation Menu in Posts or Pages?

Are you wish to show WordPress Navigation Menu in Posts or Pages? Generally, your WordPress theme handles where and how navigation menus are displayed.

Here, in this today’s post, we are going to show you how can you add WordPress navigation menu in pages or posts or anywhere you want on your website.

Why we add WordPress Navigation Menu in Posts/Pages

Although, Navigation menus in WordPress offer a simple way to add a structured menu to your website.

Thus, you can create a lot of Navigation menus as you want in your WordPress Admin Area. But, you can display them only on the menu locations available in your WordPress theme.

What if you are required to add a menu to a post or page? In that case, you have to manually create a list of links that are not as efficient enough to manage as a WordPress menu.

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Now let’s take a look at:

How you can add navigation menus in WordPress posts or pages

WordPress Navigation Menu

Adding Navigation Menu in WordPress Posts/Pages

  • The very first thing, you have to install the Menu Shortcode plugin and then activate it. To know more, see our guide on how to install a plugin in WordPress.
  • Before using the plugin, first, you will have to create the Navigation menu you want to display. Visit the Appearance » Menus to create it.
  • Once your menu is ready, you can add it to your posts by using a shortcode.
  • Just edit a page or post where you want to display the menu and add a shortcode like this:

[listmenu menu=”My menu”]

  • However, you can change My menu with the name of the navigation menu you want to add.
  • By default, your menu will be shown as a plain list. If you want to change the appearance of your menu, read our guide how to style navigation menus in WordPress.
  • You can add your custom CSS for menus in your stylesheet of the child theme or by using the simple custom CSS plugin.
  • However, if you are not familiar with CSS, then you can try CSS Hero. This is a powerful plugin, allows you to style anything on your WordPress website without writing any code by using a simple user interface.


Wrapping this all end! Here, we have discussed an ultimate guide on How to Add WordPress Navigation Menu in Posts or Pages? Often, we concluded Why we add WordPress Navigation Menu in Posts/Pages.

We hope this blog helped you to learn this. If you have any question problem with adding the navigation menu, let me know in the comments section provided below.

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