What Is bbPress In WordPress?

In WordPress terminology, bbPress is a WordPress plugin that adds “forum” functionality in WordPress site. Mainly, bbPress is an open source and free forum software designed by the founder of WordPress, Matt Mullenweg. It does not take many resources like older forum software. Meanwhile, to say, It is easier to add a forum in your WordPress site. Not only this but, it is spam support, and has customizable templates.

The best thing is it allows you to create a full-featured forum as:

  • Your complete WordPress website.
  • A small part of your existing WordPress site.       

It was published on WordPress.org with keeping simplicity in mind. To adding forums in WordPress – It was completely coded in new forum system in 2004 by the WordPress Support team. Thereafter, it has been turned into a plugin which can be easily installed, activated and configured in comparison to other plugins.

Finally, bbPress enables a method by which users can discuss forums within the WordPress site.

Being the best WordPress plugin, it allows you to add a forum easily to your WordPress site. Not only this but, it is lightweight and can be merged easily with WordPress theme. And very extensible to handle custom forum easily.     

Key features of bbPress

There are many features of bbPress which are as follows:

  • Create multiple discussion forums.
  • Organize topics, forums and replies with categories and tags.
  • To show forums it chooses shortcodes and widgets.
  • Send out optional subscription emails to forums users.
  • Import forum data from a range of platforms.

Advantages of bbPress

  • You can set your visibility.
  • It is useful for setting up access.
  • Also useful in setting registration.
  • It inherits your current theme’s style.
  • It is lightweight and fast compared to other open source forums.
  • bbPress uses your temporary WordPress core which makes it simple and easy to use.

Integrated bbPress Plugins

  • WP User Avatar
  • SI Captcha Anti-Spam
  • User Switching
  • Ultimate Member
  • GD bbPress Attachment
  • erMedia
  • WP Ulike
  • Rating Widgets: Star Review System
  • bbPress Private Replies
  • BBP Style Pack

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