How Web Designers Can Stay Productive While Working Remotely

How Web Designers Can Stay Productive While Working Remotely
How Web Designers Can Stay Productive While Working Remotely

COVID-19 has forced a lot of the company’s operations to go remote. People started more use of online platforms to connect, share, and collectively fulfill the organization’s goals. The jobs and roles that can be performed on an individual basis and the computer device adopted complete use of online mode. It has benefitted many individuals to got an opportunity to work from home. One of these job roles is web designers. The job outlook of web designers is allowing them to work from home.

Website designing is a work more of creativity. An individual working from home will be more productive than a person put in the office mess. There are several online software tools and apps that make a designer’s life simpler and easier. It also allows them to increase their productivity. Here are the top 5 tips and recommendations to increase the productivity of web designers working from home.

Securing your networks with encryption

Working from home involves more work online. Online surfing increases the risk of cybercriminals looking at your online activity. Surfing on an unencrypted network connection can lead to a loss of privacy and data. Use a VPN to encrypt the traffic over the internet connection and protect the data. It helps in securely surfing on the internet by hiding the true address of the user. It changes the IP address and keeps the data secure. This is just one of the many uses of VPN. A VPN can also be used to access entertainment channels with restricted location access. It helps in connecting securely to the public networks and prevent data from third-party access.

Protect your saved work by copyrighting

Web designers have to save their work data on their online accounts. Creative work data is more prone to misuse and hackers have an eye on stealing the files. It increases the risk of data steal and loss of important files. Always apply for a valid copyright mark on your saved and approved files. It will help you in getting honest support from the legal courts for the claims in case of stealing of data. Image designing is an important part of the everyday work of designers. Put watermarks on your saved images to protect them. Adding a small signature or a website logo will be sufficient to save your work.

Use preset designing applications

The designing work involves a lot of mundane tasks such as resizing, font styling, image reset, etc. These tasks were a lot of time for an individual working from home. The repetition of the same chores can make the overall job boring. Many web designer apps have been designed to ease the everyday working of the designers. There is a preset working task that helps in minimizing the load of everyday tasks. The photos, fonts, and other fixed works are automatically updated and completed by these apps. Use applications such as Basecamp, Codekit, and CodePen. These applications will make a designer’s job much easier.

Use time tracking tools

Time is real money for the freelancing web designers working from home. Multitasking in the home zone makes it difficult to find the time for all the activities. Poor time management will affect your client’s work and creativity. Time tracking applications are the best friend of the designers. They keep a complete record of the deadlines, assigned work, client database, priorities for work, etc. The time tracking tools act as personal assistants to sort the everyday tasks of the people working from home. Many advanced versions of the time tracking tools have features such as instant messaging, reading notices, etc.

An efficient team working tool

Working from the home business plan does not mean that one will not have to meet people or teams. A web designer needs to contact several other people to complete his job. Poor technology can disturb the efficiency of the designer’s work. Install a team working tool to easily conduct meetings, present your work, and to get approvals. There are many team working tools available online. Choose the application rightly for ensuring better team management. These tools will also help you in collaborating and meeting with new clients. Applications like Trello and Slack are good at managing team tasks. Look for more such new applications.


Website designing is not an easy task. It requires a lot of patience, hard work, and continuous efforts. Technological advancement has helped these working professionals to simplify and manage their job works. The above-recommended tools will help a designer in increasing his productivity and higher growth success in his career. Use various productive tools to make your working process more efficient. Before installing and using any tool, always first ensure about its user guide. Read more about technological tools, recommendations, and hacks. It will help in knowing about their various features, suitability, and how to use them.

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