What Is WordPress Admin Bar?

You might have noticed a gray or blue bar that appears at the top of your pages when you are logged into your WordPress.com account. This bar is called the WordPress Admin Bar. It is an easily accessible toolbar with a few shortcuts to some central WordPress.com dashboard pages.

On the far left side of the WordPress Dashboard, you can see the WordPress logo. If you hover over this logo, you will be able to see links to WordPress-specific information. These are the quick-links if you ever need to take a look at WordPress documentation, visit the support forums or leave feedback.

To the right of the WordPress logo, you can see the name of your site. Hover over this and you will be able to see a submenu to visit the front end of your site. Now, this is how your site looks to visitors.

The last section on the left side of the Admin Bar is of the New link. If you hover over this link, you will see a submenu that will quickly take you to the add new screen for the post, media, page, and user.

All of these things can also be done by navigating on the left side of the dashboard, but this link is great for getting these tasks done quickly.

On the far right side of the screen, you will be able to see “Your name.” Hover over this section to see the submenu to edit your profile or to log out of the site.

wordpress admin bar

Front End view of WordPress Admin Bar

  • Once you are logged in into your WordPress site, the Admin bar will also get visible to you.
  • Click on visit site, you will be able to see the front end of your site.
  • From here, the WordPress Admin Bar changes a bit.
  • Go to the title of your site section, you will see links for the dashboard, which will take you back to the dashboard home, and links will take you to themes, customize widgets, menus, background, and header.
  • Though all of these sections can also be found from the left-hand navigation menu in the WordPress dashboard, this is a great quick reference.

How to Turn Off the WordPress Admin Bar

WordPress admin toolbar turns out to be useful for some people while some may want to turn the WordPress Admin Bar off. Keep note that the WordPress Admin Bar is only visible to you when you are logged in to your site.

Click ‘edit my Profile link’, if you want to turn this view off. From this screen, you can see a checkbox to show Toolbar while viewing the site. Uncheck this box to turn this view off, then scroll to the bottom and click Update profile.

If you return back to the front end of our site, the WordPress Admin Bar will be no longer be visible. If you wish to turn the Admin Bar back on, just return to your edit profile and check the box to see the toolbar again.

Remove the Admin Toolbar with Code

If you want to use code to remove the Admin toolbar, just follow the given snippet into your function.php file.

{code type=php}

add_filter(‘show_admin_bar’, ‘__return_false’);


This code will remove the toolbar from the front-end of your site.

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