What is Tag in WordPress?


Tags are important keywords for each page or article you create. Tags are proposed to be words, very short two or three word phrases. Adding tags that represent a post or page will increase the chance that it will get its due traffic.

With tags, it is possible to get instant traffic for a blog or blog-based site for an empty niche on the Internet so it’s important to use them relevantly and effectively. Users can also add tags to their WordPress posts along with categories.

In WordPress, if a user does not select a category for a post then automatically it is filed into the default category. Tags are not automatically added to a post unless a user adds them, which makes them completely optional, but there is no limit as to how many you can add.

Example: A post documented in the Book Review category can optionally have tags like Fiction, Mystery, Stephen King.

Tags can likewise can be shown in one of the sidebars using a widget. Taxonomies gives a simple way to sort contents into topics. This helps website administrators and content publishers to arrange their content. It also helps visitors in finding the topics that they might be interested in.