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Add a Trello-Like Kanban Board in WordPress
Add a Trello-Like Kanban Board in WordPress

Do you wish to add a Trello-Like Kanban Board to your WordPress website? For a Project Management, this method is getting very popular. It will tally the task of your team’s projects, watching the growth of sales, and remain in contact with your present customers can be tough if you are not arranged.

It is the best way to know the main destination view of your tasks. For keeping your mind that where your tasks are going to flow. So, don’t worry, in this article, we will describe you all thing about Trello-Like Kanban Board in WordPress.

What is Kanban Board in WordPress?

A Kanban board is a tool to visualize your growth for your tasks. You can manage everything in your one and more projects.

Usually, Kanban boards will contain three columns labeled with To Do, In Progress, and Done. Each column will describe stages of streamline process. You can add single tasks in each column. The individual process will flow horizontally near the board.

The process will be carried out until achieving the last column. Here entire flow of work will end and the project will be completed.

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Reasons for Using a Kanban Board in WordPress?

There are lots of reason that why we should upload a Kanban board to your WordPress website. In this, they will provide a way to manage workflows and give more energy to your productivity in your colleague, and provide a way for concentrate on what compulsory be to finish and in which order.

1. Management Process: 

In your company, each member is having their own tasks, then by using Kanban board, you can manage every duty of each one.  Visually you can see that how much any project is completed, in any condition and anytime.

2. Track sales Target:

Those ongoing businesses who is based on gross sales income, by the using of Kanban board they are growing to smarter work, and simple. It becomes more attractive to resolve the long steps of customers effort like pitching gross sales, and secured transactions. Now observe the performance of your sales team and point out on those tasks in which increment is needed.   

3. Editorial calendar:

Posting of continuous content in WordPress web page will make critical for running traffic to your site. As because higher rank in search result generates the traffic on the site as well as increases the brand’s position and works as a key to business assets.

It is the most important for using visitors on your website, visitors should be busy with your site, and changing readers into customers. As where the articles posted by the admin of a WordPress site are called posts.

To enhance your site go with Kanban board and give tasks to your colleague so content will be ready at the time when need it.      

4. CRM (Customer Relationship Management):

It is more beneficial for any business to succeed that staying in the top relationship with present customers. For generating new one’s customer Kanban board efficient on your WordPress website. It will consider out to old customers, identifying and dealing with prospective customers.

In addition to the help of task comments, you can boost up your communication with the user. Well, here anyone can share a task as you work on it. For getting information about the progress of tasks, look at “system” comments inside user comments.

It is beneficial for bringing closer to the team member and client. And make very less difference between your file and its information for your task. You can attach more fields, details, and files with each task for adding a new user to your Kanban Board.

Many features are having in this like, color, notification, and Multiple boards (For increasing your work in different boards).

As you can see, the usage of a Kanban board in your WordPress web page is a successful way to getting extra productive in every task. It is best to centralize all issues and saves it on third-party products. Now let’s find out how you can create a Trello-like Kanban Board in WordPress.

How to add Kanban board in WordPress

First of all, you have to install it and set up to turn on the Kanban Boards for WordPress plugin. Have a look at our guide on how to install a Plugin in WordPress.

Where, A plugin is defined as a type of software that contains a group of functions that can be added to a WordPress website. They are used to provide additional functionality to your application.

After activation of Kanban board, you are going to make a choice which type Kanban board you want to set up.

Now you will get the option to make a choice from Project Management control, Extra Calendar, watching task applicant, Sales Pipeline, Fundamental and Customization.

Every choice will have their own set of statuses, which can be designed according to you.

At once you will sure to which one you want to use, select Set it up! In this case, we are using Basic Kanban board which has the statuses of To Do, Doing and Done.

Configure Your General Settings

After the selection of which Kanban board you wish to have to use, you have to give direction to the Settings tab to configure your plugin settings.

About Kanbans for WordPress Plugin Settings
About Kanban

Go to the General tab, after choosing it you will get way to decide which increments of time you need to have customers to trace their increment in. For example, we selected trace hours.

Kanban Settings

In this case, you need to decide these things like:

  • Whether it covers the time monitoring or not
  • For show task IDs
  • If need to show all columns
  • Whether you want to use default login display or not
Settings Select Options

User Settings Configuration

In the Users tab, first of all, you need to decide who will get permission to do changes or adjustments to Kanban board. You need to decide who is assigned with new duties, like assign duties to the user to generate the task and forward that task another single user.

Kanban Boards for WordPress Plugin Settings Users Permissions
Users Permissions

After configuration, let’s move forward and click Save your Settings.

While going little bit downward, you need to know the area of developing new customers. Here will get the screen to create new users by using information like username, email, and first/remaining names.

After getting entered the information, click on the Add a user button and it will add to your Kanban board.

Configure Your Statuses Settings

Now, in the Statues tab, you are going to do changes in your Kanban board in concern of column heading, color, WIP, and whether you want auto-archive or not.

Kanban Boards for WordPress Plugin Settings Statuses
Kanban Boards for WordPress Plugin Settings Statuses

WIP (Work in Progress), is the assigned the number of duties in each and every column to your Kanban board. Through presetting, how many numbers of WIPs you wish to give permission to every column, through this you are save bottlenecking of tasks into a single column and our workflow are going ahead very smoothly.

For example, if you want like three new To Do duties will be assigned at the specific time, after that you can configure that all column’s WIP to be three. Till anyone duty is moved to the following column in the Kanban board, nobody will get permission to add another To Do process to the column.

Kanban Boards for WordPress Plugin Settings Statuses WIP
Kanban Boards for WordPress Plugin Settings Statuses WIP

Once you are done, click on Save your Settings.

Estimates Settings Configuration

Finally, In the Estimates tab, you need to take a decision the set problem of customers might be allowed to select from when deciding how long time any task will take. Like, the setting of default estimate comes with 2 hours, 4 hours, 1 day, 4 days and 2 days.

Kanban Boards for WordPress Plugin Settings Estimates
Kanban Boards for WordPress Plugin Settings Estimates

Now you will be able to change the estimates to anyone of them. You will be able to add(upload) additional estimates by selecting Add another estimate.

Consider that, all estimates you add will display in your Kanban board in between order they are set.

After that need, the changes, click on Save your Settings.

Add Tasks to your Kanban Board

After all plugins settings will be configured, Click on the Go To your board button.

Kanban Boards for WordPress Plugin My Kanban Board
Kanban Boards for WordPress Plugin My Kanban Board

Since your Kanban board will logo as new, in stating it will be empty. That’s why you need to begin the workflow procedure by defining tasks within To Do column.

Kanban Boards for WordPress Plugin Define a Task
Kanban Boards for WordPress Plugin Define a Task

Now, you are capable to estimate how lengthy process will take the assigned user.

Kanban Boards for WordPress Plugin Define a Task Estimates
Kanban Boards for WordPress Plugin Define a Task Estimates

From here members of a team assigned with specific tasks will be easy to move them into the proper column categorized Doing, monitor the time taken to finish the tasks, and at last send them into the Done column, signaling the task as complete.

Final Thoughts

We hope this blog helped you to know that How to Add a Trello-Like Kanban Board in WordPress. In addition, keep an eye on the blog and our website as: We will be adding more resources for WordPress in the coming weeks.

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